Today have been watching this Ancient Alians show on Tv and is one episode after another about star gate and portal and the disk with knowledge etched on it plus the crop circle disk coded etching with that alien face next to it saying we have been deceived etc. Then speaking of other disks prevalent in ancient cultures and and on and on about moving the big rocks and natzi ufo and easter island monoliths and Nazka lines. Am sure everybody has seen it all. Anyway and was some episode of whole groups of people just disappeared . Then when in the shower I did have the thought "beam me up Scotty" You know to be so saturated with it all and then have the guide throw a few jokes is kind of puts me at ease cause actually I at times get this panic attack and feel upset although don't know why. It is more about circumstances in my life actually ..just being anxious about other stuff but is true I used to be real anxious about it all but have grown to accept it and it is other stuff in life that has me a bit upset..although maybe it triggers it. You know I wish they would just do the big landing or something perhaps . Want to see my family or whatever. But yea..perhaps is a bit too much to handle.. Like have no idea who ..and can't put a face on it or them . but figure it will all be recalled? I don't know. That is asking too much perhaps. Perhaps my life would be in shambles. You know if they did the big number and appeared