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02-19-2012, 07:59 PM
Giuliano Marinkovic:

Dear colleagues,

In connection with the video that I uploaded few days ago from my archives titled:
Kevin Randle vs Phil Klass
Which is available here:
Date of Broadcast: June 28, 1997
Title: Roswell Revisited
Source: VHS Recording

...I just uploaded this companion 2-part piece that is now available here:

Stanton Friedman vs Phil Klass debate on Nightline part 1 of 2
Date of Broadcast: June 24, 1987

Stanton Friedman vs Phil Klass debate on Nightline part 2 of 2
Date of Broadcast: June 24, 1987
(Nightline video was available in the past on the Internet, but in the meantime, original uploader removed the piece, but luckily, at the time I archive it).

Here are also additional videos that could be of interest (those below are not my uploads) on the similar note:

Dewars Debates - Stanton Friedman vs. Jen Dziura

And fresh one from February 9th 2012:
Gary Heseltine vs Chris French
This Morning on UFOs - ITV

My companion thread on Paracast Forum:

Best Wishes,