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  1. Cutting Edge Technology in the news
  2. So, you've always wanted to become an astronaut
  3. Faster than light speeds confirmed
  4. Not Alone
  5. Another planet discovered with water!
  6. Tiny planets survive extreme ordeal inside star
  7. Air Force contributs money to restart SETI; plans to use it for "space surveillance"
  8. Ancient Galaxy Discovered
  9. Mortality increase follows arrival of the radioactive plume from fukushima
  10. HOME DEPOT= Cold fusion go figure
  11. Dr. Kaku's Universe
  12. Huge Solar Eruption Sparks Strongest Radiation Storm in 7 Years
  13. Kepler finds 11 new planetary systems
  14. New alien planet is perfect for life, scientists say
  16. Solar Tornado Video by NASA Spcecraft
  17. Russian scientists regenerate ice age plant 30,000 years old
  18. South African Fuel-Free Generator Preparing for Market
  19. Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Serious Diseases and Ill Health
  20. The Shortest Man Ever...
  22. Hundreds of Tornadoes Hit the US and Will Continue
  23. X-37B America's Secret Space Plane
  24. Yes, we really did land on the moon...
  25. "Steering" Lightning with lasers
  26. Resurrecting the Wooly Mammoth
  27. Earthquake Warning for the USA
  28. Nuclear Powered Drones or Back-Engineered?
  29. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson talks Innovation and NASA
