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  1. California Drones - Fact or Hoax?
  2. Rendlesham Forest incident - Britian's Roswell
  3. Phoenix Lights - ET Vehicle or US Military vehicle
  4. Roswell - The investigation
  5. Betty and Barney Hill - The Original Abduction Case
  6. Malmstrom AFB UFO missle incident
  7. Mexico City UFO sightings during 1991 Total Solar Eclipse
  8. ALIEN CIVILIZATION ON THE MOON discoveries by Brian Michael Flickinger
  9. UFOs: The Secret Evidence:
  10. UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied:
  11. Colonel X..Fact or Fiction ? you decide
  13. Why UFOlogy?
  14. Speaking of Hoaxes........
  15. Clifford Stone - EYES ONLY new book
  16. Victor Martinez, Mike Horn, Mufon et al. Funny read!
  17. The Battle Of Los Angeles: By Jose Escamilla:
  18. Stephenville. Texas Sightings
  19. Kumburgaz Sightings 2007 to 2009
  20. *Very Interesting Artifacts*
  21. Nazi’s Had UFOs says Tim Beckley - Plus Wilbur Smith Report
  22. Top 10 UFO Sightings
  23. Top Ten Reasons for Hoaxes
  24. Mars Viking Robots 'Found Life'
  25. Chuck Wade...UFO Crash Plains of San Augustin N.M July 2,1947...what he found
  26. 2012 Update
  27. Kevin Randle Writes About the Aztec Crash Case, Scott Ramsey and Fred Reed
  28. Best Evidence? First Hand Viewing
  29. Dr. Jonathan Reed's evidence?
  30. Does anyone have all the MoD UFO files released so far ?
  31. A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and TV
  32. Project 1947: Analysis Of Roswell Radar Tracking Testimony
  33. Abduction caught on tape!
  34. Westall, Melbourne Australia's best mass sighting 1966
  35. Scholars suggest human DNA has parasitical ET origins
  36. Alien Conspiracy - UFOs, Disasters, and Ubiquity
  37. The Kelly-Hopkinsville Case Gets a Festival
  38. The Mayan revalation.
  39. Starting to Add up
  40. Britain's best contact case?
  41. UFO Cover-Up? Live! 1988 Television Special - Full
  42. The UFO Discovery Project
  43. Secret Space Program: Richard Dolan
  44. The Elongated Skulls of Paracas, Peru
  45. Debunked Yet?
  46. Black Knight Satellite
  47. Gary McKinnon and the hack of the century
  48. Mass sighting at Florence Football ground October 1954
  49. The 1994 UFO Sighting at the Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe
  50. Arecibo Radio Telescope attempted alien contact had response?
  51. Kodachrome Slides Of Alleged Non-Human Entity
  52. Hd ufo
  53. Nick Pope and The Calvine MOD UFO case
  54. Aguadilla UFO Puerto Rico 2013
  55. Alien Claw On Mars?
  56. The Hopkinsville Encounter
  57. Is There Credible Evidence for UFOs?
  58. Explaining Ufology through the lost history of the world
  59. Smithsonian Channel's "UFOs Declassified"
  60. Will the REAL alien please stand up!
  61. USS Nimitz - Tic tac UFO
  62. Japan Airlines JAL1628
  63. TTSA ADAM Project - Physical Evidence
  64. Aatip - 38 dirds
  65. UFOs - The Best Evidence 3 x films written by George Knapp
  66. Not aliens but zombies
  67. Flying Objects A State Secret
  68. Mitch Horowitz Paranormal Evidence
  69. 'Loose Threads' Omega Pt and The Hermetic Penetrator