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    See the last post did mention they did this super real lucid dream thing of getting taken up in a whirlwind on the hill with the logs in that Mier photo... well that reminded me of this other super lucid virtual reality dream where I awake in a semi half sleep and see a vision of this rock carving of the ancient astronaut carving and then I see these flashing red sort of like and white combo lights in what is like overplayed with this vision. ..the one I was actually reading about in the few days prior..nother words they did a scene of it since I was just into studying it in this book.

    t is this one and the way I saw it in the vision was actually the guy was pointing upward and not sideways.

    Also recalled this one time when I was crossing the mountain on this back road from one valley to another and there was this old pioneers cabin along the way since pioneer cabins were often way out in the hills and was a very good spring nearby was the reason ..eventhough was very remote at times. So anyway there was this old woodturning stove in the cabin and I heard that later this guy named David Valley had stolen it since he had this key that allowed access through these gates that hid father ha given him since he worked for the telephone lines. We borrowed the keys this one time and rode dirt bikes over the road and into Potter valley and then on to Lake Pillsbury. So anyway the guide awhile later..perhaps 20 years later throws me an image of what is just the circular pan tops of the old woodturning know the circle removable iron pan areas where one would be cooking ..and then I have the thought "pioneer" and it comes out in the word riddle mode "pie in ear" and I think about the fact that I later heard that the guy that gave us the keys one time had later taken the stove and he was the brother of this guy I was riding motorcycles with and his name was David Valley and then I sort of hear "hay hid valley" and it is true the guide did develop the theme of the adjacent valley to mine witch is Redwood Valley being a representation of the parallel valley or world. But see as how I also mentioned the guide had thrown other scenes related to pioneer such as the image of the enamel or porclin pic on that one gravestone in the potter valley graveyard and depicts a pioneer on horseback . Literally the guy who was in the grave was the guy in the pic obviously. The guide throws that scene and I hear "pioneer" and take that to mean I died in the adjacent valley . ..and am a pioneer...but see to what extent the guide can see similar scenes in being able to see a old woodburning stove in the kitchen area of this pioneers cabin and then throw an image of the time I was viewing the stove top ,,and then throw the thought "pie in ear" and even the guy "hay hid valley" that is in this other guys name David Valley.

    Recall a few post back I mentioned about this guy I once met on the RR tracks and he wanted the pecan pie he saw I was holding in my hand. This again is seen the circle symbol and ties into the idea of God that is a circle with a cross in it. the most ancient symbol of God and is in my opinion perhaps related to a bread cake it would seem . and in this is seen the "to eat" theme. It is all connected to the most basic themes and ideas obviously . But see as how the right angle or cross is also seen in the circular bread cake that is the most ancient symbol of God. See the "to be dead in" theme is seen in that once visited you are dead to what you wee before. It does not mean you are dead to this world but just get this glorified body in that the guide does all this stuff and in a sense glorifies you .

    So it appears there is a few other ancient symbols for God . I could later tell some of these that they threw in visions early on . I recognize some of these. ..but it is true the basic cross in a circle is the most common one they threw in some of these vision . My website is not on the net anymore so can't show all the visions and stuff.
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    Recall back ..a few posts back did tell of the time I was at this graveyard and got caught in the massive downpour. This was a really special graveyard of all these founding fathers type..and had these big and elaborate headstones and was the coastal route back from LA ..I did go there . I forgot the town exactly but was a pretty expensive type setup judging by the marble and carving. ..but so anyway I did;'t think it was going to rain like that and it came down in a torrent at an angle and I tried to hide behind this one big tall gravestone since was too late to make a run for it back to the truck. I was hauling this 35 ford coupe from Phoenix Arizona at the time ..but so anyway later a month or so ..I forgot..the guide throws an image of that scene of me hiding behind the gravestone in the downpour. I talked about this before on this thread so is like I don't know if anyone remembers that but I also talked about the time I was coming into Spearfish SD and was at this rest stop and was also a visitor center area that was there and this torrent of rain came that was the biggest amount of water I have ever witnessed in about maby 10 minutes and was so much the water couldn't get down the gutter fast enough and was flooding . These bikers were all hiding in the visitor center. The guide also threw that scene. It was similar to that graveyard scene is why I remembered it know one similar image is tied into another and so you connect the dots . The theme is obviously "the outpouring" . See the one is "to be dead in" and the other is like whatever there was a dark cloud .. Later the guide also did a takeoff on the spearfish fish hatchery scene and whatnot..and is the christian fish symbol obviously. I had a post about that a few times.
    It is hard to keep track of it all but basically there are themes and there are scenes and when the guide throws a scene it can connect to a few themes at the same time. That is a no brainer. The reverse of that is : That is ..a? ...brain err" Nother words: I don't get it .. my brain is err err/ error. The word riddle thing can do that . It can be a polar oppasite.

