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    Happy Easter Magfrey
    The closer to the truth the better the lie and the truth itself when it can be used is the best lie.

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    Hi..happy Easter. Is that Dove ? Are you the old member called Dove and have changed your name? I read that : do not meddle with the forces and though that was something Dove once had..or someone..I recall had that saying.

    Also..I forgot to say that a couple of posts ago..when was talking bout the images they threw...the bridge and the enchanted canyon on the Easterbrook ranch and the swimming pool and the road to the mountain top "U" .. but anyway I forgot to mention that they also threw me an image of the shadow of the soot stained pattern on the wall of a coat that used to hang in the closet in the cabin on the Easterbrook ranch...This also tied into the other coat scene they threw of when I once was at a dance at the masons lodge in Hopland..and the person at the door did take your coat and hang it in this massive closet until the shindig was over . Basically I knew what that idea meant..and it meant that you were part of this secret socity

    Anyway....I don't want to sound scattered..but I forgot to mention that. The coolest thing about that image of the soot that was left on the closet wall of that little cabin..because a very old man lived in this little cabin and he always had a wood burning stove and the room over the years had smoke in it obviously ..and that coat must of been hanging in that closet for years since the pattern left was a perfect pattern on the wall..where the soot had settled between the coat and wall..You could see every fold of the pattern imprinted on the wall like a ghost imprint of that coat after it was gone. The old man finally died and a friend of mine did live in the cabin after that and he showed me that before they repainted the room. This was literally 33 or more years ago The dance at the Masons lodge coat scene was close to 30 years ago also.

    I know this sounds obscure and trivial..but that one scene of the coat on the "Easterbrook" ranch..and the other coat scene did cement the idea of "the coat" ..and in effect was used as a symbol to express a certain idea. These aliens did isolate these two events drawn from my collective unconscious and basically it is a way of saying : "you hung your coat in the closet and participated in the event. You were there." The connection between "Masons lodge " and "Easter"as in Easterbrook ranch hold same significance. It took a few trial and error of them throwing me those scenes before I was finally able to even grasp what the heck it meant. imaging what sort of intelligence has the ability to sift through you past collective unconscious and be able to then throw these scenes into your minds a game for you to decypher. It is not me, they have taught me through trial and error to recognize what these past events they throw mean. Can you imagine what ability they have to be able to do this? LOL It is so amazing . I am always so amazed even after it has become old hat. But yea..happy Easter. These scenes have become part of the vocabulary they developed. They are the gems they sifted through and brought out to use. Basically they just sift through your life and throw these gems at you . If you don't get it at first ,..they keep teaching what it means till you connect the dots. Once it has been becomes a clear cut part of the vocabulary..and they just reassure me that is true that you are one of us and to be at peace with it. The trauma is worn off and but is still seems strange a little. I guess I like to toot my horn about it a bit too much..but so what. =It is a way to not feel too crazy be able to share it and have others tell you similar stuff. We are all in the same boat.
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    No Magfrey, vectorian

    Just thought I'd stop in and say hi.
    Hope you had a nice Easter.
    The closer to the truth the better the lie and the truth itself when it can be used is the best lie.

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    Oh ok..I remember . What ever happened to everyone, Scarz and Dove and the whole gang? I sort of gave up writing for awhile. I agree it sounds pretty hard to believe or even follow. LOL But is weird and sure..I wouldn't blame you for calling me a koo koo . I sort of abandoned the easter since couldn't deal with such crowds at my house. I did hear everyone was calling my name when they all had the family photo and I was over in the junkyard working on a 46 plymouth coupe that is a total rust bucket but I want to make a lead sled lowrider car out of it. I just love those old tail dragger lead sled cars. But it was a peaceful easter , but I did hide from the big crowd. I live in a community with about 60 people and Easter is pretty big deal. I used to go to church on easter and . well I used to preach aliens to to max at churches..easter or not..but do realize the significance of easter and the rebirth and all. I love the passion play and the whole thing. It is a ritual and people do come togeather to you know..celibrate life and the mystery or whatnot.. You have to admit that we all celibrate something we partially understand...but it is great. But yes I don't want to say too much since could appear either a fool or egomaniac or whatever... but seriously...I wouldn't bother saying anything if it wasn't for the need to share what I believe is true. To just spout this odd stuff does not really gain me much you know ego feed or a following. .. but still it is just a relationship I have that is a personal one with some spirit guides..and to have someone relate is icing on the cake . ..but even then , like so what? ..It still doesn't give much satisfaction to even have someone think I am sane.

