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Thread: Sci-Fi Media: Films, Books and Television

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    Ghost In The Shell

    Since the end of 2012 until now, I have spent thousands of hours scanning the Martian surface at the highest possible magnification in the highest possible resolution. I have learnt to slow my mind down in order to assess the tiniest detail in both 2 and 3D. I have developed a special eye/brain relationship which I can only try and explain as there are too many images to mention and most are difficult to present here.

    There are semblances of quite bizarre cities and many are full of lighted huge structures and although I cannot see any actual living beings, (the scale of a life form is just too small) I see enough. Enough to gather the style and form of numerous "city" (to coin an Earth term) center points.

    They seem not to build and fabricate as we do on Earth. It looks very much as though they employ total hologramatic design as the mainstay of architectural build with huge emphasis of "radius" forms as opposed to "edged" forms. Even their transports are all radiused and rounded forms but not like we design with components. They are seamless and they are truly massive.

    They have an absolute predilection to mimic the shape and form of the living head and facial features of various creatures which often have the look of both canine and feline facial proportions. Size is no limitation - many are "off the scale" and they are everywhere.

    Why am I saying this here?

    Well, last night, my wife and I saw one of the most stunning movies we have ever seen, not because it had a great story, it did not, but the visuals brought me to my knees and my wife at least, knew exactly why!

    Although the movie had a decisively architectural "human bent", I will tell you, the creator of this movie must have knowledge of the cities which are on Mars.

    The Movie: Ghost In The Shell -

    Here are some image clips from the movie - notice the massive holographic renderings. This IS what is on Mars!

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    Trailers for upcoming new television shows.

    The Crossing

    The Gifted


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    Star Trek fans are getting more excited about The Orville than about Star Trek Discovery...
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