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Anyone else hear about this? Some alien researchers say that not only do ET's manipulate our physical bodies in this world, but they also deceive us after we've died. Robert Morningsky warns us not to go into the white light we see when we die because it is a trap to further our enslavement and put us straight back into another body. He says to stop, look around, go out into space and find your own light. The white light is used as a reprogramming centre to install amnesia and screw up our lives because we forget our past lives from this. Susan Reed reports that reptilians erase our past life memories so our subconscious believes we have more karma to pay back than we really do. This also fits in with the Wingmakers guy James who talks about Anu creating an artificial world and luring and trapping souls into it so he can be king of the world.

In The Eye of Ra, Truman Cash talks about his experiences in the white light with ET's like Mantis Beings. He says it is used for brainwashing purposes during abductions. In a few of his past lives when he died, he would automatically report back to a ufo and into the white light to be reprogrammed and sent back into another body before he could fly on and go somewhere else.

According to him, there is a phony, superficial 'god, love and happiness' feeling when in the white light as if that is a program to entrain you to like that place and choose to go back there. He says there is a complete system used on earth to trap souls here and make them forget who they are, their past life memories and goals upon incarnating.

One spirit from a Dolores Cannon book mentions how stupid incarnating to earth is lol. She said it's like you sign up to go to college, then when you get there, there is no school, no books, no teachers and nobody knows what they're supposed to be doing. Apparently Earth is like the only place around like that.

Cash also mentions his past life memories as a free spiritual being and being lured into a body. There was a naked man in a chair being pleasured by four naked women, and he went into the body for the pleasure of it. Then he was locked into the body. He also mentions various ET putting him into different bodies and dropping him off in certain areas to be perceived as a holy man of god.

He writes:

December 6, 1995 Memory Recovery Session:

12,389 years ago I was out in space-as a free being-and looking down at Earth. I didn't notice that a very large,
black, spherical implant station was approaching me, because my attention was focused on the planet. An invisible,
electronic tractor beam locked onto me and began pulling me into a circular, concave structure on the implant station.
The extreme power of this tractor γ overwhelmed me and made me feel awful. In spite of my abilities as a free
being, I couldn't fight free. I was pulled into the entrance, which was a tunnel in the center of the concave surface. I
was then accelerated down this long, curved tunnel toward the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. (My colloquialism for
this type of implant station is a "soul sucker. ")
After being totally overwhelmed by this energy beam and pulled through this tunnel, I began to feel very lethargic.
I then found myself in an implanting room, being compressed into a female body by a powerful, WHITE LIGHT energy
beam that beat me into a body. This energy beam was so irritating that I felt like screaming. I began to try to fight
back with the body. That's when they knew that the implantation was finished--because I was using MY BODY to fight
Two tall insectoid beings that looked like praying mantises then escorted me to another part of the implant station. I
was now in a very large, WHITE UGHT room. I milled around aimlessly amongst other human bodies in this dense,
fog-like LIGHT. Through telepathic hypnosis I hear a very soothing, hypnotic voice whispering in my head: "Sleep.
Don't worry. We'll take care of you. Don't remember. You have no past. You will not need to remember your past.
Be here now. No more thoughts of the past. Forget the past. Move forward into a new life. You will begin a new
life in the LIGHT. "
After I was thoroughly inculcated in this WHITE LIGHT amnesia room, two insectoids approached me and told me
that I was ready to begin my new life. They escorted me into another large, open area of the implant station, which was
a hangar containing many flying disks. They walked me across the hangar and up the ramp of one of the flying saucers.
I got a big surprise in this session when I saw what the inside of this ship looked like-It was a carbon copy of Ra' s
ship, the eye of Ra! The only difference was that this ship didn't have a throne in it.
The insectoids then flew me down to Atlantis in this craft. When we landed, I walked down the ramp and into the
WHITE LIGHT amnesia fog outside the craft. Apparently, ETs can create this "fog" outdoors as well as indoors. One
of the praying mantis guys told me that I won't remember anything and that I'll start my new life now. Then they took
off and left me alone in the hills overlooking the ocean.

