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  1. Shadow Beings: What are they?
  2. Mysteries at Sea - The Mary Celeste
  3. Ingo Swann Lecture at UFO Conference in Bordentown, NJ
  4. Journal of the IRVA
  5. Ayahuasca/DMT and Psilocybin=Magic Mushrooms:
  6. Eight Martinis Magazine
  7. What we think we know so far
  8. My Own Interpretation of Fore's material in his "What We Think We Know" thread
  9. What is Consciousness?
  10. Indigo Children
  11. Psychokenesis: Thought Photography
  12. Apollo 16 astronauts found alien ship, psychics say
  13. The aliens - willagers..?
  14. Sound Frequency Files a Remote Viewing Enhancement
  15. What Will Matter
  16. Hypnosis question
  17. Precognitive dreams and thought
  18. Eight Martinis Magazine - Issue 7, Available Now
  19. History of Controled Remote Viewing, the Stargate Project and UFOs (Video)
  20. The Soul Temple!
  21. The risk of oddities when attempting to communicate.
  22. A Guy Sees Dead Humans Transformed Into Greys In The First Postmortem World
  23. Stormy Weather Podcast
  24. The Living Universe Beyond Our Sensory Perceptions - Unseen Forces That Affect Our Lives
  25. Telepathy
  26. Reality and the extended mind
  27. February 2013 - 2014 Psychic Focus Predictions
  28. Hypnogogic images
  29. The Topic of Telepathy
  30. Eight Martinis Issue 8 and 9 Available Now
  31. 2012 - The Awakening Starts Today!
  32. Is the universe infinite?
  33. Psychic Stuff
  34. Lucid Dreaming, and the practice behind it.
  35. RIP: Ingo Swann
  36. Thich Quang Duc Self-Immolation
  37. The White Light Trap
  38. Remote Viewing - Discussions
  39. Remote Viewing - PRACTICE ONLY
  40. Has Anyone Used Gerald O'Donnell's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing Course??
  41. The 'ELF Transmissions'
  42. This was presented to me as definite proof that psychic abilities 'do not in fact exist'
  43. Predictions for 2013, what came true and what failed?
  44. Compiling list of Predictions for 2014.
  45. Temporal Discontinuities
  46. Secretly Spying on the Moon
  47. Precognition - Would you still want to know the future if you could do nothing to change it?
  48. Precognition - Would you still want to know the future if you could do nothing to change it?
  49. Help with my experiences
  50. Consciousness Independent of the Brain - Dr. Bruce Greyson
  51. Reasons Of Social Destructivity Plus Why People Attack Each Other If Someone Talks About The Truth
  52. Predictions for 2015.
  53. Holographical Planes & Shapeshifting Helicopters
  54. Roswell Alien Interviews aboutwhat's been going on.
  55. Mysterious things
  56. Short Interview of Dr. Edwin C. May
  57. Mysterious city over the skies of China
  58. Predictions for 2016.
  59. Pre-Cognition - What we think we know
  60. Online Courses At The Rhine Institute
  61. New movie: [I]Third Eye Spies[/I]
  62. The thoughts of knowledge... inside a vat.
  63. The Sixth Sense: Proof of Heaven
  64. Reincarnation and ET intervention
  65. The latest issue of "Eight Martinis Magazine"
  66. Questions to ET:s
  67. Interview with Sarah R Adams at The Bases Conference 2016 Part 1
  68. Mandela Effect
  69. Predictions for 2017.
  70. Taj & Sarah Adams talk to Crrow777 about the moon, space and the nature of reality
  71. The flat earth is Mandela Effect for me
  72. Flat Earth Is A Mandela Effect To Me.
  73. The Flat Earth is a Mandela Effect for me
  74. Something to consider
  75. The truth is the missing link.
  76. Predictions for the 2017 Baseball season
  77. Mufon Experiencer Questionnaire and more....
  78. Interview with Lyn Buchanan former US Army CRV
  79. MH370: My inner-eye vision of it 3 days after its disappearance
  80. Predictions 2018
  81. Free online course in Parapsychology
  82. The Eagle, The Lion, and The Serpent
  83. Predictions for 2019.
  84. Human Levitation
  85. Predictions for 2020 and the coming decade?
  86. Superhuman Caroline Cory's Film
  87. Predictions for 2021
  88. Predictions for 2022
  89. Some things I see...
  90. Predictions for 2023?
  91. Woman in blue - psychic or telepath