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  1. James Forrestal ?

    So.... I'm new on this Forum but i would like to ask a question if i may... Let's start with, Who Killed James Forrestal and why? I'm information rich and heavily embedded in this subject so I'm looking for someone who is thinking outside of the BOX! If your happy to share your thoughts then I'm listening.....
  2. Ancient ‘spacefaring aliens’ in our solar system billions of years before humans

    Quote Originally Posted by calikid View Post
    A Manned mission to Mars may help confirm this theory.

    YE OLDE ALIENS Ancient ‘spacefaring aliens’ may have lived in our solar system billions of years before humans, scientist suggests

    Academic says advanced extraterrestrials could have thrived on Earth, Mars and even Venus - before disappearing without a trace
    By Jasper Hamill for The Sun UK

    THE SOLAR system humanity calls home may have once been inhabited by an extinct
  3. Hidden Citizens

  4. CaptainKobra

  5. The Flat Earth is a Mandela Effect for me

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    I'll Start off by saying that my opinion is that we live in a simulated existence, but that doesn't mean that we are not created and part of a Devin entity.We are in a lucid world. The soul inside of us lives in the real world/realm. We are here for the reasons in which you can only find for yourself. We shall wake up to truth in the right time.
    I live as one with my soul! I can see the real world if I let myself. The simulation that IS this world can be as breathtaking and beautiful as it
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