Hello to all from a little place in Gateshead, England.
Nice looking and interesting site you have here. I`ve always had a keen interest in the ufo topic, but must admit I`ve never seen anything in the skies (night or day) that I could honestly say was an unexplained phenomenon - but that does not take away the fact that these unexplained vehicles do exist - how can so many hundreds of people be wrong or mistaken?
I spent a number of years at sea whilst serving in the Andrew, and although I did see many spectacular sights in the night sky (light pollution free), planets, aircraft, satellites and even the British Satellite "Prospero" and the maginificent Northern Lights. I have to admit I never saw anything out of the ordinary - not in the night sky anyway

I look forward to browsing the site and reading the many topics - can anyone say if the Open Minds website has been closed down? I`ve not been able to access the site for many weeks now - Internet Explorer and Firefox report that they are unable to access the site