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    See the song someware over the rainbow..sort of fits the alien visitation thing

    See Tommy play classical gas. He is too good The guy is a God.

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    The other day they threw me a remote image scene and it was the football game field that is above the church I used to go to and there is a road that actually starts right behind the area where the field is since it is on the foothills ..and the road leads up to the big "U" that is on the side of the top of this mountain that overlooks Ukiah (the biggest town near here) ..and I did once hike up there when younger and saw the big "U" and was a bunch of pieces of painted white tin and was not too great looking when seeing it up close and was a mess of junky tin sheets layed out in a rough "U" shape, but from way down in the valley it looked quite like a perfect "U" .

    Anyway so this field is where they often had graduation of high school events and football games and whatnot..and is literally right up behind the old Lutheran church I used to go to. The pastors name was pastor Sohn and we used to call him pastor zone in twilight zone. (I never called him that because of what happened 30 years later though. It was what my brother and friends called him. ) Anyway I figured out what the aliens were getting at since in the setting is seen the church..the game field and the path that leads to the top of the mountain. In effect it means to go to the mountain and be the signal or beacon and is a game connected with the church.

    I just asked my mom how to spell Sohn and she said it means "son." Tochter is a daughter and sohn is a son in German. Anyway that is neat that the connection of pastor zone is the son and literally the guy is the head of the church and is in another zone.

    Now isn't that the way we were always told it should be...or was? They feed us all this odd ball stuff that people can't get a handle ....what the hell ?.. are we supposed to accept this blindly as God? Isn't that about the truth of it? We are to accept a half truth lie. But do you believe me? ..when I say the aliens are giving this stuff.. it is true. So believe the bible when it says in the days near the end Godwill pour out his spirit and the comforter will come..ministrating spirits. I believe Gods word. And satan comes as an angle of light.

    ministration [ˌmɪnɪˈstreɪʃən]
    1. the act or an instance of serving or giving aid
    2. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) the act or an instance of ministering religiously
    [from Latin ministrātiō, from ministrāre to wait upon]
    ministrative [ˈmɪnɪstrətɪv] adj

    I forgot to mention : they have given me this one before and I always thought it meant something like "you put Ukiah on the map with your foolishness..preaching this stuff" but now I see more clearly the full extent of what it means since the setting and the circumstance of the remote image thrown does speak abruptly.

    Also..when I was just beginning to edit this post and add this last sentence explaining that I have been given this before...this scene.... just then (now) I did have a brief image of standing at the place below lake Mendocino dam where the water gushes out of the aquaduct. ..and I know what that means also
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    Here .I wanted to recap a lost little thing that was left on the openminds forum and was lost , but I remember it and everything the aliens have thrown I regard as jems . It was when I was driving to Modesto to pick up a front end kit for my hotrod build that I found on the and anyway ..check it out all you hotrod buffs, but so was driving down the freeway and out of the blue a brief image of the time I was at the bottom of the grand canyon when very young..and my dad and brother did find a peanut butter sandwitch sitting on a log near a water fawcet , and there were bees swarming around the mouth of the water fawcet and we wanted to get a drink but had to shoo them away. I bearly recall that .

    So then when driving.. about maby a half minute or more later (after that image from long ago at the bottom of the grand canyon) ..a song starts playing on the radio "these are a few of my favorite things" and one verse says "when the bee stings" It was a psychic pre clue riddle remote image scene that I already was aware of since had received that one before.(talking about the grand canyon scene when I was 5 or 6)

    I knew it meant to drink from the underworld and the bees are there . I had this one vision they gave and it had bees above the arch of the door. It is similar to the

    Sacred Niches

    Adjacent to the sacred cave is a rocky escarpment with a series of hewn niches. We know that statues of the deity were placed in these niches by depictions of such on coins of the city.

    One niche housed a sculpture of Echo, the mountain nymph and Panís consort. Another niche housed a statue of Panís father, Hermes, son of nymph Maia. Inscriptions in the niches mention those who gave large donations.

