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    Atmjjc, thanks for the feedback.

    atmjjc - 01-23-2016 10:26 PM: amen to that! But what if we are the contaminate?
    That is an interesting throught, "what if we are the contaminate?", and possible.
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    amen to that! But what if we are the contaminate?

    Thanks for the thoughts Casper.
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    Nice. nice.

    If you're still in touch with him, try and let his daughter know.
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    Yes, there is proof of issues within local police agencies in the United States...

    Over the past few months, I have heard on national news media outlets: A suggestion of consolidation of local, county and state law enforcement for greater accountability.

    As it stands, one police agency investigation of another police agency is sketchy at best.

    A consolidation of law enforcement means one agency to investigate itself, unless there is a Federal investigation.

    If local, county and state police are consolidated - how long until it is merged with Federal law enforcement?

    In truth, a consolidation is another step toward a broader Police State.
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    My radio voice is back!

    I debated posting my views on what the human sixth sense really is. When explaining it to people, most agree it does make sense.

    I believe humans need to comprehend emotions. An emotional balance is important.

    In societies greed, lust, desire to control others have led to many issues. Many problems facing humanity is a result of unbalanced emotions.

    Example: The widening gap between the "haves" and "have nots" is partly due to greed and lust for money.
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    Well darn. Back to the Midwest you go. In the spring I have to go back to Colorado for our mine opening. Maybe you can come out for some mining fun. It was June this year before the snow melted enough to get workin up there. Hope things go well..
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    Left Colorado, returned to the Great Lakes area for now. Will be going back on the road in a month or two.
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    Colorado Springs remains in play, but have to decide before Tuesday afternoon.
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    Colorado is not a bad place. We moved because her mom lives here in Sedona and she is getting old. We want to spend time with her and take in all the spiritual surroundings here. Supposed to get ahold of Jerry Wills to. He lives over in Jerome, just a short ways from here. He was doing The Kevin Smith show for Kevin after he died. Kevin wanted Jerry to take over if he had passed but Kevin's death was pretty hard on him. I really love Colorado and will miss it. I have to go back for our gold mine in the spring. So if your still hangin out there you will have to come prospecting with us. Charlie would love it up there. He would love to chase the ground squirls up there. Give Colorado a chance brother. And if you need some extra cash, let me know. My friend in Denver works down in the springs and all over Colorado running cat 5 cable and setting up networks and such. He will pay cash and can use a hand sometimes. Pm me if you need. My old number you had for me doesn't work now but you can reach me at 720-431-2408. Remember, its dave shock. lol. I remember yours. I still have it on my Skype but cant call in the number I had for it now. Please take care, I'm now worried about ya....
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    I hope you find something soon. Better to be settled in somewhere before winter comes...
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    Back on the road, in Colorado and considering options. Motels are costly, need to settle down.
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    What a beautiful day! Nice temps, clear skies. Trees are showing signs of turning color.
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    Yellow are gone, more or less. See a few outside from time to time. Must be near the end of their life cycle.
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    Motel sprayed yellow jacket entry then plug the hole. I warned them, it needed to be dusted or the yellow jackets would eat a hole from the void in the wall inside of the room. Dust first, wait a couple days then plug the hole... But noooo....

    Two days later, inside the room I killed 17 yellow jackets, Charlie (kitty) may or may not have killed two bringing the total to 19 in one afternoon and evening.

    I am not able to find an entry into the room, they could be getting in through gaps in the doorway. I duct tapped the doorway edges for the night. Wait and see what happens tomorrow during daylight hours. A rainy day for tomorrow may keep them at bay.

    Called a friend, he is at the races and out of town until late Monday... Tuesday, depending on yellow jacket issue - I may head there for a break from killing insects.

    Feeling more focused...

    I am leaning toward a move to Colorado, basically new surroundings and escape bitter cold Midwest winters.
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    Side notation: No one, including myself knows everything. Nor, does anyone have it all figured out.

    We can put forth theories. However, we must accept that theories are not set in stone.
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    I was wondering about spiritual mean for an eagle.
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    It's not what you would expect, is it?
    It's like the Spanish Inquisition.
    Nobody ever expects ...

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    Hope you feel better soon.

    I looked up what an eagle means in a dream dictionary online. Shamans interpret symbols, animals and other things they see in waking life like they interpret hidden meanings in things in dreams. So does the eagle have an underlying meaning behind it? says:

    To see an eagle in your dream symbolizes nobility, pride, fierceness, freedom, superiority, courage, and powerful intellectual ability. It also represents self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires.
    Maybe that has some meaning to you at the moment....

    Now, what's funny is on the page for eagles is there's a section on what it means to see "Garuda". So since you've recently encountered Garuda here, I'll copy what it says:

    To see Garuda in your dream symbolizes agility, fear, fierceness, superiority and power. You are strongly connected to your spirituality. The dream also represents your courageous struggles toward achieving your highest ambitions and goals.
    LOL those were the only two things that come up when you type in "Eagle" into DreamMoods. You get 'Eagle' and 'Garuda' who would've thunk it.
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    On way to store, huge golden eagle flew from side of road about ten feet in front of truck... Wing span was as wide as windshield. Bird circled around behind truck and landed back on side of the road. On they way back, eagle was still there but had moved toward the middle of the road....
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    Well, if you don't like the quiet, you could ask Fore to send some of his 'friends' over...
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