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Thread: Quasi-Alien Mind Manglers

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    Quote Originally Posted by montalk View Post
    Another thing that's intrigued me is the interaction/relation between higher order beings and aliens[...]
    Again, they seem to avoid directly interfereing in each others activity.

    One of the Higher Order Entities came down right next to a Nordic, they performed their buisness on a malevolent entity but the Nordic was not affected.

    The Nordic was seemingly surprised to see the Higher Order Entity. The Higher Order Entity seemed to be aware of the Nordic but seemingly ignored its presence.


    There seems to be a direct avoidance of one another. Illogical, but "there it is" in my case at least.

    The Nordic seemed to be more impacted by the Angel than the Angel by the Nordic.
    The ET seemed more surprised than anything to "see one" in real life. I recall the thoughts that went through the ETs head was something like "I had heard about it, but never seen one in real life" or something close to that.

    The Angel seemed to ignore the ET and instead focused on the malevolent spiritual entity.

    There didn't seem to be any fear from the ET, more like surprise.
    For every action, there is a corresponding over-reaction. -- Anonymous

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    Keel, from Fate magazine, Sept. 2007:

    “I returned to Point Pleasant several times in 1967, learning more about the phenomenon with each trip. Several contactees (people who thought they had met the flying saucer occupants) had emerged and I was hypnotizing them and studying them carefully. I found these people had two levels of memory. The first level, the surface level, recalled under hypnosis a fascinating adventure, usually of being taken aboard a wonderful flying saucer. But the hidden level, which was difficult to get at and usually took several hypnotic sessions before it could be reached, rejected the false memory (confabulation) and painted a different picture. Most of these contactees had been transported to a van or house where they were subjected to brain-washing techniques and injected with an unknown substance. They were given a confabulation to remember and were released.

    “But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find out who was doing this. The whole contactee syndrome was a fraud, but the contactees were innocent victims. Why was anyone going to all the trouble to create these contactees? Many people in West Virginia told me of seeing strange, unmarked vans cruising the back roads at night.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by norenrad View Post
    Seems there is an interest in us that we don't understand. Demons are interested in us, aliens are interested in us and we become interested when we get glimpses of either of them. I still do not understand, with their otherworldly knowlege and experiences, why are they interested in us.

    The only possible reasoning is that we share something or have something that they lost or will never attain, that or they are us, only in another form or time.
    We can glean a little from their chosen mode of operation, and the direction they try to influence our thoughts and behaviors. Doesn't reveal the whole thing, but something better than nothing.

    Demons seem to do nothing but cause misery, suffering, fear, oppression, spiritlessness, and corruption of goodness. Maybe they feed off the energies of slowly dying souls. Like spiders injecting their fluids and sucking up the innards of their prey. They just seem like the ultimate parasites of Creation, like black holes swallowing up the (spiritual) universe.

    Maybe there is some psychological complex to it. Maybe they are conflicted between wanting to reject the Creator, and not being able to split off from Creation due to the fact that the Creator sustains existence. So they go into denial about the fact that they may still, at the deepest level, be connected to the Creator. And in attempting to maintain that denial, they develop an insatiable obsessive-compulsive drive to destroy, corrupt, and blot out beings outside themselves who still have some connection to the Creator.

    Or if they are beings who are cut off from the divine, then maybe they're cut off from its energy too. And so they have to get that energy from that which is still somewhat connected to the infinite Source. Maybe we are the next step up the ladder, and they're simply below us, snapping at our toes. If they had their way, I can see Earth becoming completely terraformed with their toxic 'influence' that would allow these demons to roam freely and turn remnants of humanity into mere batteries.

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    Or maybe demons are like redline shrimp and they scrape off negative energy, producing more spores of it in the process so they always have food.

    If they're the ghosts of the nephilim or not, they definitely seem to be information vampires.

    Whether there are space aliens or demons or both out there, if something constantly tells lies, it's bad, not good. That at least is unequivocal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Tiger Comics View Post
    Keel, from Fate magazine, Sept. 2007:
    Thanks, very interesting. No doubt, military PsyOp is a real component somewhere in it all. For anyone interested, here's the out-of-print Operation Trojan Horse by John Keel, and the Lulu hardcopy version. It's Keel's most comprehensive book on what's wrong with the Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    Normally, I would agree with you that this is the case, but I think it may not [necessarily] be the case.