    Now see fig 42, 43, 44 on this link of the visions they gave See fig 42 is bees or bugs of some sort crawling in the arch . I can dig in the text and find the exact circumstance. a little ways up from the bottom of that page. You can get an idea of how scattered I was but it was from the heart as far as trying to tell it as it was. I thought it was spiders . The visions were animated even.

    After this vision of the islands in the sky, I was somewhat puzzled, because it was so amazing, and was hoping for a further clue, because I still hadn't figured out what all the cut logs were supposed to be. Well, right after this floating islands vision, had a vague vision of what seemed to be a big spider that walked around in a half circle over the top. I could see it animated: first legs on the right, then the left, then the right, then left; like a set of three legs switching back and forth. You always saw the head and body as it moved along in slight jerky fashion, like a outline of a cartoon that is put together in segments. You only saw it's three leg footprints appear and then disappear switching back and fourth on each side as It moved in a arch, like over a door. It was in a vague dark scene, but I knew it was a spider forming a web. (ē Figure 42.) This is similar to Oct. 25, 1994)
    Remember back when I was sitting with two of my brothers in the dream when I had the vision of the logs laying on the shore in the green grass? Well when I saw that vision of the logs, I said to them: "Your not going to believe what I just saw." This is what the spider means; it forms a web to catch prey. Also, do you realize that "two" of my brothers were with me in the dream, when I saw the vision? That was one of those very rare visions while in a dream.
    This was so complicated; and at first I thought it meant the spider trapped me, or was part of the harvested logs process that became the two witness's. But this is also true, because my two brothers were there when I said "You're not going to believe this:" meaning the vision seen, and what was seen later; the islands in the sky etc. Do you see how the log harvest process goes even further back, and harvesting is a common theme? (Later I found out "green means death." This could be related to "all flesh is as grass," as spoken in the bible.) Even the spiders web symbol was used way back a long time ago. (Sept. 4 and Oct.10,1994)
    After the amazing island's vision, and dark spider vision, I was laying in bed thinking "I want to draw a picture of this." Right after this, saw a image of a stick like a paint brush and a arched doorway appeared, like a upside down U, that was the same shape the spider crawled in, in the dark vision. This arched doorway was a pink orange that was glowing, like light was shining through. (Oct. 25) It had a flat face with raised edges a inch wide around the edges, inside and out, and the raised edge had a rounded face that curved level to the larger flat face of the arch and vertical upright sides. There was no sharp edges, but it had square corners. (ē Figure 43.)

    (Back to now..2012)

    One other recall I wnted to mention was when I went to Parumph Naveda to get a really old 1939 Schult trailer and ..this was only about net even a year ago..but so I was driving down the freeway and was stuck behind some driver and did swoop out and pass the guy..and then just then I had a telepathic thought come: "Siegfried Schulz" and I knew it meant I did a zig zag around that driver and I was free with my Schult trailer.
    It looks a lot like this one except the front windows are closer togeather. This is a pre war trailer and sort of like the horse trailers you see nowadays in that it has that vee front
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    The other day in the morning I had an image of Boonville road right where it begins and knew it means ("right angle" where two worlds meet) ..the road to....concept...and then the idea of "who in ill..owed" wasseen in word riddle form in the name of the road. The equipment seen at that spot near the road entrance was stored there by some big boss man guy I did once hear. they have given this remote image before ....the scene of where that stuff was stored. I never knew the full extent of that remote image before. I am finally realize tht other theme is "the road to" since theyhave used this idea in the road to the coast also. Just yesterday they showed me the imageof the old little red schoolhouse and the big redwood log laying there in the parking lot where there is a rest stop. It means literally "to be harvested and to learn." There are a fewother ideas they have thrown on the road tothe coast..and one is the house that is below (a rangers cabin ofice" that is at the base of the last hill that you climb before coming tothe coast. There also did throw a scene of a garbage dump people had dumped trash and an old couch..that was at the top of this long downward hill aways nearthe "beginning" of the road tothe coast out of Willits. I figure that means "you have some sh#t to deal with" on the journy down this road to the coast. Ocean is big water = God back to back to the Boonville road. The right angle at the start where the bossman had his equipment stored means "where two worlds meet" and is the beginning of the journy. There are a numberof scenes also that they have thrown of ideas on the Boonville road and one is "these small mountains that are seen off and on..the are literally mineature small perfect peak type mountains you can see off in the hills. small examples of what a big mountain would look like. When they threw those in the past I though it means "you are a reflection on a lesser scale" for us. There are a few other scenes from boonville road and one was a theme of "playing a piano" that I saw a a garage sale once. That was a theme "to play" Basically I did just see that image of the piano I saw that day I saw it. am just giving examples of how they will take ideas off a road > One other was the "cliffs" on Boonville road..and I did hear of someone did slid e off them when in Highschool. There are a few other themes also.

