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    Today have been watching this Ancient Alians show on Tv and is one episode after another about star gate and portal and the disk with knowledge etched on it plus the crop circle disk coded etching with that alien face next to it saying we have been deceived etc. Then speaking of other disks prevalent in ancient cultures and and on and on about moving the big rocks and natzi ufo and easter island monoliths and Nazka lines. Am sure everybody has seen it all. Anyway and was some episode of whole groups of people just disappeared . Then when in the shower I did have the thought "beam me up Scotty" You know to be so saturated with it all and then have the guide throw a few jokes is kind of puts me at ease cause actually I at times get this panic attack and feel upset although don't know why. It is more about circumstances in my life actually ..just being anxious about other stuff but is true I used to be real anxious about it all but have grown to accept it and it is other stuff in life that has me a bit upset..although maybe it triggers it. You know I wish they would just do the big landing or something perhaps . Want to see my family or whatever. But yea..perhaps is a bit too much to handle.. Like have no idea who ..and can't put a face on it or them . but figure it will all be recalled? I don't know. That is asking too much perhaps. Perhaps my life would be in shambles. You know if they did the big number and appeared

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    Was up on hill cleaning up stuff and the thought "Jacare silva" or was thought as "shock ah ray ..silva" and a few seconds after that I see a shiny piece of aluminum in the soil that was uncovered after the rain since I had cleaned up all this burned aluminum trailer stuff . What it neat5 is I had just been watching the day before this guy whose nickname was "Jacare" and pronounced "shock ah ray" ..although his last name was Souza I heard it as silva . There are a number of these ultimate fighter guys with the last name "silva" for some by chance reason it seems. Anyway to give an idea as to how the guide is interactive ..this is just another example . They can do a sort of off the wall mix and match thing and with a pre clue "before the event takes place . I mean I hear the thought and a few seconds later I spy the silver reflecting in the sun. Here is the guy am speaking about. You can see there are three other fighters with last name "Silver"

    Also today when cleaning stuff on this bottling machine I have the image of those angels in the town of Mendocino near the coast andI then recalled this small church in this lot a bit down the road there and I once saw a few teenagers hanging out there and seemed to be a like meeting place for these girls and boys. I mean the guide had thrown that scene before..of the time I saw those teenagers hanging out there behind the church. I knew it sort of alluded to the concept of you know where they meet. The idea of the underworld and the coast line is another way to see "where two worlds meet" Reason I can see these themes is because have been tutored over the years and had this drilled into me. the images state"that is you" in effect. Like it is just them chiming in and saying " is not just some figment of your imagination..we are a actual reality. " Like today is my birthday and I assume it is a way of expressing "reborn or rebirth" Lately the guide has sort of been really low key but like the other day I knew it was stepping it up bit with the shock ah ray silva. That reminds me that they a long time ago did a takeoff on the guys name "shock ..vail lay " as in the ufo researcher French guy . Am sure everyone has heard of him. I did meet him and he actually lived right up the road once if you can believe that and that was back in 1993 or 4 . He had a library with tons of books and was into computers and had a observatory in this one building. I was trying to tell him about I was being spoken to and hearing these voices in my head and I think he believed me . That was back when I was sort of skitzafrenic ., I told him the aliens play on words with his name.
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    Check out this link I found on the Vallee skeptic site Actually that skeptic site has a lot of neat stuff on it . Some is sort of wacky . Its kind of like going to a ufo conference and is actually the same people who give study at the conferences. I have gotten these letters to come to these conferences and is sort of costly and you have to rent a hotel and whatnot and pay a big fee. Have never gone to one yet but would like to share my story. Yea right if I had the time to get on stage and even try and seem believable. One thing that is odd is a lot of researchers perhaps don't have direct experience ..but just research others? Could be wrong on that though. It would seem many people in contact wouldn't want to try and seem believable or you know..perhaps they are too burned out to even try or just have some anger at the aliens or whatever.. It would seem a good researcher would have the drive to keep digging and studying ..but a contactee person might not have that desire for a number of reasons . Some might be tired of ridicule or their life is too in shambles from it all or are just mentally unstable to try and be some sort of helper . Some are obviously being helped by the aliens to just live a normal life. ..and so let the researchers do the study and whatnot. A researcher can just read a wacky story from a contactee and put the pieces together of how the aliens connect and express themselves. It is a symbiotic type thing for some it would seem and a bit of mind control. It would seem some subjects are good cannon fodder and some are know it is a combination of amazement and desire to share it with others that drives some people.
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