    But see.the reason I wanter to touch on that was because see in the last post I was talking about pioneer and founding fathers. That is how it think brings up other related scenes and you remember that it is the same theme. It is a way of memory exercize or basically that is how the guide touters you in the ongoing teaching mode of being able to recognize the metephore and whatnot. It is a long process but you learn by example and by thinking back other "same or similar" scenes that portray know ..and finally you figure it out ..the deeper meaning.
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    , See this image . The guide threw an image of this exactly like it was the time I walked it with my late dog puppers. I took that to mean "the train that never is seen or shows up since there has never been a visible train that has come here.

    See this I was there and my brother told me it was called "the bridge to nowhere" since it was part of this Indian casino that was to go to a big parking lot but was never used . The guide threw me that scene and all I can make of that is it is the bridge that no-one ever can cross..but it is similar to the train that never arrives or leaves. My brother used to be a carpenter at that casino and he worked on other stuff but not the bridge.

    Recall a few post back maby 20 or so I mentioned that the guide was throwing scenes of houses that had no windows in a certain wall. One house near the coast had no windows on the road side ,and I assumed the guy didn't want to have to see the traffic. , Another house on the Boonville road the guide also threw and it had no windows on the upper story facing the road, and I wondered why the guy did that since it was even on the sunny side. Another house the guide threw was this house on Okee flats road and was a house at a right angle in the road and I even knew the guy that owned it and asked him why he had no window in the side. He said something like he didnt care. was the garage. He was actually the same guy that found the small chunk of railroad track at the mouth of lake Mendocino river {the river that feeds the lake} and I was taking a kayak ride and by chance down the river and met him fishing in the river in wading boots and he had just stumbled on a chunk of railroad track that someone had lost that was a boat anchor it seems . I asked him if I could have it and he gave it to me and I carried it down in the kayak. He had just found it. It was pure chance. The guide even threw that scene and I was able to connect the theme "train" to the living water that was represented so many times by lake Mendocino. (The guide did many scene image flashbacks of ideas surrounding that lake since I spent a lot of time hiking and visiting there) The other world/train 'where two worlds cross/right angle/cross is the living water that is represented by the body of Lake Mendocino

    Anyway so going back to these windowless houses is that one cannot look in. The one house on the ocean literally / underworld, the other is at a right angle/cross/where two worlds meet, the other one is a upper story or second level house with no window in the wall facing the sun. I assume that means the other level...whatever.. but so I see a similarity in this train that never arrives or leaves consciously , and this bridge to nowhere that is at this Indian casino. I see also the theme of the Indians that has been developed by the guide since I used to be an amateur archoelogist and was always looking for evidence of this lost people, Basically the Indian theme has been developed as "them" these people I am just trying to find evidence of. The guide has also developed that theme . I explained that in previous posts.

    Anyway the guide did throw all those scenes and in effect it says "you can't see the big picture" or it is evident it is there but only in your dreams or subconscious or something.

    There was also a tree that was next to that one house with no window, at the right angle in the road and this tree was in the field near there and there was a basket ball by that tree once and basically the guide had also threw a number of trees that were tied to specific ideas that were also in the setting.. In this case there was a ball under this one and I tied that into "game" eat of the game. I explained this in a post way back on this thread. There were 4 trees the guide had thrown. One was by a butcher shop and had dog doo doo under the tree, one was by a cattle water trough and another was a apple tree near the coast. In each of these scenes the setting and surrounding facts add flavor to the metephore. One has to do with beast of burden, one is near the underworld , one is "game' and one is tainted fruit near a place of slaughter. Anyway when the guide throws an image you have to be able to rely on all your resources and themes that have been developed without reading something in that is stretching it know. You can only use what has been developed and nothing more. You can only read in themes the guide has developed.
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    The four trees that I recall that were had a basket ball beneath it and am not sure if it was a walnut or apple tree but I took it to mean "the game" The other was way up in a remote area and was a house nearby and was a cattle area and the tree was by a water traugh . The other tree by the coast was actually a apple tree that we camped underneith without even realizing it till the next morning and we were quite young and had taken a bike ride to the coast and watched a movie at the Fort Bragg theatre the night before even. We actually were bike riding to the coast and back on this amazing adventure when younger . The theatre theme was used in other ways by the guide so maby it is connected .

