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    Anyway..the one guys name is Lyoto Carvalho Machida (Portuguese pronunciation: [liˈotu maˈʃidɐ]) and in it sounds like : he owe owe..ah cheat ah . The "L" and the "M" are silent . it literally sounds like that when the announcer says his name. What is amazing is that after I watched him..he has this style that is purely defensive and he strikes when you attack him and basically makes for a boring fight. The guy he is fighting gets so frustrated that he finally does a charge and sure enough..he then did a lightning fast counter move and the guy was knocked out. I was thinking what a trickerster way of winning and it seemed not fair...then the spirit guide was saying ..he owe owe..ah cheat ah. the next guy I was watching was the guy Maurício Milani "Shogun" Rua (Portuguese pronunciation: [mawˈɾisiu ˈʁuɐ] The way the announcers said his name was literally : more he see gun .who ah...(ru ruse) also ) although was actually rua but can be easily warped since the "W" and the "R" are very close tonally. They have said this before..since he is such a devistating fighter. Literally comes with both barrels blazing. They (spirit guide) does literally throw that thought after I was watching the guy..I hear the phrase and is derived from the name. ..I hear it broken down literally. Is kind of amazinf since I wouldn't of seen that.

    Ok next guy..and this is amazing also. the referee Bruce Anthony Buffer (born May 21, 1957, in Tulsa, Oklahoma) is the official Octagon announcer for UFC events. In his name is seen clearly : who's buffer? The "B" is silent . The ref is sort of considering the question as to what fighter is the more buff of the two.and he watches and stops the fight and whatnot. They also threw that guys name. It is amazing to what extent names can speak ...although a lot of times one can't really get anything out of a name that can speak to the situation .

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    Ok am going to try and explain some of the stuff they have thrown ...basically using the remote image form of speaking derived from throwing scenes from your colective unconscious. I will try and give a few examples of my pet dog that actually died a week and a half ago and I have been really trying to ge over this since have had her about 12 years although she was 14 maaby . Anyway..two of the scenes they had hrown before she had died even..since I remember the scenes and the theme is "our pet" since they have used the theme as if to insuinate that "I" am their pet in a sense . One scene was a picture my brother took of me holding puppers at thee battery on the edge of the golden gate bridge..literally there are these massive gun platforms and bunkers on the flanks surrounding the bridge on the entrance to the golden gate ..basically the harbor..and are obviously old vestages of protecting the harbor. Anyway so they have thrown me that image of the time I hiked out there with puppers and my brother even took a pic of me holding her on the massive gun turret of cement...these big round slabs//although the guns are gone. Basically I just couldn't figure out the full meaning till a while ago. My brother even sent me a big blowup pic saying "I love you puppers" the other image they have thrown a few times of me and my dog was the time that I drove to South Dakota to get a couple old 1935 plymouths on a trailer..and I was really tired and we stopped at this small creek like river that was a cattle watering hole since was a lot of cattle dung and tracks there but was still clean enouth to bath in and I was so tired I fell asleep by the side of the truck on the ground..and was finally awoken by my dog who was like jumping on me and trying to get me to wake up. She at times did do that/ Basically she finally awoke me and we got going again. They (aliens/spirit guide ) just threw me that scene a few times off and on...and I wasn't able to fully comprehend what the heck it ment..but the theme "our pet" in I am their pet and I love them as I love my pet..and see as how they came to me in my sleep basically in the stages of being in contact early on and even to this day..basically they awoke me and earged me on on my journy..and see as how the water is the water of the beast of burden...the river is where they drank and where I slept . This is a metephore obviously. See as how I love my dog as I love them..and vise versa.
    Now as in the golden gate bridge and the bunkers and gun foundations picture scene..see as how my brother took a pic of me holding puppers there and they have thrown that image a few times as a metephore ..and so it means the entrance to heaven in a sense(golden gate) and the gun placement perhaps means like lets do some battle you know.. like what else can you see in there? Am just telling you what they threw me. ..and I love them as I love my pet ..that is the bond they established..and explains why I even still am trying to get the message across. Your average Joe could care less..butI will do it forthem.

