• Pandora's Box: The 'Disclosure Lite' Program

    Pandora's Box: The 'Disclosure Lite' Program.


    Over the past few years staff members here at The OutPost Forum have developed connections with an international network of individuals from several sectors within the Military Industrial Complex. We stay in touch with a number of these people we have met and become friendly with because we have interests in common, not because they can "do something for us". When news is slow, as it has been for some time now, we hope that maybe someday soon we will hear from someone that something is about to happen, or perhaps some new information about an old case. As all of us who share these interests know, the slow times seem to last forever, punctuated by a brief flurry of activity, or worse, a false alarm and then more waiting. Finally, our efforts are bearing fruit. We have been given the go ahead to exclusively reveal important information provided to us from this network of individuals regarding a new and ongoing project.

    Note: We would like to make it clear that these individuals have requested anonymity - which we have agreed to honor - and we will not under any circumstances answer questions regarding the identity of our contacts. Suffice to say that we are satisfied that these individuals are in a position of responsibility with direct access to the group and program described below. We are well aware that many people will criticize the need for anonymity and perhaps even reject this information because of it. However, faced with the choice of keