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  1. Mars Anomaly, A Stone Urn/Bowl/?
  2. Mercury - Strange video.
  3. Mars Nautilus Crater Anomalies - A Four Legged Life Form and A Handbag
  4. Mars Nereus Crater Anomaly - Reptilian with A Small Shield/Plaque
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  6. Mars Anomaly - Silver-Looking Dome
  7. A call for close examination of Moon artifacrs
  8. Secrets Of The Moon.
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  10. A Disc Shaped Anomaly Near The Mars South Pole
  11. Life spotted on Venus: Russian scientist
  12. A Martian Horse Near Concepcion' Crater
  13. Tools and Information for ExtraPlanetary Research - Mars
  15. Tracks on Mars
  16. Mars Forest Canopies: Hidden Truth Report
  17. Clouds on Mars
  18. Billions of Habitable Worlds Likely in the Milky Way
  19. Elephant Face On Mars
  20. Monolith on Mars
  21. Saturn's Saucer Shape Moon
  22. Face and tunnel on Mars
  23. Celestial - Jose Escamilia's new documentary on the Moon
  24. Evidence of planet SERPO and the Ebens!
  25. "Alien Structures" in Tycho Crater?
  26. More Martian oddities ...
  27. Mars: What We Have Learned
  28. Mars/Earth images comparison.
  29. Mars Disc Objects on Ground
  30. Mars Anomaly - Sign On Post
  31. The Saturn-Alien Connection
  32. A Real Extraterrestrial?
  33. The mystery of the lights on Ceres
  34. Was A Pyramid Found On Mars?
  35. Floating spoon of Mars
  36. Sun has 53-Earth-Wide rift (hole) in it
  37. The Sun and Magnetics
  38. Possible Second Sun/Object "Red Kachina" or other?
  39. Our Solar System and its Magnetic Field
  40. New Images of the Lunar Shard ?
  41. Evidence of nuclear events on Mars
  42. Empirical Evidence for Life on Mars
  43. Mars Anomaly - Odd Looking Piece Across From Cape St. Vincent/Victoria Crater
  44. Two Anomalous-looking Features on Mars
  45. Distant galaxy sends out 15 high-energy radio bursts
  46. Ross 128 b
  47. Pyramid complex on Pluto