05-02-2013, 04:24 PM
December 5, 1995 Memory Recovery Session:
"Recall the last session. "
"That was when I was put in a body. " (This was the December 3rd session described above.)
"Scan the last incident. "
"I was trained to trap beings in bodies, but I didn't recall any specific incident of putting beings in bodies.
It's amazing how they can compress beings into a very small head. "
"Did we get everything from that incident? "
"Yes. "
"Return to an earlier, similar incident. "
"There's something there-a queasiness in my stomach and that leg jerk in my right leg. This involves an alien,
a bug-like one, a praying mantis-like alien. I have the impression of a voice, possibly programming. Something
flashed in my head. I'm just going on impressions. I saw that foggy LIGHT. I hear a voice say 'Go to the
LIGHT, ' and I go to the LIGHT. It feels like I'm in a big room. For some reason I popped back to my school
days in at the gymnasium there; I don't know Why. " (In retrospect, I believe this occurred because
the WHITE LIGHT room in this incident reminded me of a big gymnasium.) "This sounds so absurd, but I'll go
ahead and tell you. I have the impression of being put in a body and into a capsule and being sent down to a
planet in this capsule. There's that terrible feeling in my body like something terrible's happening to me. This
praying mantis-like being over me. It's right before I'm put into this capsule. It seems like this thing lands in
the water by a beach, a tropical area. I think I'm totally naked. "
"Start at the beginning of this incident and see if you can pick up more details. "
"I'm not going to the beginning-about the middle of the incident. The phrase "Go to the LIGHT. " It's an
implant station. I see a big round sphere, like a space station maybe. "
"What happens next? "
"The insect guy. I think right before that, I'm in an area that feels like a round room, and there's this intense,
WlflTE, blinding LIGHT coming from the walls. " (The room that I was in was a sphere with a diameter of
about twelve feet. The walls of the inside of this sphere were radiating this bright, WHITE LIGHT force field.)
"There's a struggle to counteract the force of the LIGHT that's 360 degrees (around me), that's forcing me into
this body. I feel it in my body-not just my head-in my torso. They're not just compressing me into a head. Oh
man, don't go to the LIGHT. This sphere opens on one end, making a vesica pisces. It's interesting how that
ties in. M
[The vesica piscis shape is formed by the intersection of two circles. It looks like a typical flying disk standing
on its edge or the vertical slits in the eyes of cats and snakes. It is the same shape as the Christian fish
symbol for Jesus, only without the 'fins. It was also an ancient fertility symbol representing the vulva.]
MI walk out (through the vesica pisces opening in the sphere). I'm in my body. I'm naked. I'm in a big--high
ceiling-big area. It seems rather circular all throughout implant station. I feel like I'm beamed up into another
room high above it. It's the room where they lay you down on a table. It's a control room. It's not a box-type
room. It's weird. These beings, I don't believe, are Grays. They have long, thin legs like an insect. They
communicate telepathically. I lie on the table. They do something to me here, like high voltage or something. I
think this process is they're anchoring me into my head. M
"What kind of a body do you have?M
"It's male. It's hairy, with a caucasian skin. The thing that pops into my mind: that these beings are
'ancients. ' I saw that in a TV show, but it's like a knowingness that they're ancients. Down by my feet is a
cocoon-shaped capsule. The conveyor slides me into it, and the top is put on. I'm shut in this capsule and shot
onto this planet. I think it's Earth. "
"When is this?"
"I don't know. It (the capsule) lands in the sea by an island on the shore of a sandy beach. I'm not sure of the
time at all. "
"Return to the beginning of the incident. "
" Okay. I'm going into a big, huge sphere, space station. I'm going through a tunnel of LIGHT. At the end of
the tuniel is this room-and a body--with intense LIGIIT & power that just presses and pushes on me, forces me
into this body. I can feel the body now, as it (the force field) pushes me in. It's caucasian, naked, male. "
[At this point I compare my present body and genitalia with the body that I'm being forced into in this incident.]
"Then this vesica piscis thing opens up. I walk out a ways. It's starting to make sense: It's programming you to
be an infant and go out the birth canal."
[I had just realized that they designed this elaborate entrapment scheme to parallel the natural birth process where
one is pushed out through a tunnel (birth canal) towards the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel and through the
vesica piscis opening (vulva).]
"There' s a huge, vast area of the ship, huge, high ceiling, the wall goes up. " (The implanting sphere was located
in this very large room.) "A beam comes down from the ceiling, well over a hundred yards up. I'm floated up
the beam into this room. They guide me along (telepathically): 'Walk this way. please. Lie on the table,
please. ' They're polite. I lie on this metal table. There's power surges here again. It concentrates me into the
head of the body. They have praying mantis looks. Long necks. When I try to look at its face, my head hurts.
I feel really sad. M
"Why do you feel sad?"
"Because they put me in a body. They tricked me. They put me in a capsule and shoot it out of the . . . ub, shoot
it out to a planet. It lands in an ocean by a beach. It opens up, and I go out. It's tropical and warm. "
"Give me a flash answer--Wben is this?"
"Something like five thousand years ago. It's the first thing that comes to mind. Warm weather. A lot of
food. That's where I live. Fifteen thousand or five thousand--I'm not sure. I wonder if I was a free being. "
(Sometimes two or more dates can appear simultaneously if there are other similar incidents that have been
triggered. )
"Give me a flash answer-What planet is this?"
"Earth. "
"Return to the beginning of the incident. "
" I think the beginning is when I died. It's a battIe with swords. I think a sword goes right through me, in my
abdomen. I hear this ('Go to the LIGHT')-I'm out of my body--I don't know if somebody communicates this to
me or what, but I'm going to the LIGHT, a tunnel of LIGHT, very fast. This LIGHT goes to this implant station
that's just huge. Reminds me of a small planet or moon. It's just really huge. At the end of the tunnel of
LIGHT in this room with glowing WIllTE LIGHT, there's a body in the middle of the room. The LIGHT just
pushes me into the body. There's some pressure in my head. The sphere opens up making a doorway that I walk
out of (the vesica piscis-shaped opening). I walk out into the middle of the room. I walk and I float up to this
room where these 'ancients' are, the praying mantis guys. I'm a white male. I go over to the capsule. It opens
up. One side of the room kind of zigzags and goes up-a control panel-a 'star Trek' type of thing. In the
capsule they give me an electric shock. It further anchors me in my body and specifically the head. The mantis
guy gives me a telepathic command to be in my head. They do some other stuff to drive me into my headintense
'machine-gun, ' like a pneumatic hammer. Drives you into your head. When he finishes with that, the
capsule comes together. It's not smooth (on the outside), it's molded, it's got indented sections. They shoot this
capsule down to this planet--Earth. It lands in the ocean. I get out on the beach. It seems like they retrieve these
capsules after they land. It seem like the battle I was in was in the Middle East. I think it was five thousand and
some years ago. "
"Do you think you got everything out of this incident?"
"5,349 years ago. Don't go to the LIGHT. I was right about that. That makes sense--the Serpent Staff group.
The New Age LIGHT. It's part of the trap. "
"Is it okay to leave this incident?"
"Yes. "

