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  1. Visitations
  2. The Afterlife - The Science - The Philosophy
  3. Reincarnation : Questions, Answers, Experiences
  4. Synchronistic Messages
  5. Interesting entity encounter in Tennessee
  6. Dr. Suzanne Gordon: The Near Death Experience.
  7. The Fascinating Case of Don Decker
  8. A Message from "the other side?"
  9. Quasi-Alien Mind Manglers
  10. THE DALAI LAMA'S Oracle
  11. EVP Recordings
  12. The Long Tunnel --- You Know The One
  13. Steve Richards-Psychotropic Soul Harvest
  14. Round being
  15. Scary ghost caught on tape by security camera - Freaky! ! !
  16. Eva Draconis's Recent Revelation About Reality
  17. Haunting in Indiana: Demons, Exorcism, Levitation
  18. Ghost Caught on Security cam in Britain
  19. Donnie Darko -- Possession, Reptilians, Demons
  20. Founder of Skeptics Society witnesses paranormal event
  21. Do all mice go to heaven?
  22. Can an OBE be induced during the passing of a loved one?
  23. The Hat Man Documentary
  24. Remote Viewers Claim "The Booms" Are An Interdimensional War
  25. Prayer method?
  26. The latest religious phenomena and huge coincidence
  27. The end times are now!
  28. Is 2017 too Be the Year for the Rapture of the Church?
  29. Telekinesis
  30. Whitley Strieber
  31. Triplets Have Conversation With Unseen Figure
  32. Jeff Mara's NDE podcast