  30. New Enterprise: Google and James Cameron Mining Asteroids
  31. Super Secret Hypersonic Aircraft
  32. EcoAlert: GLACIERS Are Growing LARGER Again in the
  33. Nitinol free energy...
  34. Vesta: Asteroid study
  35. Hitler's Stealth Fighter — National Geographic
  36. Hubble: Red Giant Blows a Bubble
  37. Solar Flares Linked to Extreme Weather
  38. Kepler, eye in the sky
  39. Sally Ride Passes: First American Woman in Space
  40. NASA's Curiosity Rover Lands or Crashes on Mars, August 5th 2012
  41. Project Troy - Manned Mission to Mars
  42. Perseid Meteor Shower
  43. Amazing High Speed Camera
  44. Acoustic Levitation
  45. Panspermia theory far more likely than anticipated
  46. Could this have anything to do with disappearing implants?
  47. Dark Matter
  48. Mars Updates: Exploration, rovers, satellites and...
  49. Ancient Galaxy Image
  50. "Search begins for giant new planet" - The Independent, 13.02.2011
  51. Has Earth 2 Been Found?
  52. Experts Say Earth's Twin Will Be Found In 2013
  53. Ancient Technology
  54. The Avro Arrow: What do We Know About Them?
  55. A Flight through 400000 Galaxies
  56. Spaceports built and under construction.
  57. Mars
  58. Asteroid Mining
  59. Alien Becomes Reality
  60. Current Events in Astronomy
  61. New proof that asteroid impact dealt dinosaurs a quick death blow
  62. Curiosity discovers mysterious metal object
  63. Electromagnetic Harvesting
  64. Comet May Hit Mars
  65. Our DNA Coded With Messages From Another Civilization
  66. Russian scientists discover unidentified bacteria in sub-glacial Lake Vostok
  67. Another Asteroid Flyby Saturday 3-09-2013
  68. NASA Warning Re: The Sun
  69. Higgs boson or God Particle Found?
  70. Comet ISON, 'Comet of the Century'?
  71. Future bio-nanotechnology will use computer chips inside living cells Read more: http://www.nanower
  72. Manipulating Genes with High Voltage Electricity
  73. Pole Shift past, present and future.
  74. NASA Planet Hunter, On The Lookout For Alien Ships In Deep Space
  75. "The Beast of Kandahar" Stealth Aircraft Sighting From 2011
  76. Earth's Moon, discoveries.
  77. The Venus Project
  78. Scientists Build First Nanotube Computer
  79. The SR-72, Blackbird successor may scorch the sky at Mach6!
  80. Secret Navy LENR - $7 Billion Nuclear Propulsion Deal
  81. "Jade Rabbit" Lunar Module Lands on the Moon
  82. WIKILEAKS SPY FILES#3 release
  83. Climate Change why are we still even debating it?
  84. Hidden oceans discovered inside of the Earth.
  85. Saturn's moon Titan may have ocean waves.
  86. Live_ISS_Stream
  87. Sedna Ice Planet in our solar system.
  88. Cyber Olympics in 2016 to be sponsered by Swiss
  89. Randy Mills Blacklight Company announces sustained power from water based generator
  90. First Earth-Size Planet That Could Support Life?
  91. U.S. cyber-espionage charges against five Chinese military officials
  92. Suspended Animation.
  93. Solar Roadways, an idea that's time has come?
  94. transhumanist technologies of the future
  95. Scientists coax photons to bind into molecules for first time
  96. Rosetta Comet Mission
  97. Advances in 3-D Printing
  98. New Horizons: Mission to Pluto and Beyond.
  99. Jupiter's moon Europa.
  100. Plankton found on outer hull of ISS
  101. E-books, fiction and text on the rise.
  102. Chimps Learning New Tool Use in The Wild: Implications For Early Man
  103. Electronic Frontier Foundation
  104. Secret Space Plane Landed Today
  105. Solar and Lunar Eclipses
  106. Open Sciences was launched a while ago
  107. US Military wants Flying Aircraft Carrier
  108. Why Did Google Decide To Split Inbox From Gmail?
  109. Spot light on Lockheed Martin
  110. Uranus or Neptune missions when?
  111. Deep-Sea Bacteria Form Avatar-Style Electrochemical Networks
  112. State ofthe Art-Novel InFlow Tech Project Development 1Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2Imploturbocompressor
  113. Holo lens
  114. Answer to life the universe & everything is 37
  115. Hacks and CyberEspionage
  116. John Nash claimed to have a new equation for Relativity just days before he died
  117. Miniature Origami Robot Self-folds...
  118. Musk and Hawking warn of the dangers ahead when A.I. meets the M.I.C.
  119. EM Drive
  120. Super High Tech Gravity Engine versus 'the reality of the basics'
  121. Production of AntiMatter for a CR energy device
  122. German Haunebu Saucers; Did we find any?
  123. Bengaluru inventor creates over unity device using the vacuum
  124. Is this Possible: 'Ask the Aliens Room'?
  125. Question to the Tall White Aliens; Gravity Engine
  126. Anti-Gravity Blackout and Radar Technology
  127. Cosmic "Death Star" is Destroying a Planet
  128. Saturn's moon Enceladus, update.
  129. CERN About to be Dwarfed.
  130. Artificial Gravity on Alien craft?
  131. AI is coming at what price?
  132. Russian TV Documentary on Haunebu project in WWII
  133. Free energy mobile - the Steorn O phone
  134. Meteor Showers
  135. 2045 According to DARPA
  136. Certifications of elements 113, 115, and 117 and 118.
  137. Interesting free energy exp.
  138. Video of the failed SpaceX landing today.
  139. Haunebu Backwards Engineering
  140. Anti-matter Light: Huge Implications, Detection of Cloaked UFOs.
  141. EMDrive
  142. Will Gravitational Waves reveal ETs?
  143. 360 terabytes stored as 5 dimenstional data inside Crystals that last for billions of years.
  144. LENR - Cold Fusion
  145. The Militarisation of Space
  146. Free--UFO detector open source software
  147. PHYSICS in the News
  148. The Tiny Scale of Life
  149. Farsight's Time-Cross Project August Prediction
  150. Private Company Cleared for Moon Landing in 2017
  151. Personal jetpacks
  152. Michio Kaku's Video's and Interviews
  153. David Wilcock's interviews and videos
  154. Kitty Hawk Flyer WHAT FUN!
  155. Stephen Hawking: We Must Leave Earth Within 100 years!
  156. Air Force's X-37B Space Plane Lands in Florida
  157. WannaCry Ransomeware
  158. Patent - Triangular Spacecraft??
  159. Petya Ransomeware
  160. Meet the young woman that Harvard believes is the next Einstein
  161. Is this an asteroid or...???
  162. State of the Art Novel InFlowTech; 1-Gearturbine RotaryTurbo, 2-Imploturbocompressor One Compression
  163. "Russian Astronaut Says 'Alien Life' Found on Space Station Did Not Come From Earth"
  164. Skype announces intent to add RECORD CALLS feature
  165. Curiosity Mars Rover
  166. Rotating electrostatic propulsion
  167. Hackers. What they want and how they get it.
  168. Quantum Consciousness
  169. Time for a break from Social Media?
  170. NASA News and Education
  171. China lands a spaceship on the far side of the moon.
  172. Windows 7 vs. Windows 10: Which is better?
  173. NASA wants your memories of the Apollo 11 Moon landing
  174. Perseverance Mars Rover NASA
  175. Safire Sun - Plasma Fusion
  176. Hubble Telescope, NASA
  177. Evidence for parallel universe going backwards in time
  178. Scientific Study into DMT Entities
  179. SpaceX spacecraft launch
  180. Run your car on 99% water
  181. The Great Firewall of China
  182. Saturn
  183. Saturn's Moon Titan
  184. Venus
  185. Quantum Computer Design
  186. Breakthrough Scientists Reverse Blindness Using CRISPR Technology
  187. Military State of the Art Technology
  188. James Webb Telescope
  189. MIT Engineers Create the “Impossible”
  190. Quaise Energy to Dig World's Deepest Hole to Unleash Boundless Energy
  191. Webb telescope
  192. Genetic Engineering and Artificial Wombs
  193. NASA's new plasma tech
  194. UAP Reverse Engineering