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lux aurea in obscuro
08-30-2012, 12:37 PM
Good day to you all!

It has been a while since my last post and I trust this is the correct forum.

Recently I had decided to embark on a journey of discovery, having read several threads on here regarding communicating with ET. My reason for this post as somebody who until recently was somewhat sceptical about the side effects of this type of communication.

It's not my intention to go on and on regarding my experience which I am still trying to come to terms with, the fact that communication is in my opinion seemingly possible.

The as mentioned side effects I have encountered are too name but a few voices, pressing down on my bed, shadows and the overwhelming sense of being watched. This has not negatively effected me in any way except occasional surprise and wonder, however if you are of a nervous disposition I would recommend you keep this in consideration before attempting any form of communication.

Admittedly I am still a learner and taking little baby steps not rushing however I find the whole concept truly fascinating and welcome any advice you may have on honing my limited abilities.

The voices I mention have been witnessed also by my wife on one occasion so I am confident that I am not hearing things or my imagination playing tricks on me. However these voices are limited to a word or two and no more.

Kind regards

08-30-2012, 04:12 PM
I'm glad you started up a thread on this topic lux and I have much to say about it. Some of it will be a further extrapolation on what I was talking about recently in Fore's thread about those "Pings/tone/etc... ". Am composing my thoughts on that now and will post later. I think continuation of that conversation might be better here so that Fore, Pont, Montalk and the others can continue with their current conversation that's on some other different topics without interruption.

08-30-2012, 05:18 PM
Well, first off, I’m an ET experiencer in the area of :
-- a lifetime of them showing up as screens in lucid dreams from my very early childhood and on forward.
-- Then I started having a recurring dream of a grey baby that I was told was mine where they wanted me to pick it up and hold it.
-- Then in the fall of 2005, myself and 3 others witnessed two triangle UFO sightings over Lake Erie outside of my high-rise apt. complex I lived at in broad daylight. The one that was closest to us was very close by so we got a good look at it.
-- Then a year later, I actually captured some photographic material of strange looking beings that look very much like ETs. During this time, I started feeling like I was being watched all the time by “them”. There also occasions when a water faucet would be turned on either in my bathroom and one time in my kitchen... that was an ongoing thing for the duration of the time I lived at that apt.
-- Then I had a few experiences of them actually materializing in front of me looking completely in a physical state. Most were Reptilians but one time I saw the backside of a tall white grey exiting my bedroom via the closet just as I was walking into the room. Sometime prior to that, my son mentioned to me that he had seen a tall white humanoid standing by a tree in the yard.
-- Then I started seeing them in lucid dreams and in my minds eye during meditation sessions.
-- Over the course of the last few years or so, I have on 4 occasions woken up with inexplicable large bruises on inside of my arms and on the inside area of one thigh… one time my nose started bleeding early one evening like mount Rushmore. That was the first and only time that’s every happened.
--- Also, once again over the course of the last few years, I have experienced what I sense are unseen Reptilian visitations at night where I not only sensed them but smelled them too… v. bad odor like rotting flesh and rotten eggs etc… not even an open window would get rid of the stench in the room. They also lean on me in bed … or I’ll feel a pressure on my chest like one is on top of me…. very, very disconcerting. I jump out of bed and will stay up the rest of the night when that happens. Sometimes there are fleeting black shadows zipping around the room. Then of course there’s the noise but I’ll go into that later.
-- Then in the summer of 2010 there were UFO sightings once again outside of my apt. complex for a whole week where it was reported on a daily basis by the local and national news where Nick Pope even went on a national news show and talked about those sightings. Hundreds of people from all over were gathering at the public beach, day and night by my apt. complex to watch those UFOs. Lol, let’s just say that it was a very validating moment for me and Michael Lee Hill because both of us were on the internet for years prior to that in UFO forums talking about how active our area was and is for UFO sightings. Michael recorded video’s of them and was interviewed on that UFO Hunter’s Show about those video’s and has since become a well known UFO researcher and commentator. He too is an ET experiencer.

Yet, even though all the above has happened to me, with exception of ET’s talking to me in my lucid dreams, never once, to my knowledge, have they ever communicated to me either telepathically or out loud…. at least to my knowledge. But as for communications from my guardian and human discarnates... I get that daily and have for most of my life. But not ETs.
To be continued….

08-30-2012, 09:06 PM
An ET message I got in a lucid dream:
In the dream, that had an ET in it, Betty Hill was standing in front of a map of the US where she then used a long pointer to point at an area somewhere between Minnesota and Chicago.

Here's another ET message I got. There are small communities located in remote area's of the world, one of them being in China, of humans who are much more technologically advanced than the rest of the world.

