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  1. Romeo and Juliet

    One of my minor pleasures--no, not a guilty pleasure--is the plays of Shakespeare. This has been a lifelong thing, since my early teens when I saw Lawrence Olivier's Richard III and enhanced by two terms plus of studying the Bard in college. Everything I learned about Shakespeare and the plays added to what I found then as so intriguing; how little was known about him, his breadth of knowledge which could not have come from his education or his life experience, the controversy of his authorship, ...
  2. What Is Happening To Us?

    There are two people who I talk to all the time who keep saying that the World is changing, that people are different. People have become more self-centered and some of the social norms we grew up with are fading away. In particular these two tell me that people feel no obligation to return telephone calls and messages. They also report that the idea of balance in friendships, that one side shouldn't have to do all the calling for example, has been fading away and there seems to be far less empathy ...
  3. Thoughts On A Dry Season

    "A hard time we had of it.
    At the end we preferred to travel all night,
    Sleeping in snatches,
    With the voices singing in our ears, saying
    That this was all folly."

    Not much has been happening in UFOlogy for some time now. No controversial claims, no new dramatic sightings, no developments of note in Disclosure. Nothing.

    When slow times like this come, website and forum clicks drop off and people lose some of their enthusiasm, ...
  4. Dr. Who

    One of the guys I work with is a huge science fiction fan, all subtypes, even though he is kind of fussy. I asked him if he was enjoying the new Season of Dr. Who. He answered that he had never gotten into the show and asked me what it was that I saw in it. I didn't have a ready answer but I mentioned that it was sort of a tradition and it was light entertainment. We were busy, the subject got changed, and I never did finish the thought.

    I wish I could say that I have watched Dr. Who ...
  5. Solaris

    At the end of Solaris, I am never entirely sure what has just happened. I have seen both film versions several times and they are among my favorites. There is a 1972 Russian version by Andrei Tarkovsky and the 2002 version by Stephen Soderbergh, produced by James Cameron. The source is a 1961 Polish science fiction novel by Stanislaw Lem. There have also been television and stage adaptations.

    is based on the idea that if we were to encounter an alien species, its means ...
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