    One other idea they threw was once when up in Willits (the town above here) I did buy a pantograph device from a arts and crafts store. a long time go..and they threw me tht scene literlly a remote image....pops in my mind.and I knew whet it meant. It means you do copy on a smaller scale an exact image of what you are copying. ..from the city above>..Willits. It is literally the town at a higher altitude from us below. thata ties into the concept of them throwing me the images of the small mineature mountains on Boonville road. It means ..on this road you will be a representation of us. this morning I did think of the small shack on the coast with the many roses covering it ..and the thought "bride to be " came then Here is is I did just see that on my computer desktop and ddi think of that and the spirit guide literally answered me saying that. It came as a thought. In this way they can speak through telepathy and remote images...and can do it either when half awake or totally awake.

    One othermost amazing remote image is the redwood tree we once climbed and there was a grapevine that literally went way up into its lower branches..and we actually climbed it way op and it all came down and buried us. . It was sort of dangerious and very high. They threw me this recalll memory the other day...and I knew wat they were getting at. This happened literally when I was in early highschool maby. Goes to show how time is of no consequence in their ability to draw on your collective unconscious. It was like it was yesterday. ..and it was.

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    I wanted to add this earlier post I did post on the Blizzard of odd thread since it does show how they can use a remote image thrown that does also hold a word riddle in the target scene and then the target riddle does actually play out later in the day.

    Here..can give an example of how they spoke today, and it played out over the day ,and I never knew it was a psychic clue thing till about 3 in the afternoon. last night I awoke and was not sure , but maby was midnight ..and as odd as it sounds..I had a brief image of the house of a doctor named "Gouliash ..and they have given this before so I knew it was a idea they had developed..and I did know the daughter of the guy..and recall my mom telling me that her dad was a doctor. Doctor Gouliash.I knew her from high school and used to drive by the old victorian house on the way to the park. He was Jewish and I always thought the idea was the Jewish connection in Jesus was a jew yadda yadda ...but anyway so I finally connected the idea of in night of the living dead type gouls ..and literally means "the walking dead". and ash as in fire did toast and transform. ..that was the clue I missed and had misinterpreted the whole concept from the start. It meant you were dead in Christ or from the encounter effect..since to be visited you are alive //yet dead as Christ walked dead. You are a walking deadman. get this ..I did then go to town and pick up nitrogen gas for the botteling since I work ata winery..and while in town did stop in at the library and checked out the magazines in the library and saw the mad magazines and the one that was behind the current issue has literally a bunch of gouls that were eating the flesh off the Mad magazine charictor ..Alfred E Newman ..I mean the connection just then hit me. Call it coincdence..but I know better since thy have done this types scenario before. ..they do a psychic clue riddle that later playes out and the clue does manifest in some form later on in the day. Trust me ...I know it is them doing this. The coincadence factor is out the window on some of the stuff they have done . I am seeing literally gouls on this cover eating the "what me worry" guy. then ..after this it does in a way tie into the post above in that the concept of :"Boonville road" has a word riddle in it: "who in ill...owed" and is similer in the the word Gouliash "ghoul he ash" . Both these remote images were thrown and bothe express the idea of "to die from your present state that was not perfected. "Who in ill ..owed" and "Ghoul he ..ash" are similar concepts since you die to your old self. In the one scene .."the road to" represents a theme.....the right angle at the beginning where the boss man stored his equipment."where two worlds meet"(This theme was developed early on) and the house of the doctor Gouliash .. represent the concept "that is us" the guide or spirit or God. (the house of ) The hand of God does orkustrate the change . are you beginning to grasp it? LOL Tell me you don't think I'm nuts.. the reason I wanted to post that earlier stuff was because they did a continuation of similar concepts ..and I needed to make that clear. They are using word riddle concepts that also tie into settings in scenes that do speak.. ...oh whatever.. it can give an idea as to what ability this other conscious has to be interactive ...and see way more then can be imagined..and then do these skits. Now remember that thy have the advantage of seeing into the future and can do a connect the dots type thing ....that is once you have established the themes and concepts. You can't expect to be able to figure it out unless a few yeas worth of trial and error. It is way too complex..and I am still learning and realizing missed concepts..or misinterpreted

