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Thread: Sci-Fi Media: Films, Books and Television

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    Probably should have shared this piece of comedy Gold earlier, from SyFy channel.
    RESIDENT ALIEN is about to wrap up Season1. (Only 2 ep. left).
    Your typical "fish out of water" story. MINOR SPOILERS

    An alien on a mission crash lands on Earth, and attempts to mimic a typical human Medical Doctor after (accidentally/violently?) killing said remote recluse Doctor, and then using his chameleon like abilities to assume his shape... and life.
    Staring Alan Tudyk (Wash from Firefly, etc.) and supporting actress Linda Hamilton (Terminator/Sarah Conner, etc.).
    There are some nice special effects, and great comedy.
    After his first night out with new friends, and his introduction to the beverage Whiskey, he says things like:
    "Whiskey makes things so clear, I can make great decisions after drinking." Turns out, not so much! LoL
    The Following mornings painful hangover: "Humans must not be affected the same way as we are, otherwise they would never drink". LoL.
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    I'm getting a video unavailable error...

    I did see a short trailer on Twitter, and - Oh, horror - it seems Q plays a central role in the second season.
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