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04-01-2015, 03:33 PM
Ben Hansen (Fact or Faked: the Paranormal Files) has a background in law enforcement. In this article he uses his knowledge to analyze President Obama's body language during Jimmy Kimmel's questioning on UFOs. What do you think of Ben Hansen's analysis?


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04-02-2015, 01:18 AM

Enjoyed the video, informative.

Thanks for posting.

04-03-2015, 12:27 AM
I really did enjoy that it has been a while that something like that has made me seriously chew on. Tantalising at the prospect that maybe Obama knows everything on Disclosure and the debate at the WhiteHouse has been heated. Oh to be a fly on the wall would be fascinating.

I love to speculate on these things, so imagine the situation President Obama, Special Advisor John Podesta, Head of NSA and the three 5Star Generals form the US Army, Navy, Airforce and Air & Space Command (Who do you think I could of missed?)

President Obama "Gentlemen we here to discuss the issue of Extraterrestrial Contact and the process of Disclosure.

Air Force General "The issue at hand is highly classified due to the sensitivities of technological advancements that has been occurring, we are also concerned that any sort of ET Disclosure will create greater public panic. Laying claim to people who have imagined or real Alien Abduction will create endless legal disputes."

John Podesta "Mr President this has been an argument that each President has received that I think is very thin"

Head of NSA "With all due respect Sir and Mr President this goes beyond your level of clearance, the secrecy involved is in place for real reasons that are not imagined"

President Obama "I am Commander and Chief and we will have an open and frank discussion until I am satisfied that I am not being hoodwinked by special interests"

Generals "Yes Sir"

President Obama "Creating public panic is a bit ridiculous considering how kids these day play Star Wars Star Trek and other similar games. I find that very difficult to believe there will be some breakdown of civil society.

Air Force General "Mr President we simply don't have a handle on the situation, we don't have the technology to keep ETS out of our airspace and we don't know what their intensions are"

President Obama "Have we made any sort of diplomatic contact with these ETs."

Head of NSA "Yes sir we have made contact with at least 2 ET's 1 we call the Greys and the Other the Tall Whites. These discussions have been going for decades and have been very one sided Mr President."

Air & Space Commander "Our Black Budget at Area 51 is the only thing we have going at protecting US Air & Space against unknown ETs"

Head of NSA "Area 51 is not only for surveillance of other Nation’s but ETs as well and we suspect that their “Agenda’s” is as diverse as the United Nations.

Air & Space Commander “We have produced Air&Space Craft to defend America and if possible Earth. If Disclosure ends up telling the public about the Trillions of Dollars spent on these Craft, it could create a public backlash. This inturn could reduce our defence capability.

John Podesta “Mr President these men could be holding back on Technology that could save the planet”

President Obama “Is this true?”

Head of NSA “ This is correct Mr President but we have done the economic modelling and such a fundamental shift will place the US in precarious uncharted territory. Keep in mind what happened to the Incas after the Spanish invaded”

John Podesta “I think USA Mr President can withstand such changes”

President Obama “I reluctantly will maintain the Status Quo. How will I counter future questioning from Journalists?”

Head of NSA “Ridicule and Jokes is what we have asked Bill Clinton and Dmitry Medvedev to apply this tactics when asked Mr President”

President Obama “This is no Joking matter Gentlemen! I have to take your advice at face value. I will continue to discuss this with my Special Advisor but if I feel that you have been deceptive about the facts I will review this again. The fact that you have hidden technology that could reduce Green House Gasses will be a stain on your names for future generations. In the meantime you will work on ways to get that technology slowly into the economy with no major disruptions”

Generals “Yes Mr President”

President Obama “Thank you Gentlemen. Until our next meeting”