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    See this in the last post third paragraph:

    Anyway so I found this rock in a small old gully near this tee pee or hut circle earth dug pit bowl shape on this small rise next to this bend in a river and assumed it was perhaps a salmon patrolling fishing hole site/hut ..anyway so this rock I found sort of resembled a small sphinx .

    See as how the concept of "right angle/bend in the river" theme is also seen in context to the circle Indian hut site above that right angle. The right angle is a major theme developed in many way by the guide . That is where two worlds meet in effect. The cross . I do believe that somehow they are in effect just around the corner . See also the "fish" theme is in there as fishers of men Biblical theme. Also there is a big rock right there where the bend in the river is and is at times covered with Bird poo that makes it white. The original title of my story was "Bird Manna" since had this dream where I saw a bunch of pages flipping and then I saw written out :"bird manna productions" I guess the idea of bird manna is like some metaphoric way of saying you know food from above or whatnot. Go figure ...the guide gave that dream a long time and I flew with it. Was a lot of long winded stuff in my writing that was sort of egotistical looking back on it now. Sort of immature but like was a real thing and perhaps someday can try and do a online republish of the original writings. I would have to cut a lot of garbage writing out of it though. You have to realize I was in shock and trying to get people to believe me. That is why so much writing trying to you know dispel peoples doubt. With serious claims comes serious evidence is what a lot of debunkers would say . That is why I like waste so much time writing stuff that was unnecessary. At this point I doubt anyone would dispute people being visited. ..not even Philip Klass = fill up glass or the Menzel guy or the others who were fooled. Those aliens were so tricky you have to admit. Bit like if you had the upper hand why not play it to the hilt and see all those people be made a fool of. I mean the ones who were so sure and you know cause it was so hard to believe. And here we had the good book all this time. Like didn't you ever think the Bible had it written down all along? Got to have faith. All those poor sheep like people in the dark . They are waiting to return to the green pastures and yea..the big bad wolfe is on the loose.. Chupacabra and animal mutilations
    It is so ironic listening to this Family Radio station now still and they keep the straight and narrow and seem to not talk of this goings on. They will talk of Biblical paranormal stuff but not present day. Am sure they are getting a dose of stuff in many ways but they hold steadfast. Real old fogie locked in a box . But like who will be the first to break out and say "I believe it is God" etc.. you know they still ask for donations and whatnot to "spread the word" and support the ministry. Like what else. They have families that depend on you . It is a business like any other. Like the free energy offered by the aliens. you think we want that? Our economy based on oil would flounder. I have heard it is being suppressed cause of financial reasons. Same goes for radio stations. Like how can they break the good news over the air without seeming like a fool? Who will take the first step ? I would like to hack into that self righteous pack of people but it takes time. Lorde it takes a long time. But yea you can only have pity on them all . They are lost and have been tricked. They do believe in God Though. That is one thing might save them. A good feather in their cap.

    Also don't forget the theme "the living water" is seen in this river flowing at the right angle.
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    Check this

    The seeing of stuff in rocks or clouds etc . I see the shadow person is also listed. That is a paranormal thing since have seen a few things the guide/aliens have thrown. Once was thinking of smoking and how I did quit, and right after that thought I seemed to see at corner of eye what seemed to be a rat running along edge of wall..and the thought "dirty little rat" came. They aliens have shown a few edge of vision things and also once when looking at bark of a tree I swear I saw perfect lizard in the lines of the bark but upon closer view realized it was simply the forms of the bark. I have once read of some guy who was seeing all kinds of faces. I believe there is a interactive program where the other world mixes this Pareidolia into reality and can create a virtual reality that is superficial . ..although it is easy to simply find it without being on drugs etc. or connected with paranormal. I would have to do more research on the ayahuasca etc. the hallucination plants of the ancients ..sacred mushroom of the cross and whatnot. People get into the mind bending and the spirits interact.

    Check out the mushroom link is directly connected to christianity What is amazing is my dad had that book and I once had the guide say in my head "read it" although I never got it read totally I took that as a simply it had some deep spiritual significance. Truth is I used to smoke pot when younger but the guide did a number on me and told me "whatever you do just don't smoke" the Euel Brenner quote before he died of lung cancer. I used to have a chronic cough from smoking pot when younger..the really bad leaf pot back then was all there was. But now when smoking I ge super paranoid and a dread comes and at times I feel the guide has enhanced these feelings to keep me from getting into it. It was the same super dread fear paranoia I used to feel when first being visited. It is not a great feeling and so I rarely smoke pot now . Only a puff or two at a party once in a long while when a bit drunk . Anyway hit really creeps me out and I have had a few scary trips on acid when younger and am afraid of mushrooms since once did have a scary trip on silly sybon mushroom . But yea being visited is often in cahoots with taking drugs have heard since did talk to one person who claimed he met spirits. It would seem it is a perfect doorway since you can write it off and say later..oh it must of been because of the drug. But yea need to actually read these books and studies before can make an educated comment.

    Forgot to mention that the sacred mushroom of the cross is connected to a fertility cult that predates christianity but is also connected to it . I feel the guide was insinuating that it is part of that trip is why was saying to read it. It goes way back this cult and have heard is a very amazing book that gets into lingustics of ancient languages and whatnot that ties into connections of this cult being widespread. Sanskrit and whatever ..need to study it all . The people had the reindeer eat the mushrooms and they drank the reindeer pee since the deer filtered out the mushroom poison. When I heard the guide say "read it" I sort of had the idea that it was my father saying that . My father in heaven in effect since he was really into studying that and knew Ralph Metzler who wrote that book on the Ayahuasca. My dad knew a few of these people in the early sixties who were into studying the hallucination drugs and what not. There was a cult of these people for awhile doing research on mind expanding drugs. This was used as a benefit in psychology and religious experiences a bit before all this alien abduction and contact stuff was full force. ..out of body and whatnot hard to believe stuff. most people say "what were you taking or smoking" when you say you were visited. People still connect it with mind expanding drugs. Even air force pilots are seeing stuff now and church going little old ladies totally not on dope. People are having paranormal religious experiences just like read in the holy book. Praise God. Now we can try and see how the tecknowledy enables them aliens to do that. Now that we have a handle on how the either waves or computers operate and how they interface with out mind to pineal gland third eye whatnot what have you.. go figure.
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    See in the book sacred mushroom of the cross by John Allegro is seen : on ..ah leg grow or: on him ah leg grow since his middle name was "M" or Marco Him almost sounds ok but no matter , the John and ah leg grow seems to point to the fertility cult . The guide threw that today and I actually recall that being given before. Is same a the word "legacy' ..leg ah see. Seems how the content of the book is about "fertility cult' dealing g with ancient tradition . Looks like he got a pretty bad response from people when the book was published but they later seemed to give him credit since he had a lot of stuff that backed it up. Is not too much different from people debating the paranormal. obviously he was a scholar and did his homework.

    Ok so the other day I was walking on a hike and heard something ...forgot exactly is was misconstrued phrases from the guide but then the words "Valentines day massacre" came and I recall that was given once before but I never really could see what the? know I never fully comprehended it. But yea I sort of can see since it has to do with love and death . Is a way of expressing a contactee or you know ..they love you enough and have to kill you too ..Oh goody what a thrill. I can identify with that cause is the same thing . the tiger kills you is such a sweet pussy cat. Hay anyway not to be sarcastic.. the big cat loves you, its tweety bird.

    Ok another word the guide threw a long time ago and threw a bit after that was "leviathan" Back then I never fully grasped what the heck. I assumed it was some sort of snake. I tried to break it down with the word riddle and thought : love I ass in" and was a bit scared and like whatever I had homophobia back then and ..I don't know ..I am sure it is something a bit better then that . Lets check it out Ok looks like a sea monster . I was wrong. I used to be really spooked and thought I was being raped and whatnot . I used to have this one friend that was gay and later when visited I got really homofobic after being abducted. It was all a side affect. This good friend of mine was a serious aggressive gay person who really was going for it. I just couldn't find it natural . Hay I was grossed out actually. I liked girls. I later realized I was sort of nuts and anyway so lets study the sea monster. Like what in the heck? Why did the guide again throw that word the other day?Obviously both these words: St Valentines day massacure and laviathan are two concepts that I never grasped. Lets review them again and try and figure out how "that is you" is expressed. Now recall when the guide gives something it is in a sense saying "that is you" or expresses something in your bubble with them . Some connection .. Can you find it? Can I find it?

    But yea is amazing that the name John Allegro (On ah leg grow) is seen in his name. ..and see is fits the content of his book on fertility cults. Now what mind could of seen this?
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    There was this other time the guide gave a vision of this saxophone way back in 1993/4 and I never fully realized it but later was able to see that it had a reed in it. There was this other image the guide threw of the closet I did once get this saxophone from and was from a neighbor last name Vinson. The guide did a takeoff of that name "vine son" as if you are the living know the Biblical thing of the vinedresser and be pruned and to give good fruit. I live in grape country and am in the mists of winemaking and whatnot so is a no brainer . Likewise I live in redwood country and they did a takeoff go "to harvest" dealing with trees and whatnot.

    There was this other time when I was younger and I saw this reed or plant down by the river and was moving..and I recall i got scared and thought someone was down there. I recall I told my parents and said I saw this green tall plant moving naturally as if it was either moving from the wind or it was kept doing an odd shifting back and forth. I recall there wasn't water there though. The guide threw that scene of the time I got spooked..and this was when I was in 1st/2nd grade so it was way back in time frame. Goes to show what ability the guide has of dredging old long ago memories..Long story short the reed likewise the saxophone from my friend Vinson neighbor/vine son. They want me to be the you know the wind thing to make a sound and play. Likewise they did a takeoff of various wind tunnels in my life and a windmill. I was able to get it as spirit moves..etc.. wind..can be felt and the effects seen but is virtually not seen. only the effects of it.

    Ok yea so is basically a theme they developed again like all these other themes. They have flashed various wind tunnels or tunnels that had wind blowing in them. They have also done a whole underground theme likewise ocean as a world underground to represent the underworld. Is similar to mountain top in effect or city on a hill. The place higher then I . They just use these ideas. Deep gully canyon is also a representation of underworld. This canyon near here we called the enchanted canyon..likewise grand canyon and Yosemite they have designated as concepts of "the other world" likely because as to their extreme difference from this world. They threw scenes of the time I was at these places and in settings that had ideas extra. I told of it before on this thread. .

    They have also used the idea of "the valley above" in a few case where there was a lower area ranch and a upper whole other valley in the upper regions. This happened in a couple cases where it actually was true . One in Yosemite I found this secrete upper valley..and once in this old farm area Emandal found a hidden upper area with its own valley. Hay is hard to explain but am trying. I know what the guide is getting at. Is suggesting there is a whole other world. A secrete hidden world. We used to have this valley we called the secrete valley we rode motorbikes to..and also a secrete sandpile in a creek we knew of..and the guide threw that. What is amazing about the guide is that it has ability to see everything in your life going back to day one. It is that amazing..Time is nothing it has access to everything you ever were. That is the big shocker. How could they/it/guide be able to do this? It would seem along the lines of a computer can interface with you. That is basically what these contacts proclaim.. They taylor the contact to mesh with your life experience ..and is the only way since anything else would not fit too well. It is you in a sense..and it is dreamtime..but when it become a bit bigger then dreamtime and breaks out into the open and telepathic stuff during the day and a poltergiest perhaps as a friend..well then it is a shocker. They know just how much you can handle. You are dealing with you know highly ..who knows,,at times it is so off the wall. You have to be their friend and welcome them. You have to get over the fear obviously.
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    Today heard the saying "Ozzborn Brothers" they are a bluegrass group and I knew that. The guide has also said "Ozzie Osborne" before and I was able to pick up on that. This guy Ozzie fits great since he has that demonic appeal. I looked in Youtube and he had a song titled "Mr Crowley" and that and other songs have been banned it seems.

