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    Just an FYI.
    A large number of simple music videos have been deleted from your Blog.
    Excessive music video posts are not suitable/disruptive to the Blog space.
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    I see
    May I ask is there any information I can read on your work of any kind? Can you send me a link or something. I know the issue raised by myself asking can be of a privacy concern and I understand if you can’t so it’s all good. But anything at all even your thoughts on extraterrestrials for example, I would be keen to read what you think.
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    I've been involved in contact research since the early 90's, and many people involved in it those days knew each other. If I remember correctly, Dolores started making a name for herself in the second half / late 90s.
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    Was she well known at that time do you know? I’m not sure, I’m not really sure when during her career she went public with her information. pretty cool though you knew her, you must of been involved in one way or another In her areas of expertise I’m guessing?
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    I knew Dolores and we compared notes in the 90s in some email exchanges.
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    You can find the best of Alan watts on YouTube and listening to his lectures, the lectures are very deep. Personally speaking he speaks my language when nobody else throughout my own life has been able to come close to it.
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    That is an interesting video on "worry", but from what I am reading Alan Watts was so much more.
    Wiki list an amazing number of interpretations of Eastern Religions. Remarkable man.