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  1. APOLLO 12's COVERT EVA - Proof of NASA's Off-The-Record Lunar Surface Operations
  2. The Kevin Smith Show
  3. KSN News: It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a UFO?
  4. BBC Audio: Seti, the past, present and future
  5. Secret Mars Plot
  6. Kim Arnold on C2C
  7. Dark Matters Radio:Bill Moore< MJ-12 and the Bennewitz Case Friday January 27, 2012
  8. Rob Smone Hosts Coast to Coast Tonight 1-27-12
  9. Travis Walton Encounter: George Knapp C2C 1-29- 2012
  10. Ancient Astronaut Theories: Mike Heiser C2C 02-02-2012
  11. Audio Clipping: 8th set of UK UFO Documents
  12. UFO Archives - Request & Exchange
  13. We Are Not Alone Show:UFOs in Wartime Author 02-07-2012 1PM EST
  14. Sci-Fi Media: Films, Books and Television
  15. If you ever wondered what happened to Art Bell (W6OBB)
  16. Historical Debate on The Inception Radio Network; Dr. John Alexander and Richard Dolan
  17. Eisenhower meeting confirmed?
  18. Grant Cameron to be interviewed on UFO Undercover tonight.
  19. Documentary Claims to Reveal Underwater Maya City and Contact with ETs
  20. Did John Glenn disclose on "Frasier"?
  21. Source A stolen valor
  22. Secret kgb ufo files
  23. Tom Snyder interviews J. Allen Hynek and Peter Gersten
  24. We Are Not Alone Show Reminder: Tuesday 03-6-12
  25. 2012 Mass Media UFO-ET Disclosure Compilation! (HD)
  26. A new radio network, "The Global Radio Alliance" to begin March 30, 2012
  27. History Channel: Aliens and Bigfoot - Seriously!
  28. New Arizona Fireball Video
  29. Request for Contact Information
  30. Military Button Found at Roswell Site
  31. James Fox vs Shepard Smith
  32. Moon in full color, film
  33. NASA discovers portals in space
  34. Outer Limits: The Deprogrammers
  35. Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair was briefed on UFO's!
  36. Larry King Returns with UFOs
  37. Fraudulent UFO Videos Internet "Clean-Up"
  38. BBC Crew Detained At Area 51
  39. Dalai Lama is interviewed by NBC's Ann Curry
  40. Kilometre long object enters Popacatepetl Volcano
  41. Space Travel
  42. Alien Invasion confirmed by Russian Prime Minister?
  43. Bigelow Funding and Research into the SkinWalker ranch
  44. Death Star petition tonUS govt
  45. Zetatalk's Nancy Lieder's Last Interview Before "The End Of The World"
  46. Going, going, gone. Landsat reveals our shrinking world
  47. Alien Contact - The Message
  48. UFO Documentary
  49. Alien Planets Found
  50. The Citizens' Hearing on Disclosure is Coming
  51. Coast to Coast
  52. Crystal Clark & James Horak
  53. We Interrupt This Program to Announce a Zombie Outbreak...
  54. Two UFOs Observe Zenit Launch Failure?
  55. Bombshell Breaking News From Gordon James Gianninoto
  56. UFO Encounter in "Dynasty" and "The Colbys"
  57. Australian TV airs interview with Charles Hall
  58. Confrontation on the Air about UFOs: Lee Spiegel vs skeptic Gino
  59. Len Kasten Discusses Project Serpo on The Rob Simone Show
  60. Bizarre Skeleton "Ata" Shown to be Human
  61. Bbc 'The Secret Life of Uri Geller'
  62. MUFON's New Executive Director and Their Relationship With GEIPAN
  63. Was it stupidity or preparation for a False Flag?
  64. Voyager 1 captures first-ever sounds of interstellar space
  65. Russian military: 'not yet ready to fight aliens’
  66. Audio: Carl Sagan replies to question about Roswell and UFOs
  67. Sorcha Faal - Disinformation Agent
  68. History Channel - MUFON TV show, Hangar 1: The UFO Files
  69. Uncovering Alien's - Science Channel
  70. NASA's Unexplained Files
  71. Science Channel to Tweet UFO's during Close Encounters Premiere.
  72. Close Encounters
  73. Mirage Men Documentary Film
  74. Bill Clinton says he looked but found no aliens at area 51
  75. I Know What I Saw
  76. Documentary to reveal the truth about aliens on the Moon
  77. Disney's intriguing UFO documentary
  78. Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower, UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination by Michael Salla
  79. SDO--5 year video
  80. Pictures found in Arizona attic could shed more light on 1947 Roswell UFO incident
  81. Ancient Aliens Now on History Channel
  82. High Strangeness Report
  83. Australian Skies UFO Documentary
  84. USAF Threatens to Destroy Property Next to Area 51
  85. Truth Embargo Director, Jeremy Corbell, questioned senior senior CIA officials about Area 51 & UFOs
  86. Astronauts Wanted...Apply Here.
  87. 'Patient Seventeen' by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell
  88. UFO Debate 2012 in the news
  89. Gordon Cooper interview part 1
  90. CNN news article: Looking for answers on UFOs, aliens
  91. It's meshing - whether we like it or not... :-P [Video]
  92. An article from Popular Mechanics
  93. Did Russian's detect ET SIgnal?
  94. Ben Mezrich - Author of The Accidental Billionaires (became the Social Network Film ) turns to UFOS
  95. UFORadio International Podcast Shows
  96. People of Earth
  97. "Wormwood"
  98. Movie: “Man Underground” - based on Phil Schneider?
  99. Scanned UFO newspaper clipping archive - Progress Report
  100. Mexico sighting 2018 of vertical UFO
  101. Missing Toronto firefighter
  102. Out of Control Space Station
  103. Ancient Aliens
  104. Extra Ordinary Beliefs - Documentaries
  105. Nick Pope wrote a disclosure contingency plan
  106. Third Eye Spies - remote viewing documentary- Russell Targ
  107. America Cosmic - Diana Walsh Pasulka - Book
  108. Radio Waves in Space
  109. Annie Jacobsen - Author
  110. Jacque Vallee's Witness of Another World
  111. Ufonaut - Pacific UFO Mystery
  112. 1947: Puget Sound / Maury Island, WA
  113. Former Israeli space security chief says extraterrestrials exist
  114. Bigelow & Knapp - New Interview
  115. Anybody catch the 60 Minutes interview Rubio gave on UFOs?
  116. CNN News Coverage of UFO/UAP sightings
  117. Celebrities, famous people, politicians talk about UFOs and Aliens.
  118. “The Coming Catastrophic Event”
  119. Project Veritas Under Attack by FBI and DOJ
  120. Vials Labeled Smallpox Found
  121. Above majestic
  122. Moment of Contact - James Fox's new film
  123. David Icke banned from European Union
  124. Leslie Kean's UFOs Investigating the Unknown
  125. DJ on Alex Jones Infowars
  126. Lunar Transit 08 April for North America