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  1. Charlie Chaplin and his wonderful speech in the Movie “ The great dictator” (1940)

  2. Introducing another individual that members may not of heard of before. * Dolores Cannon *

    Dolores Cannon was a professional hypnotherapist for 40 years and also a past life regressionist.

    Any video on YouTube can be worthy of a listen especially the long videos, I do admit at times throughout some of her videos it takes a while for things to get going so a bit of patience is needed.

    Dolores Cannon is worthy of a listen.
  3. Introducing someone who members may not have heard of before. * MAX SPEIRS *

    Any video can be a good introduction for max speirs, listening to what he had to say is of some worth intriguing and is of a similar story to other detailed information out there.

    Max died a few years ago and his death Was immediately labeled as murder and highly suspicious as to silence him for good for obvious reasons. Information about his death can be found within videos on YouTube or on the web.

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  4. If you haven’t come across Alan Watts before... well you can thank me later 🤪

    Try to imagine what it will be like to go to sleep and never wake up... now try to imagine what it was like to wake up having never gone to sleep.

    Alan Watts
  5. Hi all 👋 I’m the new guy 🤙

    Something we all adore
    Something we’re dying for
    Nothing but pain
    Stuck in this game
    Searching for fortune & fame
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