    Whatever.I know you used to think I was a bit strange and off the deep end, but like can you tell that I never swayed from my conviction? I never once had a deception or lie trick. It all is true..that these aliens have got to be God..since like who else could possible be able to do what they do? Just the old saying that God sees and knows all is so true and they proove it, so thee is really no doubt.

    But no..I take no credit from Christ and whatnot. I am a reed blowing in the wind . Anyway to even suggest that Christ was an abductee is taking it to a new twist...but there have been plenty of odd ball types that do miracles and healings. Christ didn't have to be an abductee..but you have to admit that among the many variety of claimed contactees..there is quite a mixed bag and variety of forms of communication.

    But who knows..there is some deception going on in various ways..but it is still obvious that there s a lot going on.

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    Today I did ask this one speeder to not speed over the speed bumps near the house . Anyway later this evening I did just hear as a thought: "heed hump" and I knew it was related to "speed bump" since it has been given before. Then I was thinking of telling you this on the forum and then a bit later did hear as a thought: now you know..fountain pen" Then I did recall all the words they have given related to "pen" and I recall : penstock, pencil dick, Pennet race.. and fountain pen. I recall Penstock as in the water that rushes out of the dam underground aquaduct at lake Mendocino..and they have on a number of ocassions spoken as I have passed the location of the undergrond penstock.(as in the example a few posts back where I did hear the beatles song sing ...the one "Mr. kite" as in there will be a show tonight and mystikite will perform ..etc...and in effect is a circus act . Anyway so as an example they spoke as I crossed the penstock. They have done this on a few other occasions and I did recognise this connection..water = life.

    Ok so have also heard the other words related to "pen" and pencil dick is an odd one and I finally figured out what that means since you know it suggests the same sort of thing. Pennit race is saying : race" and fountain pen also suggests the "water" as in fountain from the underworld. I think they could be one other I forgot and will try and search my brain for it . The thing about alll they have given me....I do actually recall pretty much everything they have given in the past..and although some does slip my mind..I can recall itif herd again and affirm that it has been given . It is all a whole other language that has been developed and shows one aspect of ..basically what they have me doing and that is sharing what they say. and see what a no brainer this one is. it is writing. I used to take notes with a pen and typing is the same well it is communicating what the spirit imparts..and the spirit is life and so is expressed by water.

    All it takes is a little nudge and I can get some off the wall message from them and have something to feel important enough to share. This was just given a moment ago while I was studying the jelopy journal

    You want to see tons of pictures that literally gives tons of history: I just happened to be on this page at the moment. Tis thread is over 2000 pages long.

    The idea of pennit race means "to run the race" and this concept has also ben given in other ways. It is a biblical concept also and like run the race and wget the glory or have the passion for the conquest or whatever. If you didn't care then why bother even running the race? we want people who are enthuestastiac aabout the mission or as in anything run the good race and fight the good fight. Isn't that whaat its about? I will try and recall another "pen" related word and am unsure if there was another one they have given. After all they have given some of the best since they have done their homework in finding the best and giving them .
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    Today I was working in the warehouse and then my dog was barking at a cat that was hiding in there. Then a bit after that I did have the thought "battle lines are drawn".. and some other phrase I forgot exactly but was about the cat and dog war,..oh yea..then a bit later I did have the thought "I detect a thief" .. That is a very common one the aliens always use. ,..bit I did connect it to this ..since my dog goes on for an hour literally yelling at the cat. Then she gave up for awhile. Then maby a few hours later I was getting a snack at a fridge and the thought "busted" came and literally maby three seconds after that my dog began yelling again at the cat that was now in another place and hiding in between all these pallets of stuff and boxes and was in another area nearby. The dog did sniff it out again.

    But so what is interesting is the pre clue thing that does then play out. They have done this before and is just the spirit guide infiltrating in and becoming one with you. Like the Jesus trip....I and the Father are one. It can be as simple as some mundane thing like that it would seem...or perhaps pranksters can be to blame. It is harmless but sure if I called out in the name of Jesus for the demons to be gone then like what sort of a relationship would I have? Nothing obviously. It would seem that one has to nerture their relationship with the spirit guides or comforter or whatever one wants to call it. ..their split personality ..but I know it is some other mind. Is not a slit other personality in the sense of these so called multiples ..the ones who claim all these others are part of them. Whatever..I can destinguish betwween what is me and what is coming from the other intelligence. ..and it is a plutonic relationshp and symbiotic it would seem..since I preach the good news and they help me live a better life. There is no demon that can take that away from us . Not in my book..good book..the Bible and all the so called spirit contact therin be it amen . You can read it out of the book and even claim what the book says.