    I recall once the guide threw an image of the place in Ukiah theatre where the people in wheelchairs/with disabilities parked. I assume it meant I was in need of support or something. Is hard to explain but very early on they used some scenes of the Ukiah theatre and after this major therapy they did on me when I was crying and stuff..I see this exit to the theatre on the sides that lead behind the curtain and I have the thought "the shows over. Anyway is just another aspect and could be related but maybe not . The underworld also could tie into this area since was at the coast..also the fact we took this epic journey .

    The last tree was actually a walnut tree and I used to pick the walnuts off the ground at the forks that is not even on the a small town with a gas station and a store and a butcher shop in the store across from the tree. Someone had been dumping dog doo doo under the tree perhaps to fertilize it and I was upset because it was my walnut tree area I had for a few years collected nuts when I used to ride bicycle . Anyway it was like tainted fruit perhaps and I didn't like the dog poo . ..also maybe the butcher shop nearby tied into the theme of know ... like whatever can only read so much into a scene and I know the beast of burden theme ..since the guide has thrown a lot having to do with ideas in context to barns and yards also. Means you die for the cause of these silly humans that think they can loard it over these poor defenseless animals.

    Ok but it is ok. I am also one that does that. Ok so this also reminds me of this poison plant scene the guide had also thrown that was right underneath the sign of the church I used to attend as a kid. It was a rotodendron and I remember some kid telling me it was a poison plant. The guide threw that scene exactly the way it transpired in my memory..even-though I had never thought of that in years..perhaps since it happened..but once the guide threw it, it became an ...the word " apex predator"came just now. Also a bit before when I was going to explain about the slaughter house..the thought "your next" came..but I didn't write that then because it was just know what is weird is the guide interjects stuff while I'm writing but I want to make it sound reasonable. What is weird is I was just watching this show on sharks on Tv the other night and all these shark attacks. You know.. am always honest when am typing...and if the guide throws something I want to let you know. I do have a ton of loyalty though for the guide and but yea I think it is ok to be honest.
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    See in the name of Linda Moulton Howe is seen: in ah whole ton cow The "C" is silent , or could say in ah whole ton "ow" as in herts like "ouch" I did sort of hear that and have mentioned that before on this thread come to think of it. I think the guide sort of reminded me of that cause it came recently after thinking about that lecture on the U tube and that lady Clair prophet is even there . She seemed really wacky I thought before and talks about just out there stuff like Michael the archangel . I have heard her some before. Maybe she is sort of an intermedeary for the aliens. Come to think of it it seems all these people are.

    Have you ever heart of Captain Aura Rains of the starship

    See in her name is seen: cap ten ***** ah reins I realized that a long time ago when first deciphering out the word riddles. Am not sure if the guide threw that though. I think I saw it on my own . ,,but maby not. See also Captain Pickad and is seen : cap ten pick card more or less. The guide did throw this in the past.

    There is this time when I was in Napa helping my brother this one time when we were getting this bottling machine from this old winery and I was exploring near the river after work since I did just camp in this van and swim in the river with the late puppers and I by chance came upon this what was a cement base and a like plack that had some writing on it that was by the river side near this bridge and was even half covered with brush and not even visible at first and on it it said something like "to the lady's of the night that gave so much to the farm workers of this area " and it went on to say that 100 yards from this site up on the hill across the road there used to be a house that the lady's ran and did so much for the community of early Napa. Something like that. It was to commerate a brothel obviously. That was so funny since someone thought it worthy of praise and created a landmark in honor of that piece of lost history.

    A few weeks or so later the guide threw an image of that scene .....exactly as I viewed it when was standing there reading it. Yep..and so like that supposed to mean? I assume it has something to do with this program they got going obviously. It is by the river/living water.