Anyway Lux, one approach that may allow you to receive communications from ETs is through lucid dreaming because that's how they usually show up at least in my case.

Because you are already in communication with ETs maybe you could ask them to communicate to you that way too.. and see what happens.

At any rate, I'm seeing a lot of similarities between how ETs and non-ET's communicate to us. The same kind of phenomena is there and as for hearing tones and various kinds of noises, that kind of phenomena is there for both too. I myself cannot distinguish between those noises that appear that give me indication as to which kind of intelligence is there. I've tried hard to do that but just when I think I've got it nailed down, the intelligence that I thought was there turns out to be the other kind of intelligence. i.e. ET's and non-ET's. But in my case, when ET's show up, my spirit contacts are there too but once again, those noises are the same for both, at least in my case.

08-30-2012, 11:36 PM
Here's something else that showed up in a lucid dream I once had that had some ET's in it:
I saw a long factory type conveyor belt that came from a tunnel that ran deep into the ground. The conveyor belt had large pancakes lined up on it. At the end of that belt, as each pancake came up, someone who looked like Hitler who was wearing a white apron was taking each pancake off the belt with a large giant spatula and putting them into stacks. At that time when I had that dream, I no knowledge of those foo fighters UFO's that were seen in WW11. Nor did I know anything about those conspiracy theories about Hitler's involvement in the occult and his interest in ET's and UFOs. I also was to read later in various UFO books 2 UFO/ET reports about how ET's gave pancakes to the person whom they showed up to by landing in their UFO into that persons backyard. At any rate, it was not until years later that I understood what that part of that dream was about. That dream was precognitive because it told of information I would be getting from books on UFOs and ETs sometime into the future.

08-31-2012, 08:25 AM
The as mentioned side effects I have encountered are too name but a few voices, pressing down on my bed, shadows and the overwhelming sense of being watched. This has not negatively effected me in any way except occasional surprise and wonder, however if you are of a nervous disposition I would recommend you keep this in consideration before attempting any form of communication.

Admittedly I am still a learner and taking little baby steps not rushing however I find the whole concept truly fascinating and welcome any advice you may have on honing my limited abilities.

From what I've read of your experiences, they seem largely non-ET in nature, more of the discarnate entity category: ghosts, demons, astral parasites, and thought-forms. Possibly some benevolent entities too.

Have you experienced anything that indicates ETs are involved?

And just to make sure I understood your post, are you now actively trying to engage in communication with these beings, based on the observation that they've been able to say a word here and there? As in, hoping to strengthen the link so that they can audibly speak entire sentences to you?

08-31-2012, 10:31 AM

I won't post anymore images in this thread but just thought I would post a photo of the last totally inexplicable bruise I woke up with one morning. All of them were like this... very large and not at all superficial. This one was on my arm.
I don't bruise easily at all and I'm completely healthy.

lux aurea in obscuro
08-31-2012, 10:33 AM
Hi A99 & montalk,

Thanks a bunch for your reply's A99 that's a lot of activity I am sorry to hear you have woken to find marks and bruising that must be of concern and I hope all is well. "Because you are already in communication with ETs maybe you could ask them to communicate to you that way too.. and see what happens." This is the interesting part that's exactly what I did a few months back.

After reading several threads on here and other well known sites I took the plunge, I started by relaxing on the sofa or when in bed clearing my mind relaxing it so as to facilitate a communication. Now this maybe sounds strange but how it would work for me being I would concentrate mentally verbalising in my mind and talking out loud in the empty space in my head. I would continue this until I could sense a presence not a physical presence more like the presence of warming light. Don't shoot the messenger... I fall asleep! End of story, or is it?

So I am not saying that voices jump out at me in my sleep or while I am awake spitting out a hushed and rushed conversation. What I have experienced is single words that come from nowhere which on two occasions have been very vocal in volume. The most recent case I had to attend A&E as I was being walked down a long corridor from the reception area to the ward we walked past a large double folding door as I/we heard my wife's name being called out. Not once but three times her name was called / shouted. So much so she bogged off to investigate believing the nurse had called her back into reception. This was not the case the nurse had already gone off into the back office and not a single person was in the corridor, reception or local area. This happened at 06:10Am so the hospital A&E Dept. was empty. My wife bless her don't waste time dwelling on things like this but the calling voice was of enough concern to have for a time separated us.

Montalk I enjoyed reading you reply and it has got me thinking about the possibility of my experience being that of the 'other side' and in my experience not an easy subject to grade. It seems you have read some of my other reply's to post so you have an idea of where I come from and past situations I have had. To be frank in the past when I have had issues with the 'other side' demons and the like it was in no way a pleasant experience, you know it's bad. A fully negative demonic situation is not what I am feeling right now brother if anything the feeling I have is that of joy, peace, love, light and understanding a real sense of calm. Those feelings are not something I have had at all regularly in my life so if anything I am most happy with it all. I of course could be wrong however the signs I see are that a relationship is being formed? I feel a bond of trust is being forged or I at least hope it is.