    Ok so anyway the guide has thrown stuff related to the land of Oz. What is amazing is that back in about 1993 about a week or so before they cam and all hell broke loose and I was visited/abducted what have you..I was over at my brother cabin at the coast near Rockport and I had no clue what was coming down ..but I had this plastic recorder flute and was playing the song "Somewhere over the rainbow" The wizard of OZ theme song.. Was just into it for some reason. I later thought some spirit had entered me and was preparing me for what was coming. . You know looking back on it . Looking back on it all I also can recall various odd stuff going way back but never had a clue. I tried to elaborate on that in this thread..some of the stuff I recall when younger..but never had a clue it was as big a deal as I found out .

    But yea so they did this song ..they had me playing it . Reason I know that is because it all unfolded a week later. It was Jan 20-22 when they came . It was my dads birthday ..the 22nd they left. Get this dads name was Paul and he was a preacher but had turned his back on it all and become alcoholic and sort of gave up on the world . He had issues ..he has 12 kids and died on cancer of the throat at 65 and committed suacide with a double barrel sawed off cop shotgun in his mouth in the ocean out near Petrolia off the calif coast. Point Capistrano or some such..It is on the map. Anyway he had terminal cancer and blew has brains out. His choice. But yea this was in about 1989. In 1993 these aliens come on his birthday Jan 22 actually the three day encounter began on the 20th and ended on midnight 22nd his birthday. Has name was Paul and they sort of insinuated I was the resurrection of Apostle Paul and they did this walk through this three layers of this temple in heaven skit seneraio dream sequence that I later recalled the next day. It was unlocked from my memory.. It was similar to Apostle Paul of the Biblical thing on the road to damascus. They wanted me to do this war against this station called "Family Radio" who was saying Christ would return in 1994> I used to listen to this station all night long. Long story short ..the aliens wants me to be a fill in for Christ to make the prophecy of this Bro Camping guy who was thew president of that station prophecy come true. Bro amping was dead sure 1994 was the year Christ would return in the Jubilee year of 1994 during the celebration of the harvest Sep- or was it Oct first half of the month. That was the harvest time of the Jubilee year. He had all the timeline figured out from Biblical Numerology ..he was totally into. Basically the aliens wanted me to be a stooge or fall guy and LOL like yea..I was game.. IT was mind controll . I tried..I worshipped the aliens and sent out 12000 letters to churches all over US and a few beyond. But yea hard to believe. Take my word for it.

    But yea so get this essence they/aliens guide..I called them Jeeze...wanted me to carry on the way Apostle Paul did and reform the church as it were same way as back in Biblical times. See Apostle Paul had conviction and that is what they gave me. You have this inner desire to do the will of God and the guide leads you and encourages you. Reason it began on my dads birthday was because I was the reincarnation of the apostle Paul/my dad Paul. I guess. I was to try and play that role obviously. I had a website but is gone now but still have the story written down with all these visions and stuff and me trying to describe it. Is so wacko most people wouldn't have the time to bother reading it... In fact am amazed anybody even reads this stuff..LOL But like waste time one way tor another. There are a lot of wacky people out there looking for attention or something. I do it out of amazement and remain anonymous. I could be your neighbor or just some average Joe on the street. Does not matter really. But yea..they said to be Christ for them and tell the churches they are God. Trying to update the churches. Same sort of thing in the Apostle Pauls day. People are a little off as to the true nature of God and how the holy spirit interacts. It is such a big mystery and people are very superstitious. but now we can get a better handle knowing the ability of this higher tecknowledy. They are obviously interacting in much the same way as some of this high tech gismos. It is just a tad beyond our smart phone.
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    one thing to keep in mind is that : that was then and this is now as far as the difference between Apostle Paul and someone claiming they received something similar to Road to Damascus know something that wants adulation or? be it out of amazement or whatnot. Need to show and tell . Ok anyway I liked this peacock thing in religion since it is the "shout it from the rooftops" creature. Is a reason this peacock is idolized and became this. It is being visited and out of awe and amazement one needs to "spread the word" as these evangelists will say in that tone with exuberance. ..and to donate to our cause . You can send your dollars directly since we are doing Gods work to try and enlighten folk.

