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01-04-2015, 07:27 PM
This is a piece of my own search, and a deep feeling this will have a major impact in shaping exo-politics, and the disclosure process. The subject is inextricable from the overall picture. While we may look at it from a positive or negative perspective with implications from both I find the message below in its positive aspects a bit comforting for some reason. Perhaps our current generation of younger abductees will come forward with much more positive experiences, with a better understanding of the project/program. It is a personal hope at least. Much of what they are pointing to is a multidimensional existence or consciousness, and seems to align with certain aspects of how this fits into a reality we are only beginning to understand.

if some of the models are correct from just a resources sustainability perspective we are looking at a major die-off in human populations in about 12-15 years from now. with stability returning in the early 22nd century --- http://www.doomsteaddiner.net/blog/2014/01/04/some-new-years-observations/

The hybrid program seems to coincide with the tidbit above.. a wider genetic pool would ensure hominid survival, perhaps not in its current state, but survive it would. If an aspect of this is some form transplantable consciousness then it may serve to create a stasis of sorts thru a less desirable transition period. Sort of like a frozen frog coming back to life in more favorable conditions, or a Cicada type life-cycle. However there seems to be something else here where it may be these Hybrid children are introduced to get us across this particular time period.


How The Hybrid Children Are Genetically Created, With Bridget Nielsen


ET Landing and Galactic Reunion Memory

By: Bridget Nielsen

My dad, Sharon, and I sat high on the vast red rock cliffs, in the warm sunset light glazing upon the epic force of Upheaval Dome. The energetic immensity of this 60 million year old crater in Canyonlands National Park is otherworldly. You can fully feel the strength of rich activity, other dimensional beings and ships moving through the crater even without seeing them with your physical eyes. We’d been guided there only a few days before with the profound knowingness of what this place will deliver when we deliver contact to ourselves. Upheaval Dome is one of the first contact points and we were called there to understand how that would materialize through creating community in the area. This is how we spontaneously landed at this incredible vortex…

It was a cool dry evening in the desert of Sedona just a few days earlier. I took a seat on the pulsing ground, ready for a meditation in the Chatres Labyrinth at Angel Valley. Meditations always reveal something beautiful for me so it’s always an exciting practice, but this felt different… It was alien. I’d been here before… in this place at another time, another now. Another reality overlaid this moment and my heart started to race. I heard Bashar’s voice as I have hundreds of times before, yet this time he was reading a script for the movie I was about to full on act out…