    I tried..I trued to make it clear because I know it is not me doing this. It is way too complex. The evidence should speak for itself. If you think I'm crazy then you never realized what I'm trying to say..LOL

    But you know, I guess what the most shocking thing is is their ability to have access to your collective unconscious and so then they can sit back and plan out the nice riddles to throw at you. Then it is up to you to be able to decypher it and is such an amazing know there is a God that is able to see all on such a grand scale. The ability is truely amazing..the ability to catalog and retain data..It is amazing ..and such trivial stuff..that is only about my life. They use your life and turn it into a drama skit trip..and so do speak.. The spirit does speak..We have read about this in ancient texts God ses alll knows all. Hay ..who else could it be? Is not coming from me. My mind can't do this.
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    A few days ago I waspouring some glycol into a refrigeration tank and I heard through telepathy "the Gods are smiling on you"and then I was sort of trying to figure out why or what to expect. Then I though maby my package had arrived orsomething..since I had been hoping about that part for my hotrod project. Then about maby a minute and a half after that ..Iwalked around the corner and my brother said"oh by the way..there is apackage for you in the laundry room ." That is where they ofter have newly arrived packages. So thenI knew it was a pre telepathic psychic clue riddle type thing.

    Once before they had told me "Your package has arrived..I kid you not".... I mean I heard in telepathy "I kid you not" . Not thaat I am trying to make a believer out of you to believe this. This was about 4 or 5 years ago they did that . Anyway ..I did see on tv the otherday ..they were talking about how the indian shamans claimed the feathers in their headress were some sort of antenna that did connect with the great spirit...and they received telepathic stuff from the great spirit. Usually it was a shaman type that claimed this stuff. The birds were consider from a higher place . That is why the feathers were in the headress act as a portal to contact. You know.... I am seeing on tv now..these shows that have these so called experts claiming everything from the crown on the head to the Egyptian ideas..the thing they hold in their hand..the rod with the symbols on it. The connections are lost..but the ancients were in contact with the Gods. there enough evidence in the ancient texts

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    Today when I was at the gas place getting nitrogen gas..I asked the guy there if I could have the heavy duty truck rims in the dumpster for metal salvage. They would be great for my hotrod car project to set the car on . I was hoping the guys there would either let me have thm or I offered to buy them . When I asked the guy there he said "shure...they are yours " and I was so amazed it was so easy ..Everything went so smooth..and right then when he said "no problem..take them"..I heard a high pitch "beep' in my ear..and I knew it was the aliens ..since they used to do that a lot. Anyway a bit later I was thinking how everything was going my way today"..and then I heard the thought " you are a winner from the opening bell" ..or something like if I was destined to win this day.