    Anyway so back then it was Apostle Paul trying to unite the churches and fight the good fight remain steadfast and be loyal and do what is good to the fellow man and keep the statutes and law of God as dictated by the prophets and realize Christ was truly influenced by God and like we didn't see it. Paul was able to get the gang to declare it a religion or admit he was sent by God.

    Anyway so the verse in the bible was for then to live a good life and act accordingly. That was then and this is now. This is not the same time frame obviously and so the Bible says that in these last days there will be many false prophets and signs and wonders. but hold out till the end and don't believe a lie. The Bible seems to be saying to not trust stuff but also says these things will happen . Go figure and try and make sense of it all. Is kool to be like Christ but so try and do that. And don't forget to study Youtube and do a search on UFO abductees and contactees and see how wacky some of these people stories are and try and imagine they are messengers sent by God. Each is a christ it would seem . One thing is you can get a handle on how the holy spirit did and does now operate and a lot has been sort of covered up and deleted from the holy cannon . Stuff that was too risqué was cut out and for good reason since nobody wanted a just God doing that stuff that seemed in ways to defy the very laws God played down in the oldertestiment. The fallen angels were not controllable it seemed. God knew they were rebellious . They treated people as livestock or something.
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    The way the family radio has these speakers say really assuring :"the teaching ministry" and is like a cult the way they sound so self assured. It is good to have faith and whatnot but is such a crock the way they harp on and so self righteous . I mean am sure you know as well as I do that they are self serving and then ask for support since are trying to save people. Have to let it go though. It is so worn out but I still like the Biblical reading verse and is good medicine. I would just like to see these people try and mix it up and get real and recognize that this is 2019 and the evidence of aliens . They keep putting on this front but know dam well it is over. It is history ..the whole mystery and whatnot. But sure there is yet to be seen no doubt but give it a break and give credit to the many people who have contributed and like Christ ..give them some recognition and knowledge that there is a marvelous work and wonder . Why would all these people be proclaiming this stuff? People seeing stuff and so forth and so on. This not only Family Radio (the old outdated) but even many contemporary Christian radio stations and basically any self assured Christian or Muslem etc. Buddhist .. Oh give it up is not possible to convert all these people who are so set in their ways. But yea..I believe there is a seed set and many have belief of what is happening cause the news media has harped to death the subject. If you have a TV you might watch this stuff but many refuse to watch out of fear or simply don't like TV in general..but like it says that every ear shall hear and eye see. All one has to do is dial the subject in on internet. Is unfolding quickly

    If its the last thing I will be grateful for is seeing some of these so self assured preachers and radio stations fall and have to beg on the street instead of soliciting funds and acting they are doing someone a favor . I just have this killer side and know it is not right. I want them to suffer in some way instead of working it. Are you working hard or hardly working? People will find any gimmick these lawyers looking for some dirt to cash in on... drug companies or doctors. even alcohol and dope pushers. People want it and will pay. You see it on the commercials on TV. They are trying to sell drugs for so many things and the down side is the side effects..I have heard that that is why so many shootings in schools ..these kids are high on prescription drugs ...coming down. The drug companies and doctors have drugs for stuff galore. The thing is that you don't need it but they try and sell you on the idea you do. Is all about making bucks..and so is the suppression of this new tecknowledgy stuff.. It is not wanted since are doing just fine ..thank you... A total economic collaps have heard will happen and the is why these major energy systems and whatnot fear this new tecknowledgy. Dial in on Utube about new energy stuff. They claim it is there but the economy is so set in its way. There will be a shift some say coming soon. Not sure how it will unfold but is seems God is in control likely. That is such a good feeling and people want to know they are saved. They believed in the Bible and want to be saved.
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    Going through some of my notes on scraps of paper that have collected. At times the guide just throws various words and not all are word riddles but some just words that hold some type of idea.