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    Yesterday I was driving back from Sacramento and the word riddle "Bart Simpson" came and I knew it meant : art..him son since they have given this word riddle before and I never really though too much of it before. I always though it meant since the charaicter was a cartoon and was drawn as art then it just was that simple idea of the word speaking to the content of the subject matter and was just another example of a good word riddle. What is weird is that at times they will jus throw stuff that does not really connect with an outside event at the moment.

    Anyway a bit aftrr that I was thinking "ooo kaaay" so what, and then I was thinking well..maby I am in effect a charictor like that since I did just think..Wow...I want to share this one on the forum here. Bart Simpson was worthy since it was a good example of a word that the riddle actually speaks directly to the subject charictor. Then I thought: 'well maby it is also a representation of be telling you about this" as in effect I am a canvas that they(aliens ) draw and I tell you what they say and that is art . It is their art and I am the charictor. What is ..see I used to drive tractoe till the cows come home and I burned out plowing the fields . Once they said something in telepathy like : you are an artist and it is like brush strokes . They said being a tractor driver was like a painter and the rows you covered with the disk were like brush strokes on the canvas that is the earth obviously. Once they said "jackolantern" as in I was the guy that turned the land. There was another similar word they said related to this and it slipped my mind. You have to realize that everything they ever said to me through teleathy...I remember, and it can be used again obviously. IT is a whole other language ..since the concepts connected to it at the time remain..I mean the metahore connected to the idea remains ..soin this way the language using these universal archeotype ideas does develope and you know they extrapolate off what has already been layed down. Does that make sense? Ok..yea..I know it is deep... is hard to explain. Basically they are way more on top of it they one would realize...and those certain nuances ..the spirit guide can make you realize what they are getting at. They think in symbolic form and use these metephore ideas out of yourlife. Is a harmless game. You have to letthe guide in and not reject it out of either feeling violated of your privacy or whatever. A lot of people are too proud to actually have some othr intelligence impart advice or play games. They get agitated and take offense or whatever. It is similar in a marrage. Don't be so proud and self centered but sure can have your solitude. The guide is always there though. I do believe you have to have that clinging "please don't let me go" thing that is developed in infancy..otherwise you would reject any spirit guides as a nusance and meddeliing entities. Either you develope a relationship with them or you go by the book and feel all rightious that you have it down there. God does not speak except through the written word.

    Oh but satan..satan will accomidate you very nicely. That is a famious saying by Bro camping of Family radio. God has given us his word. end of story and anything else is highly suspect...even though the Bible is loadedwith contact from spirits and whatnot. Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

    When on that tripto sacramento they also threw a few remote images scenes from my collective unconscious. Image of the stair way in fort bragg at a resturant where I once delivered wine to and they stored the wine under the stairs there. This is also where they did a dream scene of "the feast of the lamb" and there was a big party there and was at the big field facing the ocean. This in effect ties the concept of "marrage of the lamb" and the idea of "the stairway" and also the blood is the wine obviously..and the ocean is God.

