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01-16-2013, 07:37 AM
Are we ready for the aftermath of Disclosure? This list is subject to change: Anyone wishing to add suggestions is welcome. This list is a rough draft of preparing for it.

Preparing for Disclosure

1) Family, friends and neighbors will be looking for answers and details. If they are aware you have researched UFOs, it is likely many people will come to you for answers. *Be aware, that Disclosure is likely to be partial at best, laced with lies and deceit. Advise them to take a breath, relax, and “wait and see”. Remember, much of your research will prove false, partial truth and or true. It will take time to sort through it all.

2) Do not be quick to jump on a bandwagon of the first public alien craft visiting us. Do not rush to bad judgment. At the same time be aware there are other alien races out there. We need to hear all sides of Galactic Politics and who is who.

3) Know where our Spaceports are located. Spaceport America (http://spaceportamerica.com/) is one, and there are others.

4) Do not burn down churches, as it would be a bad idea. *Do not use Day of Disclosure as a weapon against religions.

5) Do not accept every claim made by an alien ambassador as fact. Again, there are many alien races out there. Hearing all sides of an issue – story is best before pleading allegiance to a type of United Planets or whatever. *Taking the wait and see approach is best.

6) Educate yourself ahead of time. Exoplotics (http://www.exopoliticssouthafrica.org/index.html) is one of a handful of schools covering this topic.

7) Expect the internet to crash due to a sudden high volume of traffic. Expect scams on UFOs and aliens to pop-up everywhere, as well as those with hidden agendas, those afraid of what alien life means on a personal level.

8) Information that spreads across the internet, mainstream media and other media outlets will have their personal take and agendas.

9) Humans did not invent propaganda.

10) Decades of suppression have created a wild west of information and mis-information, fiction intermixed with facts.

11) Suicide watch for those in fear. An abrupt change of reality is rough.

12) Wait and see who shows up next from outside our solar system.

01-16-2013, 10:38 AM
Assuming it happens on a day when the world is still normal (not already in chaos from other factors):

- If internet goes down from too much traffic, so will cell and telephone networks. Information will then have to come through word of mouth, TV (from the government) and radio. Having a portable AM, FM, Shortwave radio would be a plus. Walkie Talkies have a 3 mile range, better than nothing if the cell network is down. Police scanner would be useful too.

- There will be a window of time while majority of people are in denial, in shock, hanging on every word coming out of their TV, waiting to see what happens, etc... before acting. This is the time to hit the grocery store, gas station, bank, stock broker, etc... to take care of business before any mass panic arises.

- Have a hard drive full of reference materials. Ebooks, PDFs, downloaded websites, documentary videos. And a couple spindles of DVDs, flash drives, plenty of paper and toner. In case you need to distribute educational materials.

- If you're planning on doing any public speaking to your community, eBay has some good deals on body armor ;)