I will this coming weekend again attempt to communicate and strengthen any bonds made aiming to be able to converse at will and rather normally in the future. I will say that I don,t find this easy and tuning in is rather energy sapping for me as when I relax my mind to ready myself it for me is akeen to a process of tuning in an old wireless set, trying to pull the signal through the ether and eliminating all the background interference. It's this background interference the hiss and and hushed whispers that seemingly attempt to block any channel of communication from being formed and locking into/onto opening the channel is the stumbling block I believe most of us have to go through in order to communicate effectively.

Thanks again for your reply's hope to here more

08-31-2012, 11:02 AM
Lux, I'll comment later after I read over some of your other posts here.

08-31-2012, 11:14 AM
If I may interrupt with a short observation of my own - I have also heard my name called recently, very loudly & clearly, in my daughter's voice - but she was out walking one of the dogs at the time & did not call me at all. It was so clear that I went outside to see what was happening; the name I heard is a nick-name only she uses. . . . odd!

lux aurea in obscuro
08-31-2012, 02:01 PM

The voice is different each time but familiar so it's effective in gaining my attention. This last time as mentioned in hospital was a deep loud older male voice. The time before that was startling as I was asleep, it was a female voice not so different from my wife having a slight accent also very loud. At first when I woke I turned to face the voice believing to be my very own wife as she used my nick name. I instantly feared I had overslept as I normally wake very early for work and of late have been exhausted even in the mornings. However it were the early wee hours just after 12AM and my other half was sound'o snoring like a bear next to me. Strangely my pet tiger was on the standing on the floor looking intently at the area right next to my bed from where I perceived the voice to be coming from.

Regarding A99 picture and the issues he has regarding marks on his body. I admittedly like my family I am a bleeder and bruise with ease so I have never really considered that as a sign in any way not that I am anaemic just typically English. This past year however I noticed unusual marks and ***** such as really small areas of bruising in the strangest of places some of which have only been made evident by my wife's pointing them out. One such mark did bother me as it was on the inside of my elbow an area one would associate with doctors and the same small round under a CM about 5-6mm in diameter mark had appeared with three distinct small pin pricks in a triangular formation right in the middle.

These marks are not something that appear on a regular basis so I don't loose any sleep over them. What however did concern me and a reason I have not been on TOP for a while is just after I attempted my first communications I noticed something very odd indeed. Living in England we don't really have that much sun and this was towards the beginning of the year. I woke up on a Saturday morning preparing for the weekly shop when I got out of the bath to get dressed I noticed sun burn? I had white 'tide marks' on my bloody ankles. My legs were a bright red I had not been in the sun we had no sun! I had not been in shorts for over a year. My wife concurred I had a tan which again would seem fine however with no sun? I joked that day that I had been to Mars and got a tan. Being honest it was at this stage that I backed away from TOP and any further attempted communication until I could safely gauge the situation.

I recall the oddest feeling I had when sitting on the floor looking at my bright red legs I was for a word stunned! I felt dazed and confused and to be frank have not really come proper right until just now. I know that this is not the norm. I understand a many factors could have been unknowingly responsible, yet for me the oddity happens to be vested in my active interest in the subject we now discus could this be the work of ET?

Kind regards.

08-31-2012, 07:00 PM
In the early days when I first joined a UFO forum, my initial reaction about those reports of bruises by experiencers was one of basic skepticism for the same reasons you are saying here. In fact I intentionally avoided those threads that were started up on those topics because some of them would show pics of their bruises and they were not by any stretch the superficial mundane kind that everyone gets every now and then. Instead they were large, deep bruises located in area's of the body that were not the result of simply bumping into something. Yes, I was skeptical about their reports on how they got them.... until years later when I myself got one which occurred during a time period of high strangeness. The other ones I got later happened during those times too. So there is, at least in my case, a direct correlation between those times of high paranormal activity including ET contact via lucid dreams and when those bruises showed up. But, this is the type of thing that one has to experience for themselves to truly believe it. lol, that's for sure! I can't even begin to describe the kind of emotional turmoil I would go through everytime that would happen to me. Needless to say, I would rush to my doctor to get blood tests done and so on to rule out any health problem. Everything would turn out negative where no underlying health problem would explain those bruises... and quite frankly, that even scared me more.