    Image of when I once did stop at the top of the Willits grade , and there is a truck weigh station up there and I did stop once and take a leek in the bushes there. I just see this image of when I did once stop there. I knewit meant "top of the mountain" and ..anyway after that image flashed in my mind,..a bit after that I had an image of a trailer that was in the harbor of Fort Bragg and it was a friends mom that was into salmon fishing. This was literally 35 plus years ago..but Iwas able to finally connectthe idea of "the fish" and the connection with the Christian symbol. first I get the image of the mountain top..then the fish. The mountain top stop was maby 20 years ago. ..but see they can selectively pick scenes from your collective unconscious and that hold "correct" symbolic metephore content and like a collague..they throw 2 or three scenes..and it speaks. It speaks literally they they are affirming theit connection with you and saying " are this person and we proove it and affirm it once again . I mean I wouldn't be telling you this if I didn't have some amazement as to what they can do..and even to this day. It is mundane stuff and only I am able to decypher it out . I can tell you a few other scenes of "stairs" and also "the marrage of the lamb" fro scenes they derived(isolated) from my collective unconscious...but is too complex to portray right now. I can do that later. Burt see ..basically they can isolate scenes literally from 20 to 40 years ago....and use them both to be the tools to convay a message. Hay it is complex to express. Wheww...
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    I forgot to mention that those scenes had bee thrown before and I sort of didn't really connectthe true meaning of them. The time I stopped at the to of the grade, and the scene of the trailer at the Noyo Harbor basin where people were salmon fishing. Basically I recall the time or the fact they did throw me those scenes in the past a few times..but I failed to actually grasp what they meant. So it goes to show you that they have a very meticulas record of what scene you interpreted and what one you missed or misinterpreted. So what I mean is that when they throw me thesescenes ..I recall the fact they have thrown them before maby one or two times..but these were obscure scenes I never really figured out. and at the time I you know didn't know what they actually meant. So now when they are thrown..I definetly recall that they were given before..and so am able to recognize the fact that they are significant ones that were selected by them ..and so see now ..I have got the true meaning..and is simple.

    Today I did hear in telepathy Cupernicus as inthe city ..and I saw it saw broken down: cup earn icck cuss and I sort of had the feeling it was apostle Paul and one of the citys he went through, and I sort of feel that applys to me. Why else would they throw that one . It sort of seems I am following the same path in his foot steps..I mean if he you know was actually spouting outlandish stuff about god or whatever.. Out land dish..s in UFO ..Get it ,,..get it? Out land dish.

    But it can become abscure. You have to realize the spirit guide will throw a curve ball and if you think they are saying something that applys to you, then you could be right.

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    Today when in the shower I did have the thought come : the pow ...errs..that bee . The "pow" obviously is the sting , and then "errs" as in error or the pain, and then you blame the bee as in saying "that bee" did it.

    What is amazing is this morning when watching tv and this is going to sound really obscure , but a long time ago ..about 33 years I was tearing down greenhouses in Redwood city and they were used to grow roses, and the old man owner was named James Knect as in "connect" but it was spelled with a K and although sounded the same was spelled different. Anyway they used to throw me images of the time I delivered some roses to some person nearby , and even some lumber and greenhouse glass, since some nearby person wanted to start their own rose greenhouse.
    Anyway so this morning I am watching tv and it is the military channel and someone is aiming a gun, and right a bit before this or at the same time..I to have an image of the time I deliverd the roses and wood and glass to this others guys resedence. Then I sort of recalled the concept "connect" and did realize that even the guys first name did literally say "aim"...It was in the name James. . Aim connect. I have been given this concept before from the aliens., since they did throw that same scene before of me delivering the materials for the roses to live in the greenhouse. ..but I sort of thought it had to do with "connect" since the guys name was Knect. ..and I took that to mean something along the lines of a rose for the know aliens..or the breeding program or whateve,..I assumed it had to do with the mating thing, but I somehow didn't realize the guys first name had the word "aim" ..and so now anyway..I have this same image thrown right as I am watching someone aiming a gun on tv...then I think:"oh wow" That was James knect and the rose greenhouses .. As obscure as this sounds....they threw me that image right then. so just to git an idea as to what ability they have to catalog and disseminate info. I just am telling you once aagain I am amazed. Basically it holds some metephore know the rose holds some meaning. another thing I forgot to mention was the image of the stairs that led to the balcony where the organ player in the church used to play, and that is the stairs I did climb when a kid and I dropped the eggcorn from the balcony and it hit the wood floor with a bang in the middle of the serious congregation meeting. Tis scene they threw often and was one of their favorites. I forgot to mention that I recieved that scene after the last post scenes..of the mountain top and the fish ..basically the place I stopped at the to of Willits grade and the trailer of the fisherwomen scene near the coast at Fort Bragg. Basically they threw an image of three ideas..and the last one was an image of the stairs that led to the balcony where I dropped the eggcorn. Now get this.... I was thinking of telling you this on the forum , and wanted to make a note of it and when thinking of that I have the though " rolling thunder" or something about thunder. ..and I knew it was the sirit guide insinuating that this eggcorn was thunder. It is amazing how they even speak to my thought process ..when I am contemplating about telling you what they do. So I hadto add that.

