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Thread: Clarification here please

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    Clarification here please

    I am new here so I do need clarification in this section of your " agreement" with new members

    You hereby grant the The OutPost Forum a perpetual, fully paid-up, worldwide, sublicensable, irrevocable, assignable license to copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display or perform, edit, translate, reformat and otherwise use user content in connection with the operation of the website, services or any other similar or related business, in any medium now existing or later devised, including without limitation in advertising and publicity"

    User content is what I would choose to post here. So I am giving you a pepetual, irrevocable licence to benefit from whatever concepts I discuss with you here on this Forum, including advertising, and that includes any editing that you deem proper.

    Ummmmm nice to keep that in mind. And for other members too . Won't stop me from posting but it will stand as a good reminder that all of our words here are being mined. Lets hope toward the good. Elizabeth

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    Damn ! I was going to post full details of my new free-energy device !

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeepCut View Post
    Damn ! I was going to post full details of my new free-energy device !
    Go ahead......I'm listening!

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    Elizabeth, the Terms of Service here are no different to any other forum, including Proboards.
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