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  1. Websites about Extraterrestrial Species
  2. Websites for UFO cases (Reporting and Reading)
  3. Parapsychology
  4. Crop Circles
  5. The Light Bulb Conspiracy:
  6. DMT: The Spirit Molecule
  7. British MOD release of UFO documents
  8. MYSTERIES OF THE GODS (1977) - William Shatner (Documentary)
  9. "The Myth That Is True" By Michael Heiser
  10. Space Exploration Informational Graphics
  11. Scientific ET Studies Literature
  12. David Sereda's "From Here To Andromeda" (Full)
  13. Bill Cooper's Behold a pale horse lecture (Full)
  14. Bill Hamilton: UFOs and Underground Bases
  15. Secret Heroes
  16. 'Consciousness, Human Enigma & Parapsychology'.
  17. UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry
  18. YF-23 Black Widow
  19. HEXAGON - Sentinel Of Liberty
  20. Documentary: The Daniel Project
  21. PsiPog.net closing down
  22. T.R. Dutton on predicting UFO sightings and trajectories
  23. MM3 Web Assistant: Software to invisibly mirror websites
  24. Which Are The Best Image Analysis Software Programs?
  25. Alien Planet "Full Documentary"
  26. Forum Recommendations
  27. Did sts-61c photograph tr-3b
  28. Self-help for abductees - SIMBAD
  29. Santos Bonacci: Astrotheology "The True Science"
  30. Historical UFO and Paranormal Videos
  31. Leslie Kean's UFOs Pilots and and Government Officials Go on the Record
  32. Links to pages where FOIA requests can be placed by the public.
  33. (2013) The Hidden Hand: Alien Contact and the Government Cover up
  34. Richard Thieme - 'UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry'
  35. SIMON PARKES : The Project Avalon Interview
  36. Superclusters
  37. Project Blue Book cases - an index
  38. Complete interview with a Reptilian, Lacerta
  39. How To's, DIY, and some conspiracy stuff
  40. Known Hoax Channels
  41. CIA's 2016 UFO Reports release - CROSS POSTED
  42. NORAD UFO Files - Victor Viggiani
  43. Canadian “Swamp Gas Journal” (1978-2003) by Chris Rutkowski - PDFs online
  44. Quest Publications - Collection of booklets of UFO documents
  45. “The New Ufologist” (1994-1997) - Complete set online
  46. J Allen Hynek’s Center for UFO Studies (“CUFOS”) newsletters – CIQ and CAN : complete PDFs
  47. Rick Hilberg’s “UFO Magazine” (1960s-1970s, USA) – Searchable PDFs
  48. “Strange Daze” and “Strange Times” magazines (UK, c1993-2002, Gloria Heather Dixon) - PDFs
  49. Max B Miller’s magazine “Saucers” (1953-60) – one of the “most interesting of the period"
  50. 11 further sets of early American UFO newsletters now online – Spacecrafter, UFO-mation etc
  51. 51 issues of Project Red Book (1998-2004), plus YUFOS Journal etc (UK UFO magazines)
  52. (1) "Beyond Reality" and "UFO Update" magazines + (2) Northern UFO News by Jenny Randles (170+ PDFs)
  53. Oz UFO magazines (PDFs) : Batch 1 : ACOS Bulletin, ACUFOS Journal, UFORAN + more
  54. 140+ issues of John Schuessler's “UFO Potpourri” newsletter now online (and other PDFs)
  55. Wilbert B Smith - 35 rare "Topside" newsletters now online (PDFs)
  56. "The Space People’s choice" for President of the USA : Gabriel Green – Newsletters (PDFs)
  57. MIBs, Albert Bender and Gray Barker - Newsletters from the 1950s (PDFs)
  58. Gene Duplantier’s UFO newsletters (1957-2006!) + “Irish UFO News” + “The Spaceviewer” - PDFs
  59. New PDFs : "Saucer Scoop" (Whritenour, Steiger et al), "Ovni", "Houston Sky", SPI, + more
  60. CIA Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room
  61. PDFs : European Journal (peer reviewed), UFO Canada, Jim Keith, Ed Harris + Stebbing
  62. JFK Assassination Records
  63. Webster Hubbell - Friends in High Places - The Clintons UFOs and Kennedy
  64. Black Vault - Project Blue Book Files discovered by Rob Mercer
  65. Ancient Alien Debunkers got Debunked
  66. Experiencer Research Findings by FREE
  67. Canadian UFO Researcher Christ Rutkowski donates thousands of UFO documents
  68. ETs Among Us 3 - a new documentary by Cybela Clare.
  69. James Fox - new documentary THE PHENOMENON
  70. Isaac Koi's UFO Transcript Database
  71. E.T. Contact: They Are Here
  72. SR-71 Blackbird
  73. New Witness Testimony - Craft pulled from the Ocean
  74. Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force
  75. Other Disclosure about UFOs (or UAPs)
  76. Canadian Government releases 20 Years of UFO Sightings to Vice News
  77. Secret Space UFOs: Rise of The TR3B
  78. New Open Minds Forum archive online
  79. The Man Who Mastered Gravity - T Townsend Brown book by Paul Schatzkin