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  1. My Encounters
  2. Dr. Karla Turner speaking on Alien Abductions
  3. Alien customer?
  4. Something around my bed
  5. Abductees - Animation short
  6. Tall Grays Encounter
  7. DEMONIC or ET any first hand ENCOUNTERS?
  8. Paralyzing light appearing when I woke up.
  9. TOP Exclusive: William 'Barney' Watson interview. (Video)
  10. Michael Lee Hill Interview - Lake Erie UFO's! - Anunnaki Contactee!
  11. Travis Walton, 2011 International UFO Congress full Presentation
  12. My Mothers Experience
  13. British Labour Party counsillor Simon Parkes
  14. Weirdest thing ever happened last night.
  15. Huffington Post Brings Alien Abduction Stories Into Mainstream
  16. My Personnal Experiance..
  17. Analysis of a possible Alien/Hybrid Hair Sample
  18. Intruders: Abductees Speak Out
  19. Summer camp encounter, age 14 in 1971
  20. PTSD caused by abductions?
  21. Possible landing outside my house
  22. Thoughts to one side?
  23. Et/human evolution
  24. Kathleen Marden: Experiencers speak on the alien agenda
  25. "Zheel"
  26. Strange Alien Stick-like creatures caught on security camera
  27. Animal Totems Guides
  28. Another Tall White Visitation
  29. Suspicious Experiences Possibly Related To Alien/Abduction Phenomenon
  30. Year long stay on ET base
  31. The Story of "The Fallen" UT? - The Discussion Begins
  32. Who killed the Alien Jigsaw?
  33. Going to give it to you all in one of things over time that has happen ..
  34. Celebrities claiming to have seen UFOs and or Aliens.
  35. Book Review: The Kendall Stone
  36. Native American Chief Tells of His Contact with Extraterrestrials
  37. Winter 1993/94
  38. An abduction story -
  39. Australian Peter Khoury - Blonde alien tried to have sex with him
  40. I had a dream?
  41. Unmasking the disinformers
  42. Hammerhead Aliens
  43. Hoaxing Encounters
  44. Steven Hirsch 'Little Sticky Legs' Abductee Photos
  45. Why Does UFO Intelligence Make Experiencers Look Ridiculous?
  46. Shapeshifters
  47. Hybrids Rising web site
  48. I had a ET encounter one day ago and I would like to write about it
  49. The Stone Circle Makers
  50. What would you ask the aliens?
  51. What is it?
  52. Walking Among Us: New book by Dr David Jacobs.
  53. Seeing Ebe2 drive by in Sedona Arizona
  54. Differences between Ebens and Grays
  55. Intergration: Exclusive Interview with David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.
  56. JAR Magazine is coming back
  57. UFO sighting - personal 11/02/15
  58. Giorgio Piacenza interviews Kathleen Marden
  59. Crustacean Aliens
  60. Abductions and strange phenomena in Norway
  61. "The Abductionist's Wife: A Memoir"
  62. Looking for your help.
  63. Hybrids
  64. Why don't I remember my ET visits
  65. Has anyone heard of an ET race called Thetas?
  66. Garuda asked that I would share this story about the ET's helping to build my childhood home.
  67. Bright Green substances from a UFO crash
  68. Personal Ponderings
  69. The ET Presence: good or bad?
  70. Mimicry of Alien Contact by Occult Entities
  71. Interview with Elizabeth Klarer
  72. An Ontological Voyage, With Added Woo Woo !
  73. 2 New Articles in JAR Magazine
  74. JAR Magazine on MILABs
  75. Centennial Anniversary of the Fatima Sightings
  76. Redefining Reality
  77. Temporal Anomalies
  78. The role of altered states in contact experiences
  79. The Ariel School Encounter in Ruwa Zimbabwe in 1994
  80. JAR Magazine: who controls the narrative
  81. My History with the Little Grey Men
  82. The PSI factor
  83. Dr Reed's bracelet
  84. The Scale and Frequency of Abductions
  85. Robert Hastings and Dr Bob Jacobs ‘Confession’
  86. Deep Prasad's CE Thanksgiving Revelation
  87. Aragami's Encounters
  88. Alien Communications
  89. Implications of Contact
  90. My encounter with a massive UFO in the spring of 1978, the return year of the mission.
  91. How can we understand ET?
  92. The Bigger Picture
  93. Disclosure and Contact Experiences