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  1. Lines Drawn

    In The Book of Enoch......"One of the most important things mentioned was that "They" the Watchers.....Being numerous in appearance ("assuming many forms"). Did they have the ability to be seen as they wanted humans to see them?

    I have long believe "They" the Sons of Heaven (Watchers) were seen by humans as beautiful,handsome men. I would even go as far as saying they were more handsome than any man walking on this earth. In my opinion "They" ...
  2. Mark Flynn the twin brother of the late David Flynn is about to release his first book.

    I knew Mark was working on something but I didn't know the details until now. It looks like he is going to begin walking in his brothers footsteps and move things forward. Below are some links as well as a snippet of the article on Tom Horn's site.

    The Awakened Ones, The Hidden Destiny Of America, And The Day After Tomorrow

    PART 1 - Summary

    Some of ...
  3. Michael Heiser's book "The Myth That Is True" has gotten a name change.

    It's been a long time since I've been around. Time to post some things I feel are very important. The first will be some links to Michael Heiser's Blog The Naked Bible. His book,now two books are to be released some time next year........"The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible" and "Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World and Why it Matters". Michael has some chapters from the books placed on his blog for those interested. ...
  4. Those dangling a fruit of deception

    I always point out we just don't need to open up ourselves to any and everyone, or everything that claims to be The LORD or of The LORD. They could be a god (elohim) or of a god (elohim) but be within the ranks of dark forces.

    Beware of those dangling a fruit of deception. If they come with fruits that appeal to the outward man and the pleasures of this world you should have an answer which side they line up on.

    Demons must be given the opportunity to enter. Many invite ...

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  5. Tom Horn/Steve Quayle: Timing of Alien Disclosure and the rise of Petrus Romanus

    When you get Tom and Steve together it can be a wild ride. I haven't listened this show yet,but know from their past shows and all around work pretty much what to expect. Should be very entertaining that's for sure.
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