1. puzzling factors

    reading all this below leads me to thinking about the phrase " faces of men and tails of scorpions"
    wondering if I need to do something to make this a link ... hope this works
  2. a composite of todays health concerns

    I'm just putting a link here to this page, it has many links to check out about health concerns.
    I don't know how true most of this posted is, however I've lived long enough to see things going on
    that ought not to be. I have had many personal experiences that have made me very suspicious
    that there are those who you would think are there to care about our well being who really only think about their own
    well being. $$$ or whatever it is that motivates them. Some are ...
  3. having chonic health problems, could be mercury poisoning

    Check this link out, lot about what mercury poisoning can cause, I bet your Doctor won't check on this first. Least not if you don't ask for it.
  4. just testing adding a picture to here

  5. Synopsis

    SYNOPSIS= seeing together

    come let us reason together....
    -a space to attempt draw the lines betwixt the snippets of material gleaned from cyberspace.