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    we ride goes it? I miss your last thread I sort of gave my last effort on. Those were to good old days. What about Scarz and the Bible thread? Do you know if he wants to start that thread over here? What is the story on the open minds forum? I maby need to try and research that some. That was great though since I really did learn a lot . Just cause you think your visited doesn't mean you have the well rounded perspective. I did really gain a lot from the open mind forum and is sad to see it go. Like is a vapor.

    I like the new set of emoticons.

    Actually I wanted to express one thing I received through telepathy today...and was sort of upset since am still in need of having to express and share what they say. I was by the refrigerator in the warehouse and I did clearly have the thought come...and I knew it was them.. I just did hear clearly as a thought : " the lion the witch and the wardrobe " I am so used to breaking it down and trying to see alterior verse and did recognize "the lie in" since have seen this used before. Also the last thing we were talking about on Scarzes thread was the Michael Hieser study on the saints in the white robes and the white stone they receive as a token of accomplishment or pardon .. It was pretty much where it alll ended and then I did give this youtube That was the last post I gave before the forum became off air. I never got to see anyone respond or comment since next day it was over. But I did recieve an image of that commercial and that is why did feel the aliens were suggesting to review the metaphore in it. The connection with the white robes and the new "T" as in the cross.

    So anyway the now ....all I can do is try and connect the concept of : the lie in...the witch... and the wardrobe or that white robe?? I do see a connection of there beingg a lie , and then a dabbler in the spirit world, and then ...the "T" shirt or cross white robe. ?? Hay.. it has been almost a week or 4 days or more and also today is friday the 13th. Am not sure what to make of it all really..but you see at the end of Michael Hiesers book is where he wraps it up and mentions the white robes and the white stone.. That is where we left off over at the Bible ufo's and ancients text thread. I do still have Michael Heisers book on my desktop and it will be gone at the end of the month . No more being able to read it for free.

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    Here are a few songs that seem to sum it up a bit . Maby this should be a thread that expresses modes or ideas that tie into the thing about discussing weather or not the aliens are God and the tribulation of the sons of God or saints, that is if we believe it is possible. I know a lot of songs can reflect this in various ways. Here is the moody Blues an older and a newer version.

    This sort of brings it home and pulls at the heart strings in a world of tribulation..isn't it nice to now there is still actually love after the fighting is through. It is a mixed bag. You can't have one without the other obviously. but ..hay..I will shut up and just let the songs speak.

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    Welcome, Magfrey. I noticed you have already been posting back and forth with people you know from before. If they don't get you oriented to the way things work here, contact any staff member. I hope you enjoy yourself here.

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    You still worshiping Aliens as God?

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    See the lyrics and imagine it is the spirit of God upon the waters and our minds and hearts. Sure it is a tribulation period and realize Gods love despite it all. Let it happen. Gaze upon the shadow at your door. The comforter is here

    Alison has a pure voice of an angel

    Tony's sounding clean in this video

    This is what it is like having a really posative relationship with the spirit guides

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    Here is a couple of sites that explain the ancient ways of worship to the God Pan:

    See as how the water comes from the rock .

    Here is Alison again singing a religious song :

    She is actually very into religious songs and if you study all the songs she sings, you can tell. I want to get a few videos of the Kenny and Amanda Smith band later . They also have many religious theme songs and plus Kenny is a really great flatpicker. Just cause some people seem to be visited by beings from outer space..should't put a damper on the mystery and lore of Jesus.

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    Before I forget..see fig. 42,43,44 on this link,

    then see the article : and the fourth pic down called "sacred Niches" Those were given when the aliens were speaking and giving a lot of dreams and visions and stuff. Looks like the design is the same literally ..the curved door top of the

    Sacred Niches

    Adjacent to the sacred cave is a rocky escarpment with a series of hewn niches. We know that statues of the deity were placed in these niches by depictions of such on coins of the city.

    One niche housed a sculpture of Echo, the mountain nymph and Panís consort. Another niche housed a statue of Panís father, Hermes, son of nymph Maia. Inscriptions in the niches mention those who gave large donations.

    See Petula ..

    Here is one song I did once wake up to being sung in my head by the aliens.. It was just that verse "I couldn't live without your love" ..then I did look it up on youtube..and so here it is

    Look at the enthusiasm that lady has.

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    I can try and try to explain how they speak to me, and it is so odd that it is hard to explain..but basically they have taken snapshot memories from my collective unconscious and just have a scene pop into my mind. It is like a scene from long ago does just unexpectedly appear in my mind as a thought , and I recognize the meaning basically because they repeat "special" scenes that have been diagnosed or recognized for what they represent, that is that the "correct" meaning has been established. Various ideas or 'themes" that represent ideas have been distilled from my collective unconscious and so they just throw scenes at various a way of keeping in touch.