He also mentions how a lot of religious rites, like the born-again-Christian thing is designed to trigger unconscious programming related to being born again from that white light and forgetting everything. Maybe the vesica pisces symbol is used to trigger the birthing process through the white light? Tsarion says that the reason church arch-doors are shaped like a female's sexual organ is because it represents going into the mother. It may be another programming trigger. This might partially explain why abductions mirror the birthing process.


A couple friends and I also have memories of being in a white space before birth. I don't know if my own memories began when I was around 3-5 or if they are actually memories from before birth. I thought of the white space as 'the beginning of everything' where some jerk-spirit I could dimly see 'invented the word "bad"' (child's logic). I didn't like him because if he didn't invent the word 'bad' then there wouldn't be any evil in the world. I remember the white space as having no walls, just foggy white light where you floated around. Sometimes there were other beings who appeared as floating shadows moving around. That's all I remember now and it fades as I get older.

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Some more vesica pisces symbolism:


Philip K Dick's gnostic revelations were triggered by an ichthys symbol. I wonder if that brought his subconscious mind back to the white light birthing process and he connected with his being before he was programmed with amnesia.

The white room from THX 1138. During a sleep paralysis episode I saw a being that looked like that cop there, where his face was just all white.


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I remember Art Bell bringing this up from time to time. He had a guest, might have been Ed Dames or Aaron Donahue, who remote viewed the white light and said it was a cold false light. He likened it to Lucifer, the 'bringer of light,' and said if you encounter it, to head left or right instead.

John lear said on another forum, "The following is an opinion: if you go into the light, you go into the 'soul catcher' which can keep the soul for a time or sent it to a new born baby on earth. I don't know what happens if you go away from the light. Many years ago in a very private conversation with Whitely Strieber he told me, 'Whatever you do don't go into the light.' Am I going into the light? Yes."

Elsewhere Lear said, "Whitley Streiber was the one who told me that 'the light' was a trick of the grays. He suggested that we not go towards the light. Now, November 9, 2011, I don't believe the 'light' is a trick of the grays or of anybody else. I believe the light is at the entrance of the reception room where we go when we die. As I said before the grays are just 'workers', kind of very advanced slaves; cybernetic organisms who are employed by different ET groups to perform different jobs."

From what I read in books on Spirit Releasement Therapy, and heard from a couple friends who do dreamtime work rescuing human souls stuck earthbound, and mediums who work with ghosts to clear up home hauntings ... It's the ones who don't go into any kind of light that end up sticking around in a limbo state and become ghosts or phantoms. It's like you can either take the exit door and eventually reincarnate, or you can go nowhere and become a drifter and hang around the living, absorbing their energies to stay in sync with material reality.

Forgot where I read it, maybe it was Rudolf Steiner, who said such drifters can also hijack a fetus and be born into a body without going through the full afterlife process, and that this was some way of circumventing higher laws. It results in a person who is a metaphysical freak of sorts, and not in a good way.

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This is very interesting. I don't believe it's coincidence that novelist and short story writer PHillip K. Dick is being mentioned on here again whose connected to the eleven eleven phenomena.

I had a girlfriend (don't know if I could call it that) who may have been linked to these kinds of insect beings. I don't know her history, but once I start to speak about it everything I say starts to sound like psycho babble.

How it goes is that our relationship was almost purely sexual for several years, and I was about 20 and she was, I think, 49 at the start of it. Lots of deception about her identity involved through the whole course of the relationship. A very mysterious woman with a very strong ability to persuade with her eyes. She could get men and people to like her by talking with her eyes, if that makes any sense. She had some psychic gifts as well, but anway.

