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  1. Was the United States founded with the help of Extraterrestrials?
  2. Niburu
  3. Crystal Skulls
  4. Ancient Symbols
  5. Russia Reaches Antarctic Lake
  6. 2012: The end or the beginning?
  7. The Real Mt. Sinai Discovered in Saudi Arabia
  8. "Otzi", the 5,300 year old "iceman" has had his genome sequenced
  9. Early Humans in the Americas 22,000 Years Ago?
  10. The UFO - Jesus Connection: David Twichell Book
  11. A New Human Species Might Have Been Found In China - The Red Deer Cave People
  12. Chariots of the Gods? - Eric Von Daniken
  13. Nabta Playa - Egyptian Early Star Map
  14. Suppressed Archeology: Virginia Steen-McIntyre and the Forbidden Date
  15. Ancient Acropolis of Baalbek, Lebanon
  16. Nazca Water Channels
  17. Nick Redfern: The Pyramids and the Pentagon - New Book
  18. 12,000 Year Old Unexplained Structure
  19. Icelands Mysterious River Monster
  20. Neanderthal Cave Paintings?
  21. Baltic Sea Disc Stumps Archeologists
  22. new ancient tunnel found in himylain mountains
  23. Puma Punku Ruins
  24. Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New
  25. Ancient Lake Structure in Wales
  26. Bosnian Pyrimads Signal Decoded?
  27. Oldest Human DNA Found In Spain
  28. Eighth Century Radiation Spike Explained by Ancient Text
  29. Crystal Pyramid Discovered In Bermuda Triangle 2012
  30. Britain's Atlantis Found At The Bottom of the North Sea
  31. The Late David Flynn's Series
  32. Pyramids in Antarctica?
  33. Possible Large Pyramid Underground Between Mt. McKinley and Nome, Alaska
  34. Stonehenge
  35. Alien Skull Found in Bulgaria?
  36. ET Mummy found in Egypt?
  37. NASA Releases Mayan Apocalypse Debunkiing Video...A Bit Early
  38. New Book: Jesus Missing Years Get Another Look
  39. Great Pyramid Pleiades Connection
  40. Judaism and Christianity bibles, aliens and ufos.
  41. Disputed finds put humans in South America 22,000 years ago
  42. 1,200-year-old Secrets of Sunken Egyptian City
  43. Lost City of the Maya
  44. Fossil Proves T. Rex Wasn't Just a Scavenger
  45. Four Iceland Families Have Native American Genes
  46. New Dinosaur Species Found in Utah: Similar to Triceratops
  47. Remnants of the First Hospital of the Order of St. John
  48. Ancient underwater pyramid discovered near the Azores
  49. South African Ruins Connected to Sumerians and Egypt.
  50. - Nearly 2 Million-Year-Old Early Homo Skulls Could Re-write Human Evolution.
  51. Practiced around the world?
  52. Scientists Find Oldest Human DNA -- Evolution Timeline In Doubt
  53. Bosnia Finds Suggest Advanced Civilization 29,000 Years Ago
  54. Ancient DNA Reveals: Humans Bred with Unknown Species
  55. Graham Hancock: Magicians of the Gods
  56. Tomb of Previously Unknown Pharoah Found
  57. Breakthrough for the Voynich Manuscript
  58. Super Megaliths in Gornaya Shoria, Southern Siberia
  59. Toltec Shamanism Parallels Ancient Gnosticism
  60. please help Genesis Quest solve ancient mysteries
  61. New Dinosaur Discovered--Biggest Ever!
  62. THE ARK OF THE COVENANT (and reptilian aliens)
  63. 70,000 year-old african settlement unearthed
  64. The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries
  65. Mastodon and Blade May be America's Earliest.
  66. Viking ship discovered near Mississippi river
  67. Forgotten History
  68. Oldest European Human Footprints Confirmed.
  69. Marco Polo- Did He Make It To America ?
  70. Gunung Padang (Indonisia): 26 000 years old pyramid?
  71. Return to Antikythera
  72. Indonesian art at least 40 000 years old
  73. Stonehenge by Paffard
  74. Egyptian hierglyphs in Australia authentic
  75. 6,000 Year Old Temple Found In The Ukraine
  76. Ural Geoglyph Predates Nazca.
  77. Third Giant Megalith Confirmed At Baalbek
  78. 500 000 year old engravings
  79. Kennewick Man Opens Up...Reveals New Secrets.
  80. Entrance to Herod's Palace Found
  81. 5,000 Year Old Underground City discovered in Turkey.
  82. Archeologists discover Mythical Tomb of Osiris, God of the Dead, in Egypt
  83. The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory
  84. Primeval Underwater Forest Discovered in Gulf of Mexico
  85. Will Ice Age Fla. Rewrite History ?
  86. Lost City Discovered in Honduran Rain Forest, But Threatened
  87. Ancient sunken structures discovered off coast of Japan.
  88. Evidence of Neanderthal Jewelry Dating Back 130,000 Years
  89. 150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists
  90. Buried pyramid discovered at Tiahuanaco
  91. Sunken Object Off Swedish Coast
  92. Ancient structure in Indonesia - perhaps 20,000 Yrs. Old ?
  93. Chinese Beat Columbus ....no Surprise, but Evidence.
  94. Torah Codes
  95. Cuba's Sunken City, What Happened?
  96. First stone circle for over a century found
  97. New Human Ancestor Found
  98. Giant Human Skeletons
  99. First Peoples
  100. New Glyphs Revealed in Nazca.
  101. Chinese Script in America Could Date Back to 3300 Yrs. Ago
  102. Largest Pyramid in Mexico has been Found
  103. Massive 9350 Yr. Old Monolith Found in Mediterranean
  104. Resources
  105. Larger, Older Stonehenge Found New It's Little Brother
  106. Homo Naledi Joins the Family
  107. Neanderthal is Older Than Thought....A Lot Orlder
  108. The earliest modern humans in So. China
  109. Queen Nefertiti may lie concealed in King Tut's tomb
  110. Sarcophagus with the body of ENKI, Rodamir 12,000 year old
  111. Middle Eastern Stone Patterns Documented
  112. We May Resurrect The Mammoth Sooner Than You Think
  113. The Biggest Secret: The ancient History Of Humankind
  114. Tracking Dreamtime - 50,000 Yrs. of Genetic History.
  115. Walking Through The Great Wilderness
  116. Olmec Yogis?
  117. New No.American Finding May Alter History
  118. 300000 years old homo sapiens fossil found in Morocco
  119. Babylonians developed trigonometry 'superior' to modern day version 3,700 years ago
  120. Denisovans were more advanced than previously thought
  121. Are Humans the first technologically advanced species Earth has seen?
  122. Great Pyramid Shape, New Theory 2019
  123. Face in Antarctica
  124. Antartica as old as it gets!!!
  125. Human Origins and Migrations