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04-14-2020, 09:57 AM
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Thanks to @Akam1129 from Twitter for these great leads. Paris Match article covers new French mainstream documentary "UFOs: A State Affair" which features interviews with Harry Reid, Alan Juillet (DGSE Former Intelligence Director) and Luc Dini (Sigma2 Comission). I also located additional links. Here is the complete set:

2020-04-11 - Paris Match: Alain Juillet: "The UFO phenomenon escapes the terrestrial dimension"
English Translation:
Original Article:
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Documentary: OVNIS : Une affaire d'États (UFOs: A State Affair)

[Video Excerpt]
UFOs: A State Affair: Alain Juillet (DGSE Former Intelligence Director) and Luc Dini (Sigma2 Comission)
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[Video Excerpt]
UFOs: A State Affair: Pierre Bescond (Former director of the Ariane rocket launch site - French Space Agency CNES)

[Video Excerpt]
UFOs: A State Affair: Harry Reid

Also archived on AATIP media page for 2020:

Quote from the google translate of the article Alain Juillet: "The UFO phenomenon escapes the terrestrial dimension"

...In "UFOs: a matter of States", Dominique Filhol approaches the unidentified flying objects not as a folklore but as a subject as serious as the scientists, politicians and experts who follow one another in this documentary. Among them, the former director of intelligence at the DGSE, Alain Juillet, who answered our questions.

It is a first: the former director of intelligence at the DGSE, Alain Juillet, speaks without taboos on a subject which, for many, still feels suffering: unidentified flying objects. With his vast experience in intelligence, he advocates a pragmatic approach and an open mind to solve a mystery too important to be left to dreamers and dogmatic skeptics.

Read also: Alain Juillet: "Intelligence must be neutral"

Alain Juillet is one of the high-level speakers, political, scientific and military, who bring their expertise to Dominique Filhol's documentary, "UFOs: a business of States". "There is a term which recurs more and more often among specialists in the subject it is the idea 'of non-human intelligence' this term is interesting because it does not reject the extraterrestrial hypothesis but it does include other theories as to the nature of the phenomenon ”sums up the director, marked from childhood by spectacular testimonies from relatives who have observed inexplicable phenomena.

The filming further reinforced his convictions: “The phenomenon has become palpable. I was fortunate to be able to film a meeting of the members of the SIGMA 2 commission which studies UFOs in a rigorous and scientific manner or to meet Senator Harry Reid at the origin of the AATIP research program on UFOs in the department of American Defense. All these interviews confirmed my intuitions... ”

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UFO Jesus on the ball


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Sorry, my French is not so good.
Wasn't Alain Juillet part of that fantastic French document/report release; "UFO's, What Do We Need to Prepare For?" aka COMETA Report from a few years back?
A report instrumental in encouraging other nations to release their secret UFO files.

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He could have been, I might have missed that, there's a link to the google translate of the Paris Match article in the first post.
Would be nice to get a subtitled copy of that TV show

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