    Andromeda :


    Mystakite : Beatles song..goes For the benefit of Mystikite/Mr.kite there will be a show tonight on trampoline. .etc. Am sort of trying to imagine how this ties into my being in contact and is a way of saying "this is you" The play on words Mr. kite says Mysta (mystical) and flying high as a kite. Need to study the lyrics a bit more perhaps. I recall now the guide threw that a bit after I had listened to that song.

    What usually happens is the guide will throw something a few hours or a day later after something was heard since is still relatively fresh in the mind. In this way one can tie it into a recent event. With other words it comes out of the blue and is not tied into an actual event either seen or heard . but obviously a lot of stuff is way on the back burner in my mind and has been heard in my life...although I don't know what it means fully or at all. I do recall the guide had thrown the words "Andromeda strain" recently and this was way later after the word "Andromeda" was taken down in my notes. I just failed to follow up on the meaning(andromeda) and never looked it up. IT appears Andromeda strain is a movie about some virus taking over the earth and andromeda is a bit different and has something to do with a daughter and sea monster../
    need to fully study that. Have to go help my brother move some dirt now and will get back to that.

    Need to do more study on the first two words and see how that ties into being in contact and whatnot.
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    Was doing research on Andromeda and found these interesting ideas.

    I sort of get the feeling the cap of invisibility is related to some paranormal occurrence and they knew it and it got incorporated into myth. I am trying to find a connection with this super beautiful girl named Andromeda who was chained to a rock on the sea shore for this dragon to eat, I sort of think perhaps the sea is the underworld and the dragon is like some abduction scenario. IU don't know but recall that song : This reminded me of the theme the guide developed that the ocean was the underworld. As for the lyrics to this song am not sure it has anything to do with the concept of the underworld..but who knows.. like the Bible can read anything you want into scripture. You can distort it to fit you mindset.

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    See A few post back was talking of : John Allegro author of the book "sacred mushroom of the cross" and how it stemmed from ancient fertility cults that later got incorporated into Christianity and see also the word "legacy" is seen the word "leg" ah see. There is another word that fits also and the guide had also thrown that word a few times and I actually remembered that by chance and the fact the guide had thrown it a bit after I saw that commercial on Tv about eggo Says on TV ad: "leggo my eggo = (leg go ego owe) another words egg owes a leg or a new creature has legs . Legacy = a creature in the future that has legs seen. Allegro = ah leg grow as spoken in the book he wrote.

    The word : pediatric = pee T (teed/pissed off) hat trick I can only assume it has to do with really nasty pissed babies who are colicky and wining and screaming obviously. I assume that is how the aliens in some cases do their bonding when in infancy and the mother is fed up with a brat like that. That is how they bond on a subconscious level I do believe. Later in life they come to that person and say"hay..remember us?" and unlock that memory and the person is their slave and willing to do anything for them the point of death. But yea ..they instill a deep love and that loyalty is kept by the baby since the baby couldn't get it from the parent . But so that is a theory on how they bond with some people anyway. In the word is said "hat trick" is evidence of the trick like magic. Reason I know is I suspect is true. and they did throw that word also. Everything that is thrown in a sense is saying "that is you" When they cam they did a regression on me and I was crying till blue in the face as if an infant. I was curled in fetal position crying till couldn't breathe. That is why I suspect this theory.

    Apperson Electric is the name I saw on this truck today and a bit after that , that sort of came in my mind and yea..when a word or set of words comes I break it down and I saw : Ape err son...elect trick . And this came in succession with or a bit after the word pediatric. Once again you see "trick"

    Ok so need to read the ambrosia story. I tend to find connections too easily and basically can be misled but the concept of the underworld being the sea can be speculated upon in dealing with myths since it appears there is a lot of stuff related to sea dragons and cases revolving around near the sea shore or creatures of the sea. I know also there is a whole undersea ufo trip also of reports of submersible reported objects. I am beginning to speculate that these ancient God came from the sea why so many connections with sea creatures. Hay the sea is a vast place and many very strange creatures.

    But need to do more study on it all.
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