During the beginning of it, before we had gotten together, she would always flirt with me and cook for me. I remember at one point not being able to stop thinking about her, after a while it progressed so bad that if I tried to fight the thoughts of thinking about her I'd get kind of scrunched up in my stomach and get minor twitches originating from the area in my stomach. Unless I was with her physically and mentally it wouldn't stop. So this went on and we finally got together. I remember reading something about aliens putting implants into people to cause people that wouldn't normally fall in love to fall head over heals for each other very early into the relationship. However at the time I brushed it off at the time only believeing it about 50% and even less that it could apply to my situation. Even now a part of me doubts it but another part, due to my experiences, thinks it might be plausible.

So after a while, about a year and a half, I first started getting intuition's that maybe she was into or involved with something bad, spiritually speaking. Just intuition based off of nothing. I'd also noticed that sometimes she'd exhibit similar twitches and spasms outwardly from her stomach if confronted with subjects like sex, or me leaving her to have sex with other women. I soon found out through several different sources she did some kind of myticism/voodoo/witchcraft to my stomach to keep the two of us forever bound to each other and keep me crazy and emotional about her.

So everytime I tried to leave her I'd feel this intense pulling to go back to her and get intense no stop thoughts all about her on a range of different subjects. I remember one time It was so bad that I went into prayer and something came over me that help me not think about her. The moment I broke the obessive thoughts she began to call me and harrass me and tell me how she loved me. I'm not lying when I mean almost exactly the moment after I broke my thoughts off of her she came calling.

On a spirtual level the whole relationship took me totally off course over what I had planned to be doing in my life. If your a very spirtual person you'll understand what I'm talking about.

The strangest part of our relationship was the amount of times I had seen the number eleven eleven. The first time we had sex and got together and thus it being our anniversary was on November 11, 2010 at 11:11 am. I remember the two of us taking not of it and laughing about it. The same day we spontaneously had sex again however at 11:11pm.

We had several arguments where when I try to leave I'd get into my car and it would 11:11. I'd ask her strange questions pertaining to this kind of thing and we'd see the 1111 on a receipt or on a car's license plate. Safe to say I'd see it all the time when something strange about her was trying to make itself known for my own safety. Whether it was the score of a basketball game, a receipt, the time, someone speaking it, etc, I'd see it.

I remember also I'd get thoughts of her, or feel what I could only describe as her personality or soul around and inside me where I'd be 'feeling her' so strongly that I'd have to seek her out and be in her presence. To this day I can feel 'her' inside me...Anyone else anywhere would call me crazy, and in a way they are right, this is all crazy not-normal stuff for crazy people. I remember one time I had been trying to break up with her and was talking to my friend on the phone in the middle of the night and kept feeling her all throughout myself but veyr much so in my stomach. Then At precisely, and I swear to you on this it's not lie, One hour, eleven minutes, and eleven seconds into out conversation my phone lights up and beeps. I look at the phone and tell him about it and hang up to check what message I received. I look on the phone and it's a text message from her saying "How much she loves, and needs me" and what not.

Towards the end our relationship turned more sexual. I remember one night in that place of consciousness between sleep and being awake I had several strange images in my mind of insect like beings killing people from some sci-fi movie I'd seen a while ago. The thought that these things were somehow using the energy generated from the loveless sex we had been having also crossed my mind. As I was having these thoughts I woke up and found her standing in a corner of the room in dim light. It all felt very strange. She then told me she was having a lot of trouble breathing and couldn't sleep (she always had insomnia problems probably because of all the things bothering her on her mind). This was the first time she ever had a breathing problem this bad. I told her about the images and the idea I had and she just suddenly got very pissed off. I don't know how to explain it, but I know she wasn't pissed off in the idea that I was saying something crazy, but that I said something she didn't want me to say or to know about. She got really mad and proceeded to try and foment a fight. So I remained silent and just watched her and she she went on. Eventually I left at around 4:30 in the morning.

So that was basically the beginning of the end for me of three years. The strange thing however is this. I tried to text her today to just see how things were. The first text was texted at 1:11 pm. The second at 1:17 (which is my father birthday-January 17) and the third at 1:21 which is a multiple of 11x11. After that I felt what I can basically describe as 'her' in my stomach and then proceeded to see the numbers 11111, 111, 1111 almost twenty times in the quick books program I was using in several different places randomly. And now I'm here writing this....

05-03-2013, 10:11 PM
Dark group that I once knew of encouraged the myth that the white-light is a trap, and one should not go there. While I agree that going to light makes one part of kind of process where free-will might not be as much available (assuming it is kind of Gnosis, losing ego and such - who would be there to use the will?) But the staying around will make one a ghost of some kind. There are demons and spirits who are willing to employ ghosts and pay with their influence. So for some satanists, consciously becoming ghost and hanging around with dark entities you knew beforehand and continuing working with same agendas, can be a plausible option. Especially for those who fear the reincarnation.
So, considering that this view is shared by parties I don't like to associate with, the light seems to be the right option.

