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10-15-2014, 08:32 AM
An interesting set of ideas... he may actually be onto something

1. To understand STONEHENGE it is necessary to abandon every pseudo religious interpretation that has been showered upon it and to start with an open mind.

2. STONEHENGE was a factory.

3. The outer ring of lintels that we see today is part of a complete circle of thirty used for crushing copper ore.

4. The five trilithons within are the remains of high temperature ovens and their corresponding tall chimneys.

5. Most of the other bits and pieces strewn around were placed by ignorant barbarians after this factory had served its purpose and religious ritual took over.

6. Stonehenge was a copper mine among the thousand flint mines that perforate the chalk planes of southern England from Marlborough to Plymouth Hoe.

7. Stonehenge was mined for copper for about five thousand years.

8. After Stonehenge was incorporated into the Avebury City State it was equipped from an earlier copper mine in Wales, possibly The Great Orme.

9. All of the large stones that we see standing today are “Sarsons”, decreed and prefabricated at Avebury.

10. This complex when intact, as well as many earlier versions, grew around a deep shaft that penetrated a series of underground copper bearing caverns similar to the Great Orme in Wales.

for more (including pictures): http://stonehengebypaffard.wordpress.com/

I hope they explore this further, in the sense of establishing the supporting infrastructure, which must have existed in the surrounding area.

10-15-2014, 09:54 AM
Interesting theory that should be considered and explored. I skimmed the article for a reason why it alines with stars, but did not noticed a mention of it.

10-19-2014, 12:54 AM
Stonhenge is just one of those places. I had not known they had copper mines in the area, so I learned something new too. I like his take on Stonehenge though in that it may have been a factory.