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  1. Sansanoy's Avatar
    I think rather than trying to think about God in parallel with aliens it may be better to find God from the things that are necessary and accessible first. For example.

    Does true objective morality exist? (objective = true whether any minds believe it to be true or not) There is an old Greek Dilemma about the gods called the Euthyprhro dilemma. It basically states 'Is goodness loved by the gods because it is good, or is it good because it is loved by the gods? In other words, why is a god "good'? Put into our present context 'Is goodness loved by aliens because it is good, or is it good because it is loved by the aliens?

    How can 'goodness' be grounded in ET's just because they are more technologically developed that us? And if the aliens love goodness because it is good, then what is goodness grounded in?

    Where can we ground goodness in such a way as to be meaningful and objective. We can ground it only in God, and only God as defined as a "maximally great being". He himself is the paradigm of goodness in the same way as a ruler is a paradigm of measurement. If objective morality exists, then this being, this maximally great being, must also exist. If he does not exist, then neither does objective morality exist.

    So even if Jesus came down and said he was just an alien we must still ask, then where is God because He must exist, because objective morality exists. This is also the case in Cosmogony but it would take a lot more to explain.

    Beyond that I don't think Jesus could be a hybrid because he was around all throughout the old testament as 'the angel of the Lord'. (angel means messenger (deeper meaning of this phrase is Word of God) It would also make more sense to come as Apollo not Jesus. Jesus's was prophesied my a small nation to be rejected and killed. Apollo was prophesied to come and bring a new age to man and was part of the religion of the empire of Rome. It would be unreasonable to make contact by impersonating the Jewish Messiah, when you consider the context it just doesn't provide you with an adequate position. The hypotheses wouldn't match the historical or prophetic Messiah.

    I think when these beings finally make contact they will cause the great falling away. But there are logical reasons for the existence of God that transcend any deception they can bring. I hope you will talk to your priest about these things, and If I can be of any help, I am available.
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    Thank you all for your kind and helpful comments
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    Thank you for that BluCottonCandy, that was refreshing and reflects what many of us feel but there seems to be another side to your story and your perceptions may also be answered in this manner…

    God is God. If God wants to be an old white haired bearded man in the sky, no problem. If God wants to be an ET across the Universe, well, God has that covered also. You see, God can be whatever God wants to be. God is God. Could the J man be a hybrid? Why not, God is God.

    Re-think of Mark 13:24 and then visualize a ‘black hole’. Those angels and ‘Chariots of the Sky’ may make sense after all.

  4. Garuda's Avatar
    Can I suggest two books:
    - Zecharia Sitchin, The Twelfth Planet
    - William Bradley, Gods of Eden
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    Thanks for sharing...