But is it the only one available, no alternatives? And is it only there for a limited time-frame?
Couldn't one decide to hang around as ghost for few years and then choose go to the light when being ghost loses it's appeal?

I've read of the myth that some old and wealthy families, their souls reincarnate to each anothers grand-children, thus circumventing the idea that one loses the wealth gathered during life. Could this be the method they use?
Montalk: Can you remember details on how do humans who reincarnate without really dying differ from normal ones?

05-03-2013, 10:38 PM
Good synchronities here Infinityflame :D (check my post time), used to get 11:11 often as well, rare nowdays. I feel that I should say something, let's see.
Alright, you're dealing with someone who clearly has skills and manipulated you for her own interests and disliked when you noticed it. That kind of manipulation is very low thing to do and the entities that encourage such, are not healthy to be around. If you haven't disengaged of her already, it might do you good to get a proper distance. I don't usually want to judge straight on, but that sounds like a spiritually abusive situation. And it wise to treat it as abusive relationship and not return regardless what she says or how you feel. Hopefully this is all well past, but you probably have bunch of her influence inside you, and she could still use it to lock on to you and manipulate your emotions.
Do some proper and repeated cleansing, some defensive energywork and thoughtforms if you know how, and pray for checking out for influence traces, their removal and defence against her. If issues persist / just for the security of it, you could get a well-reputed energy-healer to check you out. I know of a similar case where outside help was the final step needed to separate last bonds of spiritually abusive relationship. It'll cost, but the guy who told me of her ex, said that when he felt the huge feeling of freedom afterwards, it was worth it.

05-03-2013, 11:41 PM
Montalk: Can you remember details on how do humans who reincarnate without really dying differ from normal ones?

Nothing additional that I remember, but I'll search for it and will post the excerpt when/if I find it.

05-06-2013, 09:54 PM
Thank you very much for the information Arkki. It was very kind of you to get involved and offer me help. Things are getting better steadily and I'm able to focus on a lot more now that she's gone, however I'm still busy clearing up traces of her that are left.

05-07-2013, 04:14 AM
I don't have much time to read everything here and respond too much, but I can add one little thing. When Robert Morningsky talked about the white light trap, he mentioned there is another light you can go to. He advises to turn away and hold back from going into the first light that is presented to you when you die. I believe I remember him saying that you should go to the left or right, out into space, and find your own light. Whatever that is I'm not sure.Guess not all lights are the same. Some heal and some burn.

05-07-2013, 04:36 AM
I just found this (http://sun-gazing.com/pdf/buddhism/The-Tibetan-Book-of-the-Dead-Annie-Shapiro.pdf), paraphrased from the Tibetan Book of the Dead and associated Oriental sources:

The Bardo Thodral (Book of the Dead) tells us that immediately after death we experience “the luminosity” or, “inner radiance of the first intermediate state” (Dorje 2005). The luminosity described appears right after the consciousness leaves the body, and lasts, according to Thurman, about as long as it takes to eat a meal (Thurman 2005). The naked luminosity is perhaps the “white light at the end of the tunnel,” which so many people describe in near-death experiences. It could be called God, pure consciousness, or awareness. In Tibet, it is called “the nature of mind,” among many other descriptors. What the Bardo Thodral points out is this clear luminosity is one and the same as our true nature. The luminous consciousness is our true essence. If one can recognize that, one can attain state of “rainbow body” and move beyond samsara, or suffering, completely. The Tibetans see death as a great opportunity for this reason. It is easier to attain enlightenment in this state than in the afterlife (Thurman 1994: 121).

After this state, if one does not recognize the pure luminosity, one moves into the “between stages,” or bardos. After the luminosity stage, the consciousness of the being is able to perceive and move in the world without their body, like a ghost. At this point, the soul may see those people who are close to him or her in mourning. This may cause suffering for the being because they want their loved ones to know that they are not dead, but still alive. However, at this point, the soul should completely let go of attachment to the past life, the people and the places in it, in order to embark fully on a new journey (McLean 1999).

[...] After the appearance of the various psychical manifestations run their course, the lights of the six realms appear. Here, the soul can choose the next rebirth. These lights are not as bright as the dazzling appearances before, but this is just as important as the spirit can choose its next rebirth. According to Buddhism, everyone reincarnates unless they have become completely enlightened during the Bardo stage. Even enlightened masters choose to reincarnate, because they are Bodhisattvas who have vowed to be reborn until every being is saved (McLean 1999).

For each realm, there is a different colored light. The grey smoky light represents the hell realm, where anger is the dominant emotion. The yellow light represents the realm of the hungry ghosts, which is characterized by craving, and the green light is that of the animal realm. The blue light is that of the human realm. The red light is the realm of the assuras, jealous gods who are more powerful than humans; the white light is that of the godly realm, which is said to be heavenly, but is characterized by pride. Although it may seem more desirable to be reborn in the gods’ realm, it is said that the human realm is the best one, because here exists a mix of pleasure and suffering to make one’s consciousness strive to evolve (Dzogchen Ponlop 2007: 211-217).

