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03-07-2017, 07:45 AM
I would love to have a good conversation about the changes that are taking place in the world. The Mandela Effect is a fascinating phenomenon giving real questions to the existence we find ourselves in.

I don't know that I have any answers beyond anything that anyone else who’s been researching this phenomenon has, but I am determined to explore and I hope to find whatever new information I can. I don't let this interfere in my everyday life per say, but I can't help but think that this is one of the most important events to have happened to us. This has revealed itself to so many. Many of us are now trying to find answers.

I don’t see anything that would suggest CERN as having anything to do with the ME. CERN have made some impressive contributions to our world, such as the world wide web. it's also safe to say that they have come a long way in the research of the Higgs boson, though they still have no real leads into any hard findings that can be proven. It's all philosophy to this point. I do think there are extra dimensions, I just don't think there is any proof that Cern has found ways to actually tap into them. That being said, I cannotcompletely rule out the possibility that CERN has not in some way messed things up with the collision of particles. However, if it was CERN playing around with the ability to access other dimensions, would the whole of the earth not be experiencing the changes together? Would we have even noticed?

We have people who can remember seven moon landings and those who remember only one! (and that’s not saying that I believe we ever landed on the moon at all). There are so many examples to point to. The one thing I can say with certainty, is that there is so much going on that is totally beyond conventional logic at this point. I keep trying to observe with an open mind.

At first I thought that maybe everything was being done on the premises of distracting people for some bigger agenda. However, after a closer look I realized that when I saw changes to personal items that I have owned for years and know very intimately, this is bigger than some kind of messed up conspiracy.

Through this all, I have come to a new understanding. I now know there is a need to completely strip down everything I have learnt about the way this life is. Even that which has been accepted as “Gospel”. My understanding of the world we are in has changed.

Because we have continued claim our knowledge of what life is as understood (we have no real understanding), we have been leading ourselves down the wrong road. Obviously! We've given ourselves no room to grow except in a direction that would support a foundation that had very little to no real explanation in the first place.

There have been some fascinating discoveries that have gone on to explain some of our questions, but they have never been anything more than a misguided lead. For the “true” nature of the meanings to the discoveries, we need to see only what's there to see and nothing more. “Reality only exists when it's observed”

I don't think that the way forward is anything other way than the way forward. To move forward, everyone who has true desire to find the truth without expectation, needs to accept that anything is possible. It has become evident to me that the way to finding the truth is to be humble, honest with ourselves and open. We need to work together, and we need to remember that there are many people who have been under the veil for so long, they truly can't understand the lie they live. We need to be patient with them and understand that they are very important to the evolution of the truth and even have the ability to bring about a deeper understanding of the path to it.

There is also a sad truth. For a lot of people, there won't be an awakening. You can lead, but to drink is the decision for one to make alone.There is no way to get around it. We need a cleansing and there are going to be some upsetting ways in which that happens. Just remember that when you do need to deal with someone who challenges you, no matter how out of line they become, be proud, but don't feed!!

Understanding comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from truth!! To bad we've buried ourselves in so much deception. Epiphany, at least we are now seeing the world in a under a new light.

I have become increasingly interested in the new understandings of what we are truly seeing when we look up at the stars. There’s so much evidence to suggest that not everything is as it may look to be. I myself have very little to contribute to this in the way of any research that I participated in, but I have seen some very convincing evidence that may suggest we are not seeing what we think we may be seeing.

How do you explain the geographical changes to land locations on earth? I clearly remember it being different! In fact, the changes I’m seeing were the initial reasoning I considered this to be a plot to distract, but as you know I’ve moved on. Could we be living on flat earth? Where did all the new animals living with us come from?

It’s time to awaken from this false force fed reality we're all under. I understand how this one reality can be influenced through perception and how that manifests in our lives. We still have a long way to go. It’s very important for those of us who are finding the way through the dark to not be afraid to show as many people as possible. If what we say comes from the truth, others will see and will start to shift in the same direction.

To prepare and to strengthen your mind, body, soul and will, while teaching what you are able to teach, that's what we should focus on.

Connection to one’s higher self will follow.

03-07-2017, 06:17 PM
Truth is subjective no matter how connected to your higher self.

Love is the most immutable truth I have ever found and even that is subject to (change as one grows.) The operative phrase being, do we ever stop growing and changing our perspective?

03-07-2017, 11:19 PM
I apologize, I said seven moon landings and should have said six.

03-08-2017, 01:10 AM
There seems to be such a massive disconnect from the way in which the truth is revealed. Connecting with our soul is in my opinion the way to that window. Your soul is there to guide you through the places you cannot see. It will give you answers to questions. And when you can achieve looking through the eyes of your soul, some of the best revelations will follow.

I love myself. I can't truly understand what love is or how to give it if I don't know that first. How could I? To love yourself is to know yourself.

Evolution is all about change. We may see something today and not understand it’s full meaning for years. Until we find information that allows us to see it for what it truly is. The answer to your question is no, we don't stop growing and changing our perspective.

My higher self is the part of me who will continue to exist when this body passes along. I want to give myself the best opportunity to fulfill my purpose to this existence.

03-08-2017, 03:55 PM
Hi Matthew

Welcome some great first posts.

Do we live on a flat Earth? My answer to that would be certainly not there's far too much evidence for us living on a oblate spheroid orbiting the sun ect...

But I understand the reasoning or mindset leading to that kind of theory. It's very hard to know if someone is telling you the truth. All we have is our own experience to reflect upon. The modern world and science relies on us to trust information that has been examined thoroughly by experts, we can then build our world view from that. The problem with that is that if they are wrong so is our view of the world.

I'm not a science denier or a massive conspiracy theorist. I don't think the whole body of science out there in science books is nonsense. It's just missing what you are looking for any explanation of what we really are.

I'm a Buddhist and what my school , the Nyingma school believe all our experiences and things in the outside world are essentially empty and without true nature. It's not that there is nothing there - its just that they are appearances which are transient and so don't actually exist. That takes a while to realise.
But if you look carefully at your experiences and the world around you can see that the world you create around doesn't quite match up to the reality. We call that direct experience and that is the only way you can actually understand anything. A hundred people can tell you Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is great and predicts perfectly bending of light round the sun but which of us can list those equations let alone work out the maths.
So contrary to what you might think all the knowledge in the world won't save you. All you need to understand is how the universe really works. The only way to really do that is through meditation because our awareness and awareness in general is the key to understand it all.

So the Mandela effect guys are to an extent right we are living in a construct or an illusion but it is by our own making. Great masters say there is not one iota of difference between Samsara and Nirvana. (Samsara is the world of pain and suffering we see ours in and Nirvana which more like heaven of bliss). The change comes in our relating to and understanding our own true nature and the nature of existence.
Christianity is beautiful religion but it doesn't give you a chance to realise your true nature until death. The Buddha taught that through meditating your can see your true nature of reality and free yourself from suffering.
I've been meditating for about 10yrs now enough to know that it works, but just like learning an musical instrument you need a teacher. It's actually even harder because to start with you don't have any hands the violin is invisible and you have no idea if your music is in tune . But you are completely right openness and sensing what is the right thing you will slowly stumble along the path. Your higher self is your Buddha-nature, finite but infinite, indestructible, and eternal, connected to everything but unique.