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Thread: The Fascinating Case of Don Decker

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    The Fascinating Case of Don Decker

    I just recently found out about the story of Don Decker who is called the RainMan because he had the ability to cause it to rain indoors ... he was able to do this at will and in front of many witnesses... he also levitated a couple of times and was then thrown against the wall by an unseen force.
    Once again, there were plenty of credible witnesses to these events including the local police department, the warden, guards and his prison inmate -- and a priest who was called in to do an exorcism on him. This happened back in 1983 and Unsolved Mysteries did a program on him and then just recently, another show called 'Paranormal Witness' also did a program on him too.

    The 'Paranormal Witness' version about him is a more condensed version of those events that happened back in 1983 but if you want to view the longer version of it, also view the Unsolved Mysteries version too (see links below).

    Paranormal Witness (on Hulu)

    Part 1 Unsolved Mysteries
    Part 2 Unsolved Mysteries

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    Apparently he went missing. Even his family hasn't heard from him in over a decade.

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    It's a fascinating case isn't it? That new TV show, "Paranormal Witness" tracked him down last year and Decker was even interviewed in the documentary they did about him on their show. I show that Hulu video here of that show with that interview in it in this thread (or I have a link to it)

    I don't know if he's missing again though. From what I've read, he disappeared from the public eye after "Unsolved Mysteries" did a show on him back in the 80's; maybe he's doing that again. It sounds like it but because the new show "Paranormal Witness" was able to track him down for an interview, he must not have 'technically' been "missing" because that show must have tracked his whereabouts via family and friends.

    Just clicked on that Paranormal Witness link and apparently the show they did on Decker has expired on that site. Now there are only episodes of their most recent shows there. I will check Syfy's site to see if the episode on Decker is still on that site.
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    Found information on the Rainman episode on Syfy. See above link. I don't know if Season 1's episodes are still online on that site. Am checking that out now. We may just have to wait until a later time till it shows up on You Tube. It looks like only the shows from its second season are online on that site now. Same with Hulu too. The pic they are showing on the link above is one of the witnesses from that case. Decker lived in his house for a short while... ha, ha... they couldn't keep him there because it was raining INSIDE that house whenever he was around!

    Someone commented on that link in the comment section that Decker is living somewhere in Minn. now.

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