In order to attain a human rebirth, one is supposed to go towards the blue light. Another suggestion that could potentially help attain this rebirth is visualizing the guru and consort in union. As the spirit is drawn to a particular rebirth, it should look for a good situation, including loving parents and an environment where there is leisure time to practice meditation or contemplation. One will see a human couple copulating and will be drawn to them at the moment of conception. “They will be drawn to human parents like a magnet” says Ch’an Master Sheng-yen. This couple will become the person’s new parents.

05-07-2013, 05:21 AM
The problem is, what happens when the Earth is gone? Do these souls move to another planet? Are there more souls now than in the past and where did they come from? How can souls learn from their mistakes if they can't remember?

05-07-2013, 06:31 AM
The problem is, what happens when the Earth is gone? Do these souls move to another planet?

Good question. Past life regression books sometimes involve cases where a soul allegedly came here from another planet. I read some of that in Dolores Cannon's and Ruth Montgomery's books. If true, then Earth souls ought to be able to move to another planet too.

Are there more souls now than in the past and where did they come from?

Maybe they came from other realms, other planets. Or maybe the soul can multiply like cell mitosis.

If they were all created at the very beginning, they must have waited around for a long "time" before 7 billion bodies became available.

Then again, what if there were only a couple hundred million souls in the beginning, and now there are more bodies than souls, so you have a lot of empty seats, so to speak.

How can souls learn from their mistakes if they can't remember?

Well consider this. If someone were to test you on your integrity, would they tell you first, or would they do it when you weren't suspecting it? "I'm going to test you on your integrity now. Ow I have fallen, will you please help me up? Great, you pass the test." A psychopath could pass that test. Now, if you didn't know you were being tested, how could you possibly pass the test? By simply being who you are, assuming you have the required integrity. Maybe it's something like that.

So if you learn a spiritual lesson in life, it can't be a mere intellectual thing you memorize and then lose when you forget. It has to be something that changes you at the core, that causes inner growth. This change sticks with you whether you are conscious of it or not, whether you consciously remember it or not. Therefore even if you forget the original memories of the experience, you are still a different person for it.

Memory could be a form of cheating for those who use it irresponsibly. Like "Oh I remember how murdering my boss in another life put me in the electric chair. Now I want so badly to kill my neighbor and steal his iPhone, but I better not because I don't want to be executed again." That's not a real "lesson" ... it's an adaptation or intellectual form of avoidance of consequences. There's no empathy or kindness or understanding involved there.

I suspect that the more you grow, beyond a certain threshold you can then remember without it affecting you. I mean, if you were to remember everyone you ever lost and the manner in which they died, would you be able to handle that? If you could handle it with a clear mind and calm heart, maybe. I think there are esoteric masters who earn the keys to full memory of their past lives, not for petty reasons but because they need to know it, in order to more effectively do whatever grander thing they're here to do.

05-12-2013, 04:34 AM
The stuff about the different coloured lights is very cool. PKD stole ideas from The Book of The Dead in Ubik where people in the afterlife see a red light. That's not a good sign for them. It's an awesome book if you haven't read it. (Ubik means 'ubiquitous' and is one way he explored the idea of God).

The afterlife must be different for a lot of people with a lot of variables. Truman Cash remembers dying in a past life and flying instinctively, straight to a Ufo. He was then forced into another body through a white light of some sort. There's something to this because I'm sure that my white light area memory was before birth. There's probably many different white lights we could be talking about, including natural, heavenly realms as well as alien brainwashing and imprisonment procedures.

When I am clear-headed and pure at the soul level, I tend to see a blue light when I drift to sleep, and that is always a good sign. If I relax the spot of blue becomes bigger and makes me very calm and peaceful. Stuart Wilde says it is the light of the 'Aluna Worlds'. Though if my soul is in a bad place I will see monsters suddenly appear in my mind's eye.

When my old room mate channeled 'Marcy from Andromeda' she said that my white light area memory was probably an imagination of the afterlife. She said that it's where you go before the employees there (lol) put you in prison... Though she also said that the idea of 'beings feeding on fear' is a lie. Ken Bakerman vividly remembers a reptilian draining his life force and getting high off of his fear. Maybe it is 'life force' energy that is fed upon, and not necessarily the emotions, though the emotions might stimulate the delicious energy. So IDK if she was lying, or just being grammatically correct and not explaining things too much, because at that time it might have scared me too much so who knows maybe it's a good thing I stopped worrying about being fed upon back then.