    I tried to find mention of that but haven't yet and can't find a pic of it. I did a search in the historic society and no mention of brothels so they are not willing to mention it.
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    Actually is also seen in the name Linda Moulton Howe: In ah whole ton.. how? as in there is a big cow that has dropped in or is found lying there and how is this possible that there is this perfect laser like incisions that have cut out the sex organs and eyes and stuff?

    One image the guide had thrown a long time ago and again recently is the time I was helping build this Yurt over in the Sierras and I recall at the entrance to the driveway leading to the yurt laying out in a field on the right was a rock that I spied and realized it had the charictoristics of an Indian power stone since seemed to have an indentation on the top that seemed like an oil lamp to just a like divit that could be used for red ocher pigment or anything . It had a small bowl but more like a what could of held a small amount of water. Anyway not that it is connected but could be..the lady was a lesbian that owned the house and obviously didn't have a need for men around in fact she was living with some other lady and had lady friends. Reason I am tying this to the scene is because like the right angle of the driveway/where two worlds meet and the lamp rock seen there and the fact I was helping build the yurt/circle building I see a metaphor in the "that is you" theme since there is one other scene the guide threw in context to a lesbian lady and she had a cabin in Yosemite and I was always unsure why the guide threw that scene that goes back to childhood..see she was actually my second grade teacher and I never could figure out why the theme "that is you" is connected. .. by just seeing an image of this scene of her cabin we used to stay at a few times. So anyway Yosemite is a place of wonder and I suspect it ties into this lady from this far away place of wonder much like the OZ theme the guide developed. But so I see now two themes concerning the fact that I am involved with a lady that needs no man. The guide had also thrown a few other scenes from Yosemite. I mentioned it in a post way back on this thread somewhere.

    Another scene with a right angle I recall is the old path that led to my boyhood school and there was a fence and a right angle where the path to school led. The path literally led right in the corner of the school property and so I see this image of that corner/right angle. Basically it means "to learn/where two worlds meet"

    I remember the lesbian lady we were building the yurt for had a couple kids..a boy and a girl but she got rid of her husband obviously and had a girlfriend. Am not totally sure but it appears that it is a way of suggesting :"that is you" in some effect. likewise I stayed at the lesbian lady house in the enchanted land. You know perhaps they don't marry in the other world and but they still want kids
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    One time I had gone to Oregon with a friend and stayed at this friends house of the friend he had known and there was a mom and daughter there and I recall there was a poster of a tiger in the room downstairs and on it it said "eye of the tiger " and had this beautiful tiger giving a full stare sort of like a "you are facing death look but so beautiful like a cute animal and lovable. Anyway this story is hard to explain and sort of odd but so anyway about maybe 5 years later and 800 mils away I hear of this story where the girl that was the daughter of the mom that lived in the house and owned the poster did have this boyfriend that was like a flash in the pan romance and he was sleeping with her upstairs in that house and so I did hear that some ex girlfriend did discover her boyfriend at this new girls house and had taken a car key and layed down a big scratch across the side of the car with the key as a way of getting even . I think it was the girls car that got scratched . Anyway I just heard of this story about 5 years after the time I had seen that poster and been in Oregon..but so I had just imagined the scene of a scratch down the side of the car,..... anyway a bit after that many a half year later ..the guide throws me the scene of as I imagined it..a scratch down the side of the car with a key..and the thought "the eye of the tiger" ... and then I recalled the time I saw that poster in the room downstairs of the tiger with the deadly eyes but oh so beautiful .

    Now as far as what the heck that means am not sure and how it ties into the "that is you" but it seems the lady was jelous obviously but what was amazing was that I had been there like 5 or so years before and had seen that poster but the scratching took place way later about 5 years or so, and I heard of it through word of mouth and the guide threw an image of what I percieved in my mind of the scene . Basically I imagined the car in the front yard right next to that room I saw the poster in. The guide just threw an image based upon my imagined idea the way I thought it was. ..I just see this scene the way I magined it.

    The boyfriend was actually a black guy that this girl had stolen from this other girl and I had seen them at a party at the friends house back here in Calif. Somehow the idea of the scratch on the car is connected with the eye of the tiger over these two girls being rivals over this guy that dumped the one and went for the other. ..but it is amazing that the guide is able to see the connection of the scratch all the years later and the time I had seen that poster . That is theamazing part..the attention to detail .