    One other image they threw was a racoon I once saw that was by the tourisst lookout plaace in the bushes on the north side of the bridge. That means "thief" by the gate entrance /. They threw one other image of a racoon I once saw coming out of the rain gutter by the saterday afternoon club in Ukiah. That means thief from the underworld. I know this is off topic from the puppers and me dog theme..but is another theme I recall that revolved around the golden gate entrance.. Anyway..I wanted to go into some other stuff they threw reciently after my dog died..but will do that later. But basically they have used the theme "our pet " a few other times throwing a remote image of a pet grooming place in Lake county..and also have thrown an image of her lower pouting lip a few times. Basically they have mimicked some stuff I like about her..and they throw an image of that. I love them with a deep love as I love puppers and they know that. That is the mystery obviously. I mean for those who can't seem to fathom why I would even try and you know bother trying to tell people about them..especially in the face of all the bull crap you end up getting . The beast of burden watering hole. have to be that too. Drink from the water. and that is another theme they developed ..and I can see that also in the scene where I slept and she awoke me and said "lets go" lets do it" know.
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    Woke up last night and the thought "theft of your identity" came. I guess it was them saying that the racoon trip remote image theme thing is that in a sense although I sort of had it as being the breeding program ..but is various ways of looking at it obviously. This reminds me of once I did find a wallet up in the hills someone had lost..and I could see it was some people that were four wheeling on a slope and the guy obviously dropped it when climbing out of his truck. They (aliens actually threw me that scene of me finding the wallet..and I took that as to mean my identity was lost.

    One other thing that I recall is that they have thrown me the "gate" that leads to this big mountain in the valley here called skull mountain..and is basica;llly the largest mountain and they have done numerous skit riddles around that from early on. I just wanted to say this "gate" to the mountain is in a sense the same as the golden gate bridge scenes they throw..and the theme is obviously the gateway to the other world. This is a theme . Reason I am bringing these "wallet" and the "gate" to the big mountain up is because I was just talking of the racoon(thief) and the scenes surrounding the golden gate bridge they threw. and that is why I recall similar scenes that run along the same lines obviously. ..since they have throw a lot of stuff and I can corrolate out the themes you know.. I see other stuff that is similar. Then they even threw me the name of my old jewish piano teacher named Gertrude Roberts..and I her her name broken down..err rude..rob in the you know ..they are tieing the idea of the jewish person being in contact with God as if it is a person who had lost their identity. Basically they have also done a whole other theme related to Jewish people I have known..and they sort of are saying "'you..that is you " in a round about way. see since the Jew was chose by god to be an intermediary. since why else were so many of the old Jewish prophets claiming contact..but see as how..yea..even they rejected th coming messiah..yada yada...

    I forgot to say that after my dog had died I was in deep sorry for a few days or a week or more and one night or evening I did hear in a very clear though " 14 years old" ..and then a bit later did hear " son of gods wolf" and later that morning I did see what seemed like sand blowing in the wind sort of but was a bit unsure of what it was a vague vision..then a bit later on tv was a history channel study on the pets of the Egyptians and how they did mummify all these animals ..the pet monky and baboons and even crocks and bulls. . Then I was able to connect the sands of time vision since it was a pre clue psychic vision that spoke to the situation..since it was a way of coming to terms of the idea of my dogs death was you know a natural process.
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    Sorry to read that your dog died. I lost one after 14 years or so, too. This was a few years back. We had that dog all during the time our kids were growing up. I took me some time to get over it. It occurred to me afterwards that when we take on a pet of any kind we take on the responsibility for their lifelong care and eventually losing them. As you say "a natural process" but a sad loss.

