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  1. Disclosure Project
  2. What's really happening behind the scenes of disclosure?
  4. New Petitions On the "We the People" website
  5. Benjamin Fulford kidnapped?
  6. Situation of the extraterrestrial groups
  7. White House Petitions Round 3
  8. Uraguay - Already Disclosed
  9. UFOs and the missing evidence
  10. Stanton Friedman - Phil Klass - Kevin Randle Debate Videos on Youtube
  11. New Disclosure Petition removed from "We The People" website
  12. Are we any closer to disclosure?
  13. Mirage Men
  14. ANONYMOUS (Hacker Group) to Reveal Evidence that "We are not alone"....?
  15. Disclosure Time Games
  16. Is This the Rumored Beginning?
  17. Ed Komarek: Disclosure on Whose Terms?
  18. The Doomsday Project and Deep Events: JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11 by Peter Dale Scott
  19. Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed - National Atomic Testing Museum 22nd Sept
  20. POTUS briefing on Disclosure - movie
  21. Preparing for Disclosure - Be ready for it.
  22. Dr Greer's 'Tiny ET' with X-ray.
  23. Pandora's Box: The 'Disclosure Lite' Program.
  24. Disclosure and Religion
  25. NASA Admitting Existence of Orbs
  26. Top Russian Admirals talk about UFOs
  27. Views on Disclousre
  28. The Talk - Frequently Asked Disclosure Questions
  29. Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids by Preston James
  30. Brazil Government Invites UFOlogy Consultation
  31. Citizen Hearing on Disclosure
  32. Two Living Et's Working with the U.S. Government
  33. intelligence gathering disciplines
  34. Andromedians Message To Humanity?
  35. Podcast UFO with Jose Lay, Dr. Alexander Wend and Wilfried De Brouwer
  36. So... what are aliens up to now?
  37. Phil Schneider: Assasinated After Disclosure
  38. Avaaz Petition for Disclosure
  39. AREA 51/Groom Lake Declassified(?)
  40. Russians have made contact with ET civilisations
  41. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe Iranian Nuclear Engineer - Technology to Change the World?
  42. Project Avalon News
  43. Exclusive Bob Oechsler Interview.
  44. Disclosure Poll - When?
  45. John Podesta's biggest failure.
  46. New time travel, futurism & ufo forum opening up !
  47. President Obama on Jimmy Kimmel's Show: Body Language Analysis
  48. German Supreme Court forced to release a report of UFOs
  49. Is This ET Contact?
  50. Ebens, Serpo, and thinking...
  51. Decentralising ET contact
  52. ETs come in peace
  53. Flux Liner and poisoned Director of Documentary
  54. The REAL world phenomenon
  55. Podesta
  56. John F. Kennedy Speech discovered; Disclosure was about to happen
  57. Pilots, Doctors and Scientists Tell the Truth
  58. Sekret Machines - Tom Delong - Dawn of Disclosure
  59. JFK speech
  60. Obama to Disclose?
  61. Grant Cameron on the WikiLeaks
  62. Donald Trump and Disclosure
  63. The Martian "Cover-up" - Randy Cramer
  64. Corey Goode and the Sphere Alliance/Blue Avians
  65. Will a private party bring about Disclosure?
  66. Feeling Vindicated? (? For Those Who Need It)
  67. Child Slaves on Mars!
  68. Daniel Liszt (aka The Dark Journalist) reports on the Nixon Time Capsule.
  69. Paradigm Research Group
  70. LMH - Mysterious Outpost Interview
  71. President Trump's new "Space Force" and announcement to go "back" to the moon
  72. New SSP insider comes forth
  73. Chinese Initiative for ET Disclosure
  74. Linda Moulton Howe Artificial Intelligence
  75. Grant Cameron MJ 12 Disclosure
  76. Incident at Devils Den - new book by Terry Lovelace - Giant Triangle Abduction
  77. Linda Moulton Howe - Earthfiles Wednes YT Broadcast
  78. Amazing UFOs in the 21st Century - Richard Dolan
  79. Down the Rabbit Hole with Grant Cameron
  80. French Former Dir of intelligence France's DGSE, Alain Juillet, talks UFOs to Paris Match
  81. Senior DOD official says UFO phenomena is demonic.
  82. Ross Coulthart - Spotlight The Phenomenon Documentary
  83. Pentagon launches a preemptive strike
  84. Lighthouses in the Dark
  85. US Whistlerblower Act - An ammendment National Defense Authorization Act 2023