    Obviously since I haven't given any "examples" ..then one is at a sort of loss to get a handle on what the gist of this means..but I recognize what they throw since they have given these various scenes in the past. I guess the best way to explain it is that some other intelligence has a record of everything you ever done, did or experienced and has the ability to sift at will through your collective memory banks and do according to their own pleasure ..what mode or idea they wish to express at the moment. Often it is just a way of affirming that "you are our pet" and we appreciate you and all that you have done in fighting the good fight and running the race, so to speak..since to try and portray them a kick in the pants and like beating your head against a wall obviously. Basically it is so bizarre that to even get anyone to believe it is like trying them to accept hogwash., and that is the lesson obviously. It a bed of roses and also you get the thorns. Can't have both separately , but they go hand in hand.

    You get this honor of being "blessed" by the space brothers and given this great glory..they say to be Christ for us and tell the churches they are God. Then you get the task of trying to make yourself intelligible enough to actually get a few believers. But so anyway not to sound long winded, but it does lead to a "look at me " narcessitic complex, but like what choice is there since you believe you have some divine inspiration and need to impart it and share the gift since it is from other beings that I respect "sooo" much and needs to be shared..but I agree that it is at times it is odd like a lot of channeled material., .but since is on a personal level..then it is designed to be devoted to me and support my case obviously. In that case it is not designed to be shared. ..or basically even able to tell it like it is since to do so would require such a vast amount of reasoning as to why they said this or flashed that scene and what it means . Only I would know since the nuances can only be recognized by me . At times they can be very abstract and even put it into a skitz mode as a testing I suppose. I know when they are doing that,.. LOL Whatever.....

    Basically some other intelligence knows me like an open book so well that it has the ability to speak by throwing scenes from my memory banks..and these scenes to portray various ideas that have been developed since 1993 ..when they first began speaking in this manner in dreams and visions and stuff and later broke out into telepathy during the day..and through trial and error these various themes were hammered out. It was a real shocker when they actually began speaking in telepathy when I was awake..and they took a few years to work up to that level. They used a poltergiest to help get used to the fear. .I mean when they were literally beginning to come out of the woodwork and shift from dream speaking to speaking while awake and walking during the day. Literally you become like the walking dead..since are not what you used to be obviously.

    They know what the themes mean and they know I know what the various themes mean, and if a misconception..they will clarify it . They have the ability to know "exactly " what was misread on my part...that is from some scene they threw. Yea..I know this is sounding confusing but try and get a grasp on how they speak. I can try and give a few examples later..since don't want to burn you out on this. They have this "interactive" game form of speaking that takes various ideas from your life and does impart universal wisdome ..sort of like the Jung universal archeotype thing. They use archeotype ideas and extrapolate on it ..from scenes derived directly from your life..not just present , but also future.(that is the psychic clue riddle thing)..and of course scenes derived fro your long ago memory banks , that aso hold these universal archeotypes.

    Now check this link: listened to
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    A few scenes they threw recently: Image of the small buried house like a root cellar behind a yellow house. One similar scene that imparts the same concept is :image of the below ground restaurant I once saw when in the city. There were literally trees growing up out of the ground, that were living below. This means "underground place but means not of this world obviously. The idea of "to eat" also is seen in the restaurant. There are other scenes that follow this same concept such as image of certain caves I had been to such as Shasta cave. They even threw me an image of the lady that was afraid to take the bus ride up the hill on the slippery road to the cave. Means it was a fearful ride for some. This lady even decided to get out and walk and actually missed the tour of the cave. There are various other scenes of underground concepts and obviously means the underworld. One is a deep canyon even called the "enchanted canyon"

    the concept of "the town on the hill" another concept that portrays a higher way of thinking or being...and basically they will derive scenes from when I was up there and these scenes portray a concept that ties into does the "underground" concept.

    Image of the time I once bought a pantograph from a small art store in Willits. does mean that I am trying to portray what was experienced or recreate it on another scale or copy something . This concept ties into the idea that I am trying to dictate my experience they gave.

    Image of the time when I was a kid and my dad drove his moving van camper with a square roof vent on the roof..and we were on a small road in Willits with a very low railroad bridge and the vent actually got ripped or damaged when we passed under a railroad trestle. This vent was square and the concept of the roof of my dads truck and the square sacraficial alter the concept of the railroad tracks(where two paths cross) see this concept of "the train" was developed early on and meant where one world met another since the paths generally cross at a right angle. The concept of "the right angle" also was developed this way and used in various other scenes.

    Basically this scene from literally when I was 8 years old maby (50 years ago) is being used and holds various symbolic metephore stuff...the city on the hill, the square roof , sacrafice alter, the place where two paths cross. To give an example I can show my story of the other concept of the "God head body" that is similar since it also had a square roof. I would have to give my web sight and show the drawing though. Basically they did a takeoff of the same concept ..but were able to sift out the perfect metephore from my collective unconscious . They just sifted my memory banks and saw the simililarity to this same concept they already gave in the altered state in 1993. Check it out .. websight called "bird manna see the roof of that drawing .