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    Yea it is pretty sad when you get too attached to it. I forgot to mention that I did have the spirit guide say a few times. ,,doggone tribe..and is sounds like the dogone tribe I did hear about awhile ago on the show "ancient aliens". Then today I was thinking of saying that on the forum and I heard in the planet the dogone tribe knew about that was sort of like Ceries..but I heard it as "serious" as in the dog was seriously gone. They at time willthrow a spoof like you know thing. I was contemplating telling about the fact they said "dog gone tribe....aand then did hear the name of the hidden planet and it was sort of saying in I wa taking it too hard or something. It is amazing to what extent they can throw these words . They have vast amounts of observation and knowledge obviously/ What is amazing is I have known them since 1993 and puppers was only borne in maby 1999 was just another chapter in life is all. Luckly I didn't freak out and bring her to a vet and get a bill for 1500 and a dog in a body bag. I could tell she was not going to make it since was so old and was pretty not able to walk. I have heard the body sends a message to all the various organs and decides it is time to quit. If she was a younger dog I might of went to a vet but have heard alot of stories where you not only get a dead dog but get a masive bill for a blood test or whatever. It is amazing how it is such a mony making opportunity to cash in on these ole people pets when they are desperate to keeep the poor thing alive.
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    We were all attached to that dog. I know what you mean about the body sending out messages to the organs. We could tell it was near the end and hoped the dog wouldn't suffer much longer and she sort of faded out over the next two days and went peacefully. I have spent a lot of money on a sick kitten and got a live kitten back so no complaint there. But that is a long story.

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    Sorry to hear about the loss of a pet.

    Charlie (cat) is roughly nine now.

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    Now it seems the spirit guide is throwing various scenes of me and my dog puppers and the scene of where we walked speaks since the setting speaks. At first after she died I was thinking of all the places we had been and a few would seen to reaccure and one was the right angle turn off from Interstate 5 to highway 20....basically I just see that appear..vaguely since had travelled with her a lot when driving various places getting old cars. Then I did have the image of her at the place called "trees of mystery" up north and assume it meant it was a mystery as to what she died of ..since the redwood tree being harvested represents '"to be harvested"..then I did once have a image of her at the hole in the wall place we visited and she swam in the pool there. That means she was entering the other world ? Seriously ..when I was in depressing ..these scenes did enter my mind.

    Ok so now a few weeks later I am having recalls of various place me and puppers walked.and it appears the scenes represent me and the spirit guide since I love the spirit guide as I loved puppers. Me and puppers :at the lookout place at lake Mendocino.. the place where the metal plack on the rock is that explains the arm core of enganeers had built the lake etc. This scene represents me and the spirit guide being a founder in a sense ..since to look out over the body of water from a higher vantage point and seeing the inscriptions on the plack means you rule and represent that . they used the lake as a representation of "them" since water = life.

    Me aand puppers at the carp mating ritual scene in Lake county..where I saw the carp doing the mating dance thrashing in the water grass around this small island in a pond. This represents the spirit guide and me observing the cross breeding program between the worlds obviously . The carp fish is the christian symbol.

    Me and puppers walkingthe emergency overflow water exit at Lake mendocino..that is never seen used. I figure this represents the fact the water in a massive flood never seen is the outpouring and the contact between the two worlds.... They have given that a few times before..and I believe that is what it means.

    Me and puppers at the end of "long valley road" past lake county on highway 20...means "long hell he owed" as in it has been a long haul being involved with the other world and the spirit guide(puppers)..see since I love them as I love puppers. Ten mile beach aat Fort bragg is another example of a long haul. !0 mile bitch. ..and they have used that before asa joke in a since....similar metephoreic content..since see as how it is at the ocean..and ocean represents the underworld.

    Me and puppers at the ocean beach scene where she was really happy a week before she died and was running the wet sand and met a few dogs there . It was a idillic scene and I had no idea she would be dead so soon after that . Guess that means she was loving the world. I am a bitunsure about dogs soals also going to heaven..but whatever.

    Me and puppers walking various graveyards . We use to do that a lot. Means I guess the spirit guide and me being dead or continually loosing your old identity. You always morne your lost self..and is a process you never totally get over. Basically must mean the spirit guide/puppers is always with you and you are never the same again. IT is your traavelling companion.

    Me and puppers walking the freesby game trail at lake mendocino...means it is a game... The lake represents god or scenes surrounding the lake do speak metephorically obviously.

    Me and puppers standing in the one river that actually flows into lake mendocino...that is on the far side that is only seen on the long trail we walked. Mustmean we became one withthe lake.

    Me and puppers..the time wewalked by the outdooramphatheatre like seating stage area whare they do have plays or oratory skits or something.. There is a bunch of benches in a crude surrounding circular shape in front of a small stage. Means me and the spirit guide do give a play or speak to the kingdom telling people of the experience of being in contact with the guide. I know this is what it means. ..since I have that scene just pop in my head..of me and puppers when wewalkedthere. I seriously am having th spirit guide throw scenes of me and puppers..and can see they are letting me decypher out the meanings..since I already know alll these scenes since they have thrown them beefore obviously..only this time itis me and puppers on our walk.(thespirit guide and me)

    Me and puppers at the grandfather tree up north and when we walked among the cabins there that were all empty. I am still not totaly sure about them throwing me thegrandfather tree scene..but they were doing that a few times "before" puppers died..and I wasn't able to understand what that represents. Now they did throw me the scene of the time we walked in the grove of old cabins by that place. Maby it means like being a pioneer or the fact you seem like the lone ranger trying to express being in contact. The tree represents being harvested..although itis still is in a sence alive and dead"? I was puzzled as to what they were throwing tht scene. ..but must be something along those lines since they used the same idea when throwing a image ofthe pioneer picture on the graavestone in potter valley. They say "you are a pioneer" ..dead in effect to your old self. before someone says I am making this alll up..since I know it sound boarderline vague and could be imagined.....I can totaally sense when the spirit guide introjects scenes..and I can sense when my own personality does search for recalls of m and let me assure you that when a scene of me and puppers suddenly pops in ..I knowit is coming from the spirit guide...and I am sencing they are using my various trips with her as a metephoric form of speaking..where the setting and content of the scene do speak. Reason is is because I already know thew language since they drilled me on alll the themes over the last 20 I already can connect the dots.

    Ok so later can give a few examples of jewish people they have used as a way of expressing the fact the spirit contact is represented through the Jewise people. Just wanted to make it clearthat I am not making this up. They literally did a whole theme revolving around this. Yes I know this all sound a bitfar fetched..but you have to reaalize that this intelligence knowsyou like an open book and has the ability to be able to capatilize on every minute detail . They really do have that know every fact and to see all angels dealing with metephore.

    There were a few more "me and puppers scenes..and one was of me and her walking the grounds of the collage near here. and I reasalized it meant "to learn" ..then I was thinking of that and I actually had the thought "me and puppers at the church" although no scene was attached. The spirit guide will at times do a odd ball one. Now I know this sound like a split personality..but like whatever.. I feel confortable with it. although puppers is dead life goes on..and to think..I stilll have never met the spirit factin a sense is a non living entity for all I now..but have never really triedto considerit. It is maby some other form of intelligence like computer. Am not sure really..but see as how it is a memory as is everything in your collective unconscious. Is the past..but is alive still
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    This morning I turn on the computer and this page is on the screen and the thought ...rob hurt in obviously the grave took the creature on the web page obviously. then wentin the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee and I had the thought "flight of the phoenix" when brewing the coffee by the stove....then a bit after that I walk backin the library room man cave where I hang out and on TV is the show "ancient aliens"..and they are showing a burning of the dead scene and explain how ancient man had this in their head that the soul returns to the stars or something..or that it resembles a ufo taking know . ..they get into allthese hypothasis about what if ancient aliens this and that influenced people to do this or that? Just another example of how the spirit guide interaccts.