    To show why I would have to thumb through a ton of encounters to weigh in on it properly. That takes me some time.
    No hurries or obligation, but yes that would be helpful. Thanks for the rest of your post on this, gave me lots to think about.
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    I have a question. Demons are master mimickers and shapeshifters. That they feed off the energy we humans emanate from our innate emotional vibrational spectrum -- could we say that those ETs out there that have been reported as 'energy feeders', like Reptilians, for example, are actually demons in disguise and that it would be fair to say that this particular attribute of any ET that is like that (an energy feeder) is in fact a characteristic that should allow us to identify such so-called ETs or UT's as demons in disguise?
    By the way, my understanding of demons is that they are entities/intelligences of the angelic hierarchy in various ancient and modern world religions and philosophical thought systems. Other cultures and religions and esoteric paradigms have other names for them. A demon, for example, is not a low level human disincarnate though they certainly can and do disguise themselves as such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    I have a question. Demons are master mimickers and shapeshifters. That they feed off the energy we humans emanate from our innate emotional vibrational spectrum -- could we say that those ETs out there that have been reported as 'energy feeders', like Reptilians, for example, are actually demons in disguise and that it would be fair to say that this particular attribute of any ET that is like that (an energy feeder) is in fact a characteristic that should allow us to identify such so-called ETs or UT's as demons in disguise.
    You may have noticed that there are different types of 'energy feeding.' An entity (or even a human psychic vampire) can literally siphon off your lifeforce without you feeling a tinge of emotion. In the case of a psychic vampire, they can simply be standing next to you or having some boring small-talk conversation. I think proximity is required for this. Afterwards you feel blank, tired, flat, uncreative. They waltz away with a new spring in their step as they're all charged up. Or with a discarnate entity, having one around your home can lead to chronic fatigue as well. So that's one type.

    Then there's what seems to be emotional energy feeding. Either it's emotional energy that's being harvested, or emotions are another -- maybe more effective -- means by which the same lifeforce mentioned above is obtained. So here, they aim to induce aggravation, devotion to some illusory idol, lust, sorrow and depression, fear and guilt, and so on. The emotion is an important component. I don't think proximity is as important. For instance, demons could possess some guru and create a network of duped followers around the world who lavish him with their devotional energies. So maybe emotions are a means of inducing a sending of energy toward a particular collection bucket.

    But in the esoteric / mystical tradition, a distinction is made between etheric energy which is both lifeforce energy as well as the underlying source code of existence, and astral energy which has to do with emotions and drives and passions. They could be different part of the same spectrum, the latter being more subtle and refined in some way. Robert Monroe talked about "loosh" energy, how Earth was set up as a farm for its production, and how it started with microbes and plants producing only a "crude oil" version of it, while later human lifeforms were seeded that produced a "jet fuel" version thanks to the new capacity for emotion and the subsequent suffering, worry, depression, fear this allowed.

    Point being that demons, discarnates, and astral parasites aren't always content just passively siphoning lifeforce energy. They're really trying to milk us sometimes, and turning people into emotional basket cases or emotional dairy cows seems part of it. The 'quasi-alien mind manglers' mentioned on this thread are sadistic opportunistic predators. Demons aren't just mechanical energy vacuum cleaners. They're malicious, hateful, seething intelligent beings. And so I figure, just as humans need both lifeforce energy to sustain the processes of life and consciousness *as well as* something higher to fuel our creative, emotional, spiritual processes, so might demons need both basic lifeforce energy to sustain their form and something more refined/subtle to feed the malicious aspect of their being.

    Btw, I'm not aware of examples in UFOlogy indicating that real Nordics or tangible Grays by themselves feed off our energy. They seem entirely business/strategy oriented. But what's been reported about reptilians, well that's where you find terror and torture as ends in themselves. Therefore I think those entities, whoever they are, are indeed energy feeding. If I had to take a guess, I'd say that they're aliens who are possessed by demons.
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    You've more than answered my questions and I must say, you never cease to amaze me. thanks!

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    Just a few thoughts about loosh in an effort to resolve some of my own issues that I have about all of that....

    The whole notion that we were created to produce loosh for our Creator implies that He ‘needs’ us because we are sustaining Him with our positive ‘loosh energy’. So if we are to believe this, then what it says in the Book of Genesis about us being created in the image and likeness of G-d so that He could share His all encompassing and infinite love with us ,apparently, is not the whole story -- so it would seem, but not quite. Allow me to continue.

    The question is, what happens when Love is gone? Does our Creator cease to exist too?

    But that won’t happen because G-d is love, and solong as we are still around, there will always be love too because we were created in His image and likeness.

    What the mystics call “life-force energy” is actually love in its purest form… and love is our Creator and He is in each and every one of us.

    So what it comes down to is this… if we were to follow this line of logic, we can surmise that in reality, G-d does NOT need us to sustain him because there is no separation between G-d and ourselves in the first place. IOW, we are all ONE.

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    Seems there hasn't been much activity here lately. Here are some accounts from the UFO Casebook Forum from someone with a not exactly benevolent discarnate companion. (Of course it's entirely plausible that it was a troll or an attention-seeker.) She sure seemed to like it though.

    My relationship with a NORdic alien

    "Hello I'm new and posted my story" (a follow-up thread to the previous one)

    Yeah, she says that this incorporeal alien raped her many times along with his astral buddies but everything's A-OK now and he loves her and whatnot. *shudders* Casebook is a very large forum, it's probably got quite a few similar cases posted but it can take some time to find them.

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