    It would seem the eye of the tiger is in a sense death other words is facing death and that is what the breeding program is all about. I can just see it as a "to die" in scenario having to do with these females you know. it is a deadly game . That is the only "that is you" I can see in it. Life as you know it is over . You are dead in a sense. This is taking into account the factor of the breeding program obviously ..unless one wants to view it as like whatever..genderless or something. The tiger represents guardian or something. It is a mixed bag of life and death . Need to study the metaphor a bit more perhaps
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    I was watching this show on TV and was a scene of someone spraying silly string on this one football player and reminded me of the scene of this lady that was spraying silly string on the grave of her kid that had died. People saw that and it seemed sort of innapropriate since she was like laughing and seemed to give a hoot as if was a game or something ..very lightharted to do that when your kid was like buried in the ground. Anyway was thinking of that and recalled the guide threw me the syllable in the lady last name "rue "T" heir .. as in a ruse and "T" as in "T you" as in the cross and she did it to her heir . See it is in her name what she did. The guide sort of said that. The guide gave that before I recall now. You sort of hear the word riddle spelled out in syllable form. Now as far as "that is you" well it can be seen as you are dead to your old self and are an heir of heaven in a sense. But yea..get over it. people don't like you. Long as you like yourself is all that matters ..right?
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    The time I was at the stock car races in Ukiah and was in the bathroom and had this silver dollar in my hand and a lump of clay and this guy said "why are you looking at me like that? and I remember I shoved the silver dollar in the lump of clay so the guy wouldn't see it. I was afraid he might try and take it. I was quite young then and just a bit paranoid. The guide thew me that scene a long time ago , and now am trying to fathom the "that is you" in the scene metephorically. I se the theme "to run the race" and also the "circle" that is seen in the silver dollar.

    Another scene the guide threw going back over 40 years was the time I was outside this small store in Ukiah and this guy asked me for a dollar and I offered him a quarter I believe it was I had..and he said in anger: "I said a dollar" and I remember I was sort of amazed he was so arrogent to not even accept the fact I was willing to give him the quarter. I am not sure why the guide threw that one but all I can see is the circle again that is represented by the quarter and the fact the guy wants it to buy food perhaps. I just recall the guide also threw this scene and at the time I was not very well versed deciphering out metaphoric content..but so ..even now am a bit not sure..but its seems to resemble the other image the guide threw of the time I was walking the railroad tracks and was holding a pecan pie in my hand and I happened to meet a like transient person that was I think traveling the tracks because he had no walking papers to be in this country since was a illegal immagrant obviously and he motioned for the small pecan pie as if begging and acted as if he was hungry and I gave it to him.

    Reason I tie all these scenes together is because again is seen the theme of "the circle" In the one case I see the theme "to run the race" and in the other I see the fact the person (panhandeler) wants food or wants to have the ability to buy or perchase something. The one scene is tied into the "train/where two worlds meet/cross/right angle" theme and I offer him a circle/pie to eat. The other two scenes are of someone seeming to demand my the one case I am afraid the guy wants to take it and is angry with my attitude or expression on my face, and the other case (guy panhadnleing) the guy is demanding more then the quarter/circle that I was willing to give him.

    Anyway ..see as how scenes that hold a similar thread are easily recognizable in that you then recall other scenes the guide has thrown that are similar. In all the scenes the constant idea of "that is you" is spoken in the scene...nother words that is you in your effort to be a messenger of this spirit contact from the other world in effect. The symbols in the scene and various ideas in the setting do speak to that and it is my puzzel to be able to decipher it out. That is the game .

    Recall the volcano ...says: Pin ah tube owe See as how is a blow out literally and is seen in the word itself. The guid has thrown that word. Recall the and the volcano that destroyed it.. The cataclysmic eruptions at the Greek isle of Santorini. See in the word "Santorini" is seen : sent w*ore ..he nee {need} the guide also has thrown that off and on as if to say: "major death and destruction from the underworld" See in the name of the volcano is seen the message if to say "that is you" in are the w#ore that is willing to try and do that.

    They have also used on occasion the wore ax in the word borax mined in Boron in the town in the high desert,_California I just hear "w@ore ax" and also seen on the word "Yorkville",_California I hear the syllables spelled out : w@ore ill" as in is sick . The guide can just do this if I am ruminating on something . ..I mean it is words in the vocabulary . The word w#ore is nothing more then just a person on a mission obviously. We are all w#ores in a sense one way or another. The guide just speaks in this manner .
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