    Yesterday I saw this show on a guru named Ram Dass ..and sounds like rammed #ss and I didn't want to write that but they have given that word riddle before. Their humor is at time perverse and crude but to the point..LOL ..and the aliens suggested when I was sitting on the john " elaborate ruse , as in a pull the wool over the eyes type rouse.. roose to sppell? I sort of was impressed , but this guy had a following of a few hundred people and like sheep they wanted his guidence. I noticed he did have quite a lot of mojo and nice smile. and big hugs and I was almost even taken in by what a beautiful attitude. The aliens sort of were saying he was a you know..trickster and calling him a rouse. I did hear that in telepathy once when thinking of that. Later in the junk yard I was thinking of that again and I heard "and a american/european no less..something like that.. and then I did head : "temple of doom" They actually suggested he was a temple of doom LOL .
    Now like me..I have not the swagger and mojo to lure so many followers..where are those emotocons ..the smiley ones.??
    Anyway..I am jiving you. ..but seriously .. ..oh yea..and then I did sort of have the though "people need guidence" security..yea..that was it. These prophets give people security.

    I wnted to touch up on a bunch of scenes they threw that had to do with redrocks. Basically they threw a number of concepts connected with red earth and rock quarries and red rocks in chimneys and even a mountain called "red mountain". I mean they developed a whole theme by throwing me scenes connected to "red" and rocks and red soil areas.

    The other theme they developed was "stairs"..and like the one I just mentioned (the stairs leading to the church balcony) ..some of these otherstair scenes also hold various ideas that connect certain aspects of what they are trying to say. It is complicatd to go into detail..but let me express one was literally when I was a little kid in New Hampshire..and there was a stairs with a landing mid way , where the stairs turned and went up know one flight..then a landing, and then another flight up the other direction..but on the landing there was a small hole that was in the floor, like a drill hole and I did put a record player center piece..the type that is tall and it holds a number of records, and lets them go one at a time..with that little lever release. You know the type?..that holds three records in the air above the turntable and is actuated from inside the center hole. But so anyway ..this piece of rod with the small lever record releaser actually pulls out of the center hole of the record turntable even. There is a very small center rod even in tat small rod..that actuates the lever I did drop that record player rod into this hole in the floor of the landing in the big old house in new Hampshire...literally when I was six years old. That is how long ago that was..and I recall thaT SCENE .. since I recall seeing it inthat hole and tried to get it.

    Waht I am saying is that they (aliens) have thrown me that image of that scene a few times..and I know what it means. It means something like "we have a record of everything" and is also connected with this "stairs " concept tha is connected with heaven. Hay..if you can follow tis long winded spiel and actually get something out of it then great.

    I also wanted totouch up on some scenes of "the marrage feast of the lamb. There are a couple of other scenes that they threw that related to the "feast" It is the surrounduing circumstances of the scenes and the setting that do speak. I would have to go into detail about it to really bring the cows home.

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    This might sound vague..but about a week ago did receive an image of the guy I knew named "Troll" and I just sort of have the though "troll" and an image of him and sort of saw a scene of his front gate that leads to the place where he lives. Then was ruminating on "what the connection"..I did sense they were trying to lead me to some connection in a metephorical sense..then sure enough ..I sort of focus in on the fact he has a house boat tied to a tree and that is literally his house since he lives in a floodplain and the county forbid him to legally live where he does. Then I did sense the idea of the great flood...the Biblical concept ,and the connection with the Nephilim obviously. The flood did/does represent the outpouring from heaven that brings death and plague in a sense..the nephelim are let loose for a season and whatnot. You know..try and attach some other concept . Doesn't wash. There is no other concept that even comes close to the reality of what is happening or did happen

    so anyway I did then connect the concept of "troll" as in troller on the forum and the flood. I mean to actually try and suck people into believing this and trolling for an argument . Is that what it means? Obviously they knew I would try and tell someone this, and am in a sense trolling to get someone to bite. Now what a odd angle connection. But I sensed the spirit guide threw me that scene...and they were suggesting this since the short guy "Troll" did live in a houseboat chained to a tree and it literallly does float when it floods. then I was also thrown a word riddle : attention deficet and it says : ah ten shun ...deaf is it as in you get the full shunning , and since are speaking to a deaf person or one who cannot conceptualize. You know..I felt it was referring to that.

    A bit later I heard the though in telepathy: paint the town black Am not sure exactly .what the? It must be tied into the other ideas though.

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