Maybe they came from other realms, other planets.
It would be funny to see someone even try to attempt to disprove this one. A universe is pretty big. Lots of planets and people to incarnate into. You can have lives in China, the U.S., Canada and Brazil, why not on Saturn, the 8th moon of Jupiter and Andromeda? There are a bunch of people and stories I've heard of that involve their souls, their essence, living through multiple bodies.

and now there are more bodies than souls, so you have a lot of empty seats, so to speak.
Lol I thought of a bunch of spirits thinking "No way, no way in hell am I going to incarnate into a human on planet earth. I think I'll just stay on the sidelines." Maybe that's why there are so many empty seats, but it's probably more of a genetic chakra thing. Some spiritual books talk about how competitive it is to get a hold of a body here.

Montalk, good explanation for the spiritual value of amnesia. I feel like everything I experience is a test of some sort and often think of how I would look back on this moment from the higher perspective of after death.

06-30-2013, 02:24 AM
A verified psychic did a reading for me and described my white light memory. I gave her this description: "What is that 'white space' I remember as a kindergartener, where I was floating around in a foggy white light with some shadows or (souls?) floating around?"

She had trouble getting info on this one. This is what she said:

Hmm...(pause) When I focus on that I feel like I can't really connect to that question well. I'm getting in my mind it's like a night-time, umm, it feels like I'm around water like I can almost smell it like there's some kind of dampness umm like wetness but you have that smell in the air. And then I'm seeing what looks like rolling fog. And I feel like I'm out, I mean I'm definitely outside as I'm experiencing this. But I also feel like I'm either half-asleep or in a dreamy kind of state, I'm getting that... Let me try to push myself... I mean I'm getting that you were young and naive and this experience was hard for you to share with anybody. Like you didn't feel like people would either believe you if you talked about it or I don't know I'm getting that you really didn't get a lot of support with it and it was something that you kind of just didn't really talk about for a long time. Or if you did you didn't have people that were like really behind you believing it. (pause) Gosh I'm just not really getting anything more on this... I feel like I see a dark image like a person walking through this fog as if there's this wall of rolling smoke and there's this like one black shadow walks through it. Umm, there's just some kind of weird smell too... I don't know, if something comes through my head as I continue through this I'll jump back to that. Ok I can't tell you WHAT that was I'm just like, hmmm. Ok let me get to the next question...

I asked her to try again and get more on that.

07-02-2013, 12:47 AM
I asked her to try again and get more on that.
She couldn't get much more on that but mentioned one thing.

She said she felt the white light is used to separate the conscious mind from the unconscious mind. It's also for putting you into a dreamy state of mind so I remember these things as like a dream. She said the memory felt dreamy.

07-03-2013, 05:16 AM
I think the reason for the induced dreaminess might in part be to make an abductee think the memory is not solid reality, but a figment of a dream.. If that memory is an abduction experience which is what I suspect.

10-17-2013, 09:44 PM
I was reading this article which talked about this. How we are being farmed and recycled: http://www.oneballmedia.com/2013/09/27/now-i-know-this-is-the-greatest-robbery/

He makes some good points and talks about how we get ourselves caught in the trap by participating in traditions and rituals, empowering the false gods through their symbols. Like the way we live, every thought, feeling and action is our own vote, prayer and creative energy that creates the world around us, earth and spirit realm. If we live like willing slaves, we energize that reality. He says the Serpent Clan controls the physical and spiritual worlds our souls have been trapped in, thinking that all this endless suffering is necessary due to karma or lessons on how to be a good person. There is karma and there are lessons, but the interdimensional tricksters are playing god and I think they do mess with us after we die, for example, maybe wiping our past life memories clean? I don't think all hope is lost, or we're completely doomed but it's something to think about.

It reminded me of this video. The guy talks about how the contracts and agreements we make in this life have a powerful spiritual significance and that silence is a form of consent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex06_zWKmfI

11-18-2013, 03:32 PM
I found this from a guy who says he's had thousands or countless experiences astral travelling. He does not recommend astral travel and was forced into it every night because of a hole or damage in his aura where he is pulled into it. He says a lot of interesting things. Related to this, he says that the 'white light trap' is disinformation to keep light souls from remaining in the light and to become trapped as earthbound souls:

"That's the thing with these kinds of texts though, they're meant to make a lot
of sense, that way the lies go in much easier. But I can promise you that we're
not electrocuted after death to erase our memories and send us back to Earth.

Not Light souls, and not non light souls.

There is no such thing as "humanity" in spiritual terms as described by the alien.

Humanity consists of hundreds, maybe thousands of different factions, from all
over the galaxy, other galaxies and even other dimensions. They have all come
here at one point during the invasion.

Most of them came here in the past 89.000 years. Many humans are aliens and
extraterrestrials, others are extradimensional. Humanity as "soul" doesn't exist,
one human may be from the reptilian faction, another from the pleiadean one,

About your last question:

When a non light soul dies, he usually is pulled through astral space, which is the
dark tunnel they experience, and into their home astral realm, which is the light
they see at the end of that tunnel.

When a Light soul dies, he instantly withdraws back into the Light. There is no
dark tunnel, as we don't have to travel through the darkness of astral space.

