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12-27-2012, 08:42 PM
Today as I was making the rounds of visiting various ufo sites I stumbled across some information found on “The President UFO Website” , which if you have never visited this site is a great resource on what the presidents knew \ know about UFOs and etc.

I think it is a great resource for disclosure, cover-ups and official documents.


Anyways, I noticed on the homepage a few postings about a POTUS briefing with regard to Disclosure.

For those unaware, POTUS is an acronym for President of the United States. I was intrigued because of the posting date of Christmas. So it drew me in.

What this document is all about is a movie proposal that the brainchild (Gordon Novel) claims to have the backing of the US President and the CIA, with the sole purpose of being the official announcement of Disclosure.


Here is the briefing proposal.


This proposal was put together in 2009 with the hope of being directed by Steven Spielberg (UNVERIFIED) and, as stated above was Gordon’s hope to be the official Disclosure announcement from the US Government.

It is a very very interesting read and if it would have come true it would have been very interesting to see how it was accepted.

According to Gordon, the style was to be like Al Gore’s movie about global warming “An Inconvenient Truth” which he believes would have put so much pressure on the Government that they would have been forced to reveal the truth.

Unfortunately, Gordon passed away in October of 2012 so it is unclear to me if the project is still moving forward.

I am curious to know the groups knowledge of Gordon Novel.

What kind of reputation, if any, does \ did Gordon have with this group?

Here is a 30 minute video where he talks about a lot of strange things including this movie, secret UFOs, Anti-Gravity and Conspiracies


12-27-2012, 11:30 PM
In the first 5 mins it sounds like he is about to describe the principle dynamics of phasing technology. including the rational discoveries of traversing large distances using different methods. He seems to be clued in.

@ 6 through 7min

Interesting video, world views are consistent with what you'd expect of a person dealing with "the Others" Faction of ET. Interestingly he cites that they cannot intervene in world affairs until God allows them to do so. Proceeds to describe God in unflattering descriptive. This inability of the ET to intervene in Worldly affairs in a publc way are inline with what is in the Bible.

@ 7min 15 secs

Gordon seems to know about the time viewing devices. As well as has knowledge of the way they do things. Interesting that this individual has that much access to that knowledge. Frames (incorrectly IMO) that the ET simply look at a time viewing device and carry out whatever is prescribed. Does not seem to understand the background information of how they receive orders, possibly limited knowledge on ET command/control structures?

So far this is an interesting interview. I have heard of the name on OMF but didn't really know much about what he was about. I like his expressive openness and unabashed behaviors during the interview on various subjects. I do not like some of his opinions though. Though it is not surprising considering who he got to know.

@ 7:45

Does not seem to know about the conflicts between factions. Does not seems to know about the deterioration issues. Does not seem to know about the background living conditions some of the populations face. Possibly an assessment derived on limited first hand observations or a subject of the Human/ET programs.

@ 9min

Ah, so he hasn't directly met them, only their "mediators". (associates on the ground)
That explains why he doesn't know some of the backgrounds of these folks.

He also explains what they do with their free time. (funny enough if you read the Bible)

He seems to have glancing knowledge of what the ET intend to do with those "kept" populations they keep growing.

@ 20:30

Gordon makes references to the possession of time viewing devices by some Human organization. I have only heard ET reference that. When they talk about the two halves of the surviellance system they employ.
A sister project they describe as Human lead (with ET oversight) which uses the technology to control/manipulate world affairs. With the understanding that they cannot use it to obstruct the Alien Agenda.

The other is "the Agency" (ET led with almost no human oversight) which they described as watching for disruptive timeline events. The Agency is ET concentric and supposedly watches over all events and leaks (according to the ET) and intervenes in the moment before an event is birthed which will disrupt the way events will go on Earth.

He is likely making reference to the Human-led sister project. Though I do not believe "Majestic" exists.

12-28-2012, 12:16 AM
@ 30 min

I can only guess that Gordan was one undercurrent of the folks trying to beat ET to their shell game in the future.

The only problem is, mankind can't have free energy as it is one of the leverage technologies that the ET will later offer [a desperate] humanity under it's own non-negotiable terms. That is why Gordon or any of the other backing undercurrents to reneg on their original deal will go south.

There were stories that the Advisor (an ET) used to tell me about the way the Human leaders wanted to act as they started to realize they were going to be displaced and then turned into scapegoats for the populations fury.

Right now, they (the human groups) must have figured out they are going to be framed by the ET. The undercurrent efforts to replace the way historical disclosure will happen (under the ET scenarios) is a justifiable effort that came around just a tad too late.

They got into bed with the wrong kind of [ET] people and now there is no way out of it.

Trying to pre-empt the ET disclosure scenario by crashing in on the party surprise before it is set to happen is like trying to throw an apple up and hoping it won't come back down. It defies probability.

12-28-2012, 12:17 AM
Wow, that's a very detailed and impressive review of that interview Fore, will come in handy when I watch it.

12-28-2012, 02:52 PM
As I do more research on Gordon, one quickly disclovers he had his hands in a lot of pies.... some even think he was involved in the Kennedy assignations.

There is no doubt in my mind that this guy was completely "wired in"...

Dr Ronald Pandolfi... very interesting dude...

Just look at some of the people on his science team at RAM...Google these people.... it is a pretty impressive group of friends.....

Professor Elizabeth A Rauscher
H David Froning
Dr Harold Puthoff
Dr George F Uhlig
Dr Christopher (Kit) Green
Dr Bruce Maccabee
Dr Ronald Pandolfi
Brad Sorensen
Dr John Alexander
Stanton T Friedman
Dr Reginald L Jaynes
Dr Mark E Pesses
Thomas Sullivan
Dr John Brandenburg

I am currently listening to Revolution Radio Special Part 1 - Super Ruundtable Paul Richard Price Show that aired the day after he died on October 4th. Paul Price, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Richard Dolans, Jim Marrs, and Jerry Pippin all talk about his life and all his pies...lol. Although it has not been...and prob never will be proven, they specualte that he was..... murdered by the CIA.... It is a very good listen if you have time...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ilJyLzvl-A - part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwPHWKVJgqQ&feature=youtu.be - part 2