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Thread: Time Travel

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    All those early years training in the martial arts paid off it seems!
    Hope you recover soon and get back on here

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    Thanks for the update! And remember, make sure to keep those elephants tied down. You don't want to be caught in the middle of a stampede when the next typhoon hits!
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
    ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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    Quote Originally Posted by atmjjc View Post
    LOL, hey epo you picked that phrase up from your wife didn’t ya, I bet you hear that every night from her? All kidding around so far I am alive and healing. I caught a bowie knife in my shoulder, as he was aiming for my neck, chipped the bone which healed badly. I will be referring now to a surgeon to fix the problem. He tried it again the second time around he left being carried to his car with his knife sticking out of his chest. I collapsed after that. Other problems we all have. It’s pretty much out in the open now. The confirmation of what our CIA has been using. This goes even beyond Snowden. From WikiLeaks…
    LOL, yea you are correct in that my wife watches those soaps when she can and if I'm here that day I catch on . . .

    Never too late to watch your back as they say. Stay safe if you can and touch base here as possible.
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    Atmjjc you deserted us? Those of us who have to carry on down this doomed timeline?
    What's going on? Have you got enough time to tell us?

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    Sorry for some of my late timing posts but I do have some grief I am dealing with. I think I have said this many times over a myriad of posts I am also an EMPATH. These emotional ups and down I usually have under control. My last attack I did pick up some emotions pointing to the DEMA. If you donít know what DEMA is follow the link

    The next empathic link I could not control which consumes me to this day. My wife has recently died of a rare form of cancer. She was there when I was attacked and notified the PD. Her ordeal with cancer left her wheelchair bound. The night she died I tried lifting her from wheelchair to bed but my arm was gone due to the attack a few months earlier. Our eyes glanced I felt a lightning bolt thru my system and she died in my arms. My grief is real, knowing her in this earth existence for over fifty years.

    I know I must move on. I gave the elders for their disclosure if they so desire the proof of the existence of aliens. I had to move the Hybrids to a safe house for their safety. Another member of the Intelligence Community made contact wanting to meet me at a church. They appeared to be Russian but I am not sure who they represent. I declined the meet.

    So here I am today. I will be getting a new shoulder. It just so happened the injury was where I was wounded in Laos many years ago. They cannot repair it so new shoulder here it comes.

    I will be blogging some of this in the future especially about the Orbs. You will be surprised and it might lead you to an understanding of many possible spiritual happenings.

    This youtube video I am linking describes what I hear many times when I talk to my Indian friends. When I explain the Orbs much will become clearer and start to make sense. The part of the missing Indian brains has me scratching my head.

    We control matter because we control the mind. Reality is inside the skull.
    ~ George Orwell Ď1984í

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