It could be that because they knew you were an easy bruiser, they instead gave you those pin marks, 'tide marks' and sun burnt legs. This is what it sounds like to me.

09-01-2012, 01:43 AM
I have had fully-aware alien contacts in the astral, & also met them in lucid dreams. I don't know whether this is alien-related, but it "feels" as if it is. I have also heard my name (actually, nick-name) called, with perfect clarity, when I am perfectly awake & engaged in some ordinary task.

Just noticed this today about your alien contacts. Well, stay aware and be careful. If they are either discarnate tricksters or manipulative aliens, then no matter what positive feelings you have in their presence, how their words and actions change you over time will prove their true intentions.

Channelers, abductees, and contactees can be taught amazing things about stuff that doesn't matter in the big scheme of things, like sacred geometry, hierarchies of the heavens, crystal warp drives from the 9th dimension, and so on. They can be given the gift to heal others. So what if they can heal their aunt, if that only ends up serving as testimony that their grey (or whatever) friends are awesome and we should all be so lucky to be their contactee...

But when it comes to why aliens are here, who are the hostile ones, what they're planning to do -- they are given nothing about it, or fed false information that doesn't mesh with first hand experiences. So despite feeling positive about their contacts (except for a tiny voice of doubt suppressed deep within), they ultimately show themselves to be undiscerning, unthinking, entranced, insecure, and wishful people.

So if you establish deeper communication, beware the story you are fed. Think of whom it makes look good, whom it makes look bad, why that could be, what it's overlooking or refusing to acknowledge, and what it's trying to get you to do with your thoughts, feelings, words to others, and life decisions. What direction are they pointing you? Is it increasing your wisdom, discernment, sharpness of thought, independence, and ethics? Does it gel with experiential facts and the finding of sharp minded researchers? Or is it giving you shiny trinkets in exchange for blind obedience and reduced awareness of what's really going on? And so on ...

Right now it's just names being shouted. It still sounds like ghosts to me, playing games and mimicking people you know to pique your interest. The more attention you devote to them, the more noticeable they ought to become, by design. Call me a cynic, but I think that's just bait on a hook. I'm not aware of any positive entities that mimic relatives and shout only a name. But that *is* a common tactic by discarnate entities to hook a person.

Also, if you're being messed with by aliens, paranormal activity (ghosts+) can be a byproduct. Additionally, strong cell phone tower beams irradiating a place can increase such activity. We used to have that problem in an old apartment and the paranormal stuff stopped after we put up reflective grounded mylar foil. And no, it wasn't microwave mind control beams creating hallucinations.

09-01-2012, 04:55 PM
I concur with most of what you are on this Montalk. Always, and I mean always, there is that lingering suspicion that those ET's that show up are really shape-shifting demonic entities instead -- especially the Reptilians though I have received enough information on my end that not all are evil and that's where the confusion comes in. Yet, it's best just to ignore that info on that when we get... better to err on the side of caution on that one.
Certainly, at least in my case, they've never been benevolent.... maybe neutral every now and then but for the vast number of times, they have always been malevolent on one level or another to the extent that I end up down on my knee's praying the rosary to banish them. I would not wish what I've gone through on anyone.
And I also know on a first hand basis that there are those low level human discarnates (and of course demons too) who mimick (in fact, we call them "the mimickers") anyone they want to make you think that they are somebody they are not. Fortunately though, our guardians and those friends and family discarnates whom we are in contact with all the time immediately intervene to notify us of the imposter. I'm edging closer to my winter years in life and after a life time of spirit communication, which is something I was born with, this is how is has always been with me. I'm not a member of the Spiritualist Church (I'm Roman Catholic), btw, and one reason out of many is because, at least the traditional Spiritualist Church, they negate the notion that there are non-human intelligences that most religions call demons (they don't believe there are angels either). But they do exist. I'm in agreement with Steiner's viewpoints on all of this. Have been a long time fan of his writings.

09-01-2012, 08:40 PM
I'm not a member of the Spiritualist Church (I'm Roman Catholic), btw, and one reason out of many is because, at least the traditional Spiritualist Church, they negate the notion that there are non-human intelligences that most religions call demons (they don't believe there are angels either). But they do exist. I'm in agreement with Steiner's viewpoints on all of this. Have been a long time fan of his writings.

Wow, took a double take reading that. They must be totally oblivious to the fact that those two parties exist. I don't understand how they could call themselves the "Spiritualist" Church and remain oblivious to two of the most prominent parties in the spiritual level.

It's like ignoring the debauchery laced elephant on the left, and in the opposite corner a brilliantly lit elephant on the right. How someone designs a religion and misses the two most obvious players is quite interesting.

09-01-2012, 08:43 PM
You're right.... I agree with you. It is weird.