So in both cases, Light or non light, the light we see, is our spiritual home.

Any lies to make us think the light is some trap, is fearmongering to get us to
refuse to enter the light, and remain earthbound, trapped on Earth. That way
we cannot incarnate anymore until someone helps us be free, and they won't
have to expend energy to prevent us from awakening in our next incarnation.

We are never forced to incarnate, we WANT to incarnate on Earth. It may be
hard to imagine that we want to be in such a **** hole as this society, but the
reason we want to come here, is to make it better, to bring heaven on Earth.

In the large picture, we only spend a tiny portion of our existence incarnated,
so every opportunity we get to incarnate, is an incredible gift.

We incarnate in bursts.. we will incarnate hundreds of times in a row, with a
few hundred years in between each incarnation, and then we spend billions
and billions and billions and billions of years in the spirit world, to give others
the chance to incarnate.

The Universe is simply too small and young yet to give everyone regular
incarnation opportunities. The Universe is basically still a toddler."


09-01-2014, 09:32 PM
There seem to be two different, but possibly intersecting and connected phenomenons related to altered states experiences of being in a white light: abductions, and near death experiences, which may both be out of body experiences.

The memory I shared in this thread of being in a white light with shadow beings around might be an abduction memory I think.

For research purposes, I found this milab experiencer recount something similar:

For example, literally my room would melt when I was going to sleep. Melt. In describing this everything would turn white, people would “appear” in my room and then encircle my bed.

Here is a larger part of the interview that quote is taken from:

12. Have you ever experienced bi location accidentally or in the framework of being “trained by your abductors” in milab operations or ET related experiences?

I have to laugh. This is a very loaded question. During this interview I have been very cautious (sorry) due to the understanding that what I say has a certain retribution. Milabs in general know this. We put our necks out and things happen. These things can be very difficult, I know I’m being vague here but it can be targeting, emotional trauma, and physical targeting that is rather dangerous. However, I would like to discuss what I call the “change”. The change is related to a change in location for me personally which also encompassed a change technologically in how these interactions occurred. Which has a great deal to do with bio-location. In my personal experience, this change occurred in the 1980′s.

In the 1980′s I had the misfortune to be taken regularly by a group that my have had military interactions, but they seemed to be more human experimenters, doctors who had the ability to bio-locate to continue these experiments on a completely different level. Meaning: At first I was being physically taken by military that were mostly Navy, then, when my family moved to another location, a very different type of abduction began to occur. This may be due to being closer to an area where this tech was being used or it may be due to technology that was gained during that era, or both.

For example, literally my room would melt when I was going to sleep. Melt. In describing this everything would turn white, people would “appear” in my room and then encircle my bed. These people were now not necessarily military, but were all white coated lab techs/ doctors. My bed would turn into a very sterile stainless steal bed, all of this would occur while I was wide awake. I could, in the initial beginnings of this transference, get up and go to the bathroom for example, but then upon returning to my bed, the transmutation of reality would occur rather quickly and continue again. This was very different from the military abductions that I had experienced earlier and also the ET abductions where I was taken to a craft and had more interactions. This was an entirely different world than the physical abductions that I was used to.

The abduction technology, which I was familiar with, where an ET could enter through walls, closed windows etc., was IMO being utilized by humans. Human people knew how to do this and were/are doing this. So in answer to your query, Yes. Physical and astral– both. Perhaps it is difficult to know which is what. This is where the physical aspects of “BEING” come into question. Timelines distort, and a person can be placed in the past, present or future… it’s hard to describe, yet I know the truth of this.

Now this “change” really encompassed more. Also, I noted that I could be suddenly needing a nap for instance (which I believe was a programmed response), I would lay down and find that I would be “pulled in” to a scenario that was using me for a Remote Viewing operation. Now, this means that we can be taken out of our bodies by another group through their will. This is concerning. I’m not meaning to scare anyone, but this needs to be discussed.

Another aspect is being placed into an alien body to perform tasks off world… this was also a part of my experience. During this experience humans were working with ET’s together to perform tasks, tasks that could be performed by an ET body safely, but a human mind was needed to complete the task in a human way. There was some type of agreement that enabled this, but for me, I was only a child and so I was just doing as I was told.

These experiences have lessoned as I’ve gotten older to a great degree. Assets are used until they are no longer useful. Yet also, I’ve stepped up my abilities and used what i’ve been taught against the very format that I was brought into. I RV my own experience now. This does not mean that I am safe by any means, just that I’m in a cognitive struggle to retain my own independence.


09-02-2014, 03:39 PM
You actually find a lot of white rooms and white lights in abduction experiences. The psychic described my memory (when she connected with it / me psychically) as white mist or fog, probably outside, and had a strange smell.

Similar to this person's experience:

And it came into my room and when it touched me I was frozen and I curled into a ball and I went through the ceiling. And the next thing I know I'm in this white misty room on a table. I saw this row of beings to my left that were tall.