    So anyway .. they literally do let me connect the dots in some of these remote image scenes (I call it)..but could be called remote viewing or whatever . It is just scenes from the past that pop into the mind and often there will be a few at one time that seem to speak out a message.

    Image of the watch I lost in the lake that my fairy godmother had given me. This was a gem of a scene they have used various times and happened when I was a teenager . I set the watch on a rock and went swimming and it fell into the lake and was lost. Meant time stopped in the underworld , and was given by my aunt who was my fairy Godmother.

    Image of the salamander I once saw at the base of the enchanted canyon ..where the path crossed and met at a right angle into the canyon. Salamander is creature from two worlds. Image of the time I literally went head over heels on the steep path into the enchanted canyon. I actually slipped and did a total flip on the path, but was ok. Meant I did a scary entrance into the underworld. This ties into the lady that was so afraid of taking the bus up the slippery road hill that was curved up to the shasta caves.Her name was Dotty Handrich. I actually had a telepathic thought of her name and then the scene where she got off the bus and was so scared. The fear caused her to actuall get out and she never got the tour of the caves. It was a rainy day and the driver had to speed up the hill in order to not loose traction. This also was literally 45 years ago. Basically this concept also portrays the idea of the fear involved when entering the underworld.

    At times they just throw me certain scenes and I have no idea what they are getting at..and maby a few months or more later they will throw the same scene again.(as in the Dotty Handrich case) ..and I will have the meaning sort of come to me as if they made me finally realize it.(When I heard her name as a thought ..then when she was afraid and got off the bus) This is for the more complex scenes. These are usually given a few times..and so when they are given again..I will recallthe fact they were given before. In this way I catalog them as "a ligitimate theme"..and once the correct idea has been decyphered..that certain scene becomes part of the vocabulary and can be used later in conjunction with a few other scenes to portray a certain metephore of mode of impartation. This theme of "fear of the underworld" was also given in the "head over heels" scene when I slipped on the steep trail into the enchanted canyon. This is a very recent them they just have developed. if it can give an idea as to the extensivness of their ability to know your mind inside and out like a book. ..and it has been nearly 20 years since they came in 1993..and they are throwing scenes from 40 to 50 years what does that tell you?

    It is just a way of speaking nonverbally..but can also be interlaced with telepathic word at times..but is not a common, and usually only a partial phrase or single word..and is non audable. This is way more rare, and they can even do a literal voice that is very rare . They can literally call out your name: "Hay Mark" I have heard it once. This is very rare and have heard a french horn playing once and a few other things. I have other people claim this also...but have not heard too many give me this other form of speaking using scenes derived from your collective unconscious. Tell me about it. I want to know of others who claim they do this.
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    As an example ...a few days ago, I was going to go on a journey to get a few old cars on a trailer and when getting ready to leave, and had the truck all packed up and basically had all the gear together, I did receive the thought "one trick pony" and realized it meant that this was my steed since we call the truck "steed"..but at the time I never connected this,. till just now when writing this. I thought then, it was a way of suggesting that it was amazing that in this day and age a person is capable of accomplishing such a feat as being able to retrieve two cars at such a vast distance to cover. I went to Apple Valley a burned out town in the desert near San Bernardino Calif, and got one 1935 dodge four door humpback sedan , and then on the way back did also get a shell on a frame of a 1935 dodge humpback delivery van and was able to get them both on the same trailer by putting one frame under the front of the other, since the front was removed from the delivery van. This was located in Winton Calif.
    On the way back ..I did receive the thought "win tin" and knew exactly the connection in the fact I was getting "tin" and did in effect "win" it . Since I have been exposed to this word riddle form of speaking ...I was able to connect the hidden meaning . The coincidence of the town being called Winton ...I never saw..the hidden idea "win tin" in old tin...a term associated with old cars....but the other intelligence was able to throw me that.

    As proof..just to show I am not bulling you:,_California

    Here is the junk yard I went to but the car I got is not seen in this links photos. The guy also wouldn't even allow me to be in the junkyard ..for insurance reasons..and he had the car drug out by the roadside for me to load up on the tilt bet trailer. He couldn't believe I was able to find this flicker link of someone in 2006 who had actually taken pics and posted them of his junkyard. :,_California This town is a roasting desert town and one can see why the name of the business on the link above is what it is. It is because the word "phantom" is what is seen in the desert since the heat causes a mirage. There is also a road in that town called "phantom road."

    and if I wanted to connect ideas the way the other intelligence does...I would suggest jesus was in the desert having delusions in a dry and dusty land filled with devils. can try and connect these ideas...but like it is a fabrication of my own mind in this case. I did not feel the spirits threw me that . I am just using my own rational mind and finding possible connections as to what the Bible said this and that. I do believe though that the demons are in a place where crazyness is present..and possibly goes hand in hand with a distorted mind that is in need of being adjusted by the hand of God. Living water is life and the desert is a harsh place. But yea..I like the metephore way of seeing the world, and that is the way the spirit speaks.

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