    Anyway..they said a few other things today off and on..sort of slipped my mind..but this evening I was watching tv and what is weird is first I get an image of "where a coat once hung in this old cabin on the easterbrook ranch..a cabin where a very old guy lived and he always had a wood fire and this coat in the closit 9that was against the wall literally left an imprint of soot on the wall even though the coat was gone....the soot setteled around the edges and it looked like a ghost image imprinted on the wall. Reason I know this is because I friend did live in that cabin a bit later after the old man died and I saw the image stain on the wall. that image has been given before by the aliens and I know what it means..since they also have thrown me a remote image from my collective unconscious of: the time I ad my coat hung in the closet of the masons lodge in Hopland . I was at a school dance or some event and they had a person at the door who hung your coat up in this big closet and you got it later after the event was over. They also threw me that image before I know the theme. It has to do with being part of the fraternety sort of thing.. You are a member. the connection with the Easterbrook ranch and the cabin there has to do with the theme "Easter" and brook as in living water...since they did a number of ideas drawn from the Easterbrook ranch...since it was a large part of my collective there was a lot of ideas to draw from obviously. You have to realize the aliens can sift back through your past and select "significant riddle themes " or whatever one wants to call it.. anyway they threw this "coat " hung in the closet theme and then I did recall the other related coat image they threw before a few times of the Hopland masons lodge coat hung in the closet theme. I did know what the idea meant..It meant I was part of a fraternity or secret order obviously ...since the idea of Easterbrook and the masons seem to suggest that christ was a mason in a sense since he was part of this secrete brotherhood consealed in mystery. now get this: I did mull that around for a moment when I had the image of that soot stain image of the coat...and then I thought of the other scene of the coat I once had hung in the masons lodge...and then about maby 10 seconds after that ..on tv is being spoken on the show "ancient aliens"...the subject then was "what really did Jonah in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights mean"..and how some think it wwas in a ufo..except the ancients didt know how to express it. that is how the spirits speak. They throw me a remote image of something (that has been given before) that I already know roughly what it alludes to...and then in the immediate future ..I see played out on the tv..subject mattter that seems to tie in directly to what had just been previously given in theseremote image scenes that they have developed over the years. See if I didn't previously know what the heck the remote image scenes meant..then I wouldn't of been able to decypherwhat they were trying to connect on the tv . Another words the spirit guide sees what is going to unfold on the tv..and so do throw the images "beforehand" ..and I then do know where I'm going. It is a game form of speaking and you have to be able to connect the dots. Do I sound skitzo? Oh really..I know it is not your average spiel . I don't care what people think. This is so hard to explain.. but seriously..these aliens can speak this way. Trust me..I know. I have heard worse .

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    About five days ago..I heard as a thought "Chevy Chase" and about five seconds after that I saw a dog running after a car...although it wasn't a chevy. I also heard :Chappaquidic" when was thinking of taking a swig of some wine. I do believe it was actually this word: although it was a way of speaking. and has nothing to do with the incenedent it seems. I have heard them use tyhat one is not new.

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    Today they were speaking to me a bit..and was just fragments that I knew the general meaning of since it has been taught what each sean means over the years.. another words..the scenes remain part of the vocabulary. I was in the warehouse and driving forklift and the scene of the rectangular swimming pool in the park by the church I usedto go to. I knew what that meant since they did actually clear that one up reciently. It was one of those gray area scenes that I never quite caught....and basically it was the rectangle and the you know baptism or the new life trip .I did finally realize the connection of the rectangle since it tied into other rectangle ideas they have given . This was a odd vague one thata I finally grasped as being a serious message. after that brief big rectangular pool scene....I have an image of the trail or crude road thaat did lead to the big "U" on the mountain top that stands for Ukiah. ..the town near here. This trail actually is right behind the football field that the church is right next to even. Another words all the ideas in this setting hold metephore . anywaay right after the pool and then the vague brief image of the trail or road leading to the mountain top "U" ..then the thought " you have a better perspective" camd right then..and I knew they were in effect saying " you took the plunge in the pool and then went to the mountain top>" ..

    and what is amazing is that later this evening ..I am now watching these shows on tv about alien abductions and crossbreeding and ancient aliens etc. the same all rehash stuff..and well I knew they knew I would be watching that and they were just chiming in. itis a way of keeping in touch since we have common ground in this area obviously..and it makes me feel connected to have then sort of say something again..since they are always there. They have been there still but d shift the mannerof sspeaking a day a bit pecular..almost skitz and the next they are more low key or abrupt frank and specific.

