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Thread: Rendlesham: Explained Again?

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    George Winfield said:

    "I will just add that the UFO conference at which I met Larry Warren was
    also one where I met and got to know Whitley Strieber. I like Whitley immensely
    and he was always the life and soul of the party but I soon became aware
    that his alien encounters as described in “Communion –A True Story” were
    solely horror fiction. I saw quite a bit of Whitley at one time and also
    talked to his wife and other friends of his and I am now 100% sure that his
    abduction and anal rape by aliens was something that only happened in his
    very fertile imagination and not in our consensus reality.

    Lol.... Just another off-the-wall comment by another hard-core Nuts and Bolts 'researcher' who negates the ET Abduction Phenomenon. Granted that 'they' are NOT ETS and instead are intelligences from those other realms, the so-called "ET Abduction Experience" is a real one and is well documented.

    Just looking back on my above comment made in this thread back in 2012 and now, in retrospect, my opinion on those entities responsible for the ET Abduction phenomenon was to evolve to my present one, five years later, into the notion that, in fact, those intelligence's ARE, in many cases, actual ET's.

    Regardless that they are paraphysical, we can't rule out that their technology, on their end, facilitates in their interdimsionality which allows them to have 'paraphysical' capabilities. This is where I stand now.

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