    Ok so had a few other "puppers and me scenes come that I sort of feel came unexpectantly and represent something in a metephoric way. One was puppers and me when we were at the train station in Barstow and hanging out.,_California Was basically empty and a desert town. I finally realized it means "your train comes in in a dry and dust land" They actuaally threw that before a few times . This is using the train theme again. See as how the train crosses at a right angle on the road often. This ties into the right angle theme and the cross. What is amazing is they had also thrown an image dredged from my collective unconscious of the time I was playing with the HO model trains stuff I had just bought ..and was seated by the sign of the Ukiah theatre literaly on state street sidewalk..when I was a kid....and they have also said "the little engine that could" from a old book I had read as a kid. seriously..they connected the train theme going way bacck and these a few examples. They have also thrown images of one off weird automobiles people have built and said "extreme machine" in effect they say "be the extreme machine for us" in a sense. another scene that was appeared reciently in my mind was "puppers and me ..the time we hiked the trails at point Lobos" near Santa Cruze I figure it represents the fact it is near the sea as in the underworld ..and means she sortof was heading that way . there was one ohter scene but slipped my mind but I did take a note of it. and will tell it later. also will touch on the few Jewish people and how they threw remote images of them that speak. This is anothewr theme that says in effect 'you..that is you" ..since the Jew was in contact . I am in a rush now so have to run.
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    The one thing they did reguarding a Jewish person was I just hear the thought "Dishotsky knows" and at first wasn't sure why they were even saying thaat..since he used to be a friend of my dads way back in the 70's . I even found a web page of him. It took awhile to realizewhy they were even saying that...since at first I sort of thought maby they were suggesting I was a bit kookoo or you know need of psychitrist perhaps....but later was able to establish the fact he was Jewish...and is a theme "you..tha is you"..since was able to connect a few other Jewish people they have thrown. One was a small girl that played violin at a bluegrass festival ..and was really good. I had n idea why they were throwing that image also..till finally was able to connect the Jewish thing.. They have also used my old piano teacher ..and literally have thrown an image of a sattalite dish that was on a building on her street..and alo a park that was up the street from her house that was layed out in this really nice gemetric pattern much like a that it had all the atributes from the square and whatnot. I was able to recognize that. They even threw an image of the time we used to watch the Adams family on TV a her house...since we used t watch TV while one person was having lessons. It was on a Wendsday and we also would watch the circus circus. This was in the 60's . People might find that hard to believe that I can sense they actually threw me an image of when I watched the addams family at her house..but they did. They also threw me an image of the time I did the concert at the saterday afternoon club and played piano under her tutelage. did my brother and other students. Playing piano was a theme they also developed as to suggest "you played for us" or in effect did a performance. My dad also was into piano. I believe there were a few other Jewish people incidents they attached a remote image ..but they slipped my mind. Basically I was able to finally realize this Jewish theme later on ...since finally I did go "oh wow" ..ok so that was why they were saying "Dishotsky knows".. What is amazing is the ability they have to sift through your past know memory banks is truely awsome have the ability like that.It is as if they have a memory as good as I do..but is not me. ..since I can realize thaat some other intelligence is at work here. But can you fathom what a ability that is? Hay..I know..I am stunned . Also wanted to mention that they have often thrown an image of the poison plant that was growing outsidethe church when I was a kid. Basically I was literaly in kindergarden..and recall someone saying that this certain plant was poison..just some low laying schrub like bush..and I recall that perfectly..and it was right under the sign that said the name of the church even. And so anyway..they just threw that image just now..and that reminded me that I wanted to mention that. They have thrown that off and on a lot. ..andI know what it means. I am no dummy.

    Just wanted to add that what the scene of the Addams family represents that I used to watch at my Jewish piano teachers back room while my brother or sister was having thier you get the meaaning of that?
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