    Anyway so I was sitting watching tv and an image of "the white bridge" that is in the back foothills of Willits does appear as a thought. I knew it meant "you have entered the gate" since they did clear thaat one up also reciently..the significance of "the bridge" since they also used a few other examles. On has been the golden gate brridge a way of saying "yu entered the gates . anyway after tht big white trussed bridge I knew of..I then receive an image of the entraance to the enchanted canyon and where I did find thaat big rock that I though looked like my dads face..literally I found it in the creek and saw a face in the texture of the rock and I carried it home and still have it even. This was also the same fork in the trail (where trail meets creek" where I saw the salamander...and this scene also they did throw me. It is on the Easterbrook ranch and is called the "enchanted canyon" Now see ...we have easter as in easter sunday..we have canyon as in enchanted underworld..we have salamander ..creature of two worlds and we have the rock that looks like my dad.

    Hay.. it is all there.. these aliens can literally sift through your past life and dig out the scenes that do speak to your predicament. How many times do I have to try and explain this? t is so simple. It is just being able to see the ..yu know..from a higher perspective.

    What they actually said was "to see wit a better perspective" ..that is what came faintly after I hd those remote images thrown earlier when on the forklift . The rectangle pool and then the road to the hilltop where the "U" was. It means take a dip in the underworld and come on in to the gates. See the big white bride in Willits that is in the back foothills ...I knew it meant "to the town on the hill" since Willits is on a higher ground..See and come in through the gate/bridge. Come to the underworld and meet the father. Hay.. I know we can agree on something. These aliens speak using imaages thrown that are directly related to your life. Now everycase is different ..but they could speak to anyone using the know..the ..oh forget it.. Am I making sense? Is it really that hard to grasp?

    I forgot to say that ...the rock that I carried home was so heavy and awkward was total suffering and was at the very limit of what I could carry and I had to shift it from shoulder to front other shoulder. It was complete suffering but I treasured it since it was a amazing rock and had a face lie my dads..and I though the Indians did leave it there . They had some rocks called power rocks..that did mark boundrys. ..but anyway.. This was not some little rock , but the extremes of suffering to carry it back home. Neeeded to make that clear..
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    Today when walking across the causeway of the Lake Mendocino dam ..right a bit past the spillway where the underground tunnel aquaduct is..I had a brief songe sing in my head that was a song by the Beatles actually and they have even gaven me this song a few times before when I was working in he junkyard ..and I sort of grasped the significance of it..but didn't bother telling anyone on this forum ..but wanted to. I sort of didn't have that old enthusiasm anymore. Had lost the need to share some of the off the walll stuff the aliens throw.

    But so it was just a brief snippit today of that song I had just passed the underground aquaduct...I did hear : for the benifit of Mr. kite. Anyway a few times once in the junkyard when I was working ..that song began singing and it goes for the benifit of mystikite in (mystic) was sort of a connection of Mr. kite flying high and also the way it sounded like Mystic as in mystikite play on words like a word riddle thing. So the lyricks go ..there will be a show tonight on trampoline..the Hendersons will dance and sing as Mistakite flys through the ring ..don't be late!.. The remaining lyricks are so abscure and actually I need to study them more. this is curious:! Looks like a Mr. Kite actually did exist. Hay..I never knew that..I thought it was somehow connected with being a mystic. Whatever... sheeesh. I am just telling you what happened..these aliens had me convinced that song was somehow connected with you know ..putting on a show or something. and isn't that what it is all about? Proclaiming the gospel ? Like if that isn't a bit mysticle then like what is? But happened...they somehow wanted me to try and explain how they speak. So there you have it...but that is very curious .that connection with a Mr. Kite .

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