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When I first began to listen to excerpts of this story concerning a new "whistleblower" Randy Cramer and his incredible story of a military tour on the Martian surface which spanned over 17 years, I was naturally, highly skeptical of his story. Of course the naysayers came out in tour-de-force with comments of "outrageous" and "ludicrous" citing; "it's too damn cold" and more common "there's no atmosphere" etc.

I would have discounted his claims right from the beginning if it weren't for my in-depth research of the surface and the MRO images available from HiRISE which to me, clearly and unequivocally shows clear signs of intelligent life both past and present. Whether or not there are humans there is unknown, but sure enough, there are many many "representations" of humanity plastered all over!

I had concerns with NASA's claim stating the biggie..."there's no atmosphere on the planet" claiming only 0.6% the density of that of Earth and that's on the actual Martian surface which by comparison, amounts to a "vacuum space"! So they claimed.

Yet, we have been fed the official tale; that the Rover Opportunity, which on Earth, packed in with its heat shield, weighed the equivalent of a light semi-truck - as it hurtled towards the Martian surface at a speed approaching 1,000mph and then miraculously, deployed a parachute at 7 miles up (where there's a bunch more atmospheric pressure!) And within minutes....slowed the descending fireball down to around 160mph - give me a break!

So, in respect of; "There's no atmosphere on the planet"...frankly, I'm not buying that one! As for the temperature, well who really knows for sure, I've not been there and if we are supposed to believe the NASA advisory, my guess is; it goes in the trash with the "no atmosphere garbage".

Of course the "flavor" of the whole Mars Hoax, has been perpetuated in its red color...as in "The Red Planet"...you know, red soil, red skies, red everything...right? Of course, being brought up as a kid and fed from a very young age, that; MARS IS INHOSPITABLE and you can see that, because well....IT'S RED! That put everyone off the place for sure...and still does.

But...as the images began to come in with better software etc, humans on Earth started to ask questions; "hang on a minuet, this place is not so red and neither is that sky red, if fact, it looks blue!"

Also, it's difficult to gage the temperature but it is rumored to be around 80 degrees fahrenheit at midday near the Martian equator!


So is Randy Cramer's tale...so tall or is there any truth to his both consistent AND persistent 17 year claim of duty on the surface of Mars?:yikes:


Key Points of Cramer’s Mars Disclosure Account:

Below is a summary of the key points of Cramer’s account from many of his interviews:

Project Moonshadow: Randy Cramer was born in 1970, was trained from 3.5 years old to 17 years old as part of Project Mannequin (a global military supersoldier project). He later participated in Project Moonshadow (300 supersoldiers). According to Cramer, mind control after 1960 moved from MK Ultra (trauma-based) to Project Moonshadow (more cooperative-based). Moonshadow’s aim was not to create faster, stronger killers, but faster, stronger, more moral heroes, the modern supersoldiers.
17 years on Mars: He did a 20 year tour of duty, serving off planet, mostly on Mars (17 years), but also aboard a spaceship capable of interplanetary travel (the EDF SS Nautilus). He was also present at a US military base on the Moon, where he worked briefly for the Lunar Operations Command (on back side of the moon), as part of the EDF (Earth Defence Force).
The MCC: For the majority of his time in space, Cramer worked as part of the MDF (Mars Defense Force), under the MCC (Mars Colony Corporation). The MCC is a consortium of governments, banks, technological companies, etc. which is operating mining and other operations on Mars.
Life on Mars: He first touched down on Mars at Aries Prime, and worked at Forward Station Zebra. Most Martian facilities are underground. Forward Station Zebra was the most forward and northernmost station. He always went further north to fight, never south, so never saw the colonies way to the south of his location. Cramer reveals that he could breathe the air on Mars, but with a little difficulty, and normally used a kind of powered environment suit to walk on surface. He mentions that on the equatorial regions of Marts, you can walk on the surface without a suit and still breathe; it’s like thin mountain air. He says it occasionally snowed there, but the snow on Mars falls more slowly than snow on Earth. Cramer’s tasks involved mostly security and patrolling.
Native Species on Mars: He occasionally had interaction with 2 native Martian species, 1 reptoid and 1 insectoid. The southern tribes were more aggressive than the northern tribes.
A Catastrophic Event: There were some local skirmishes and small battles, but the colony of humans there mostly got along with these 2 species, until the Draconian reptilians got involved – at which point it became a brutal 4-way war. The native reptoid species were able to easily overcome the Draco Reptilians militarily, but nonetheless, a war erupted until a catastrophic event almost wiped out Cramer’s entire station and its sister station. Since there were around 260 military personnel stationed at each of these bases, this event resulted in the death of (at least) around 520 people.
Piloting a Spaceship: After the disaster, Cramer was sent to flight school, became a pilot, and served aboard the EDF SS Nautilus spaceship.
Return to Earth: At the end of his time, he was regressed and brought back into a younger cloned body of 17 years old and inserted back into Earth life. It took him a lot of effort and inner psychological work to retrieve these memories and integrate them back into his life.

https://www.intellihub.com/mars-disclosure-randy-cramer-captain-kaye-expands-upon-mars-recall/ (https://www.intellihub.com/mars-disclosure-randy-cramer-captain-kaye-expands-upon-mars-recall/)

The question in my mind is; has all of humanity been fed a bunch of trumped up lies spanning over many decades by the world's super elite from generation through generation, in order to avoid any possibility, of allowing the "mass mind of the human race" even thinking about, a possible and potential "other Earth"....on our cosmic doorstep?

I remember reading somewhere, something along the lines of; "The bigger the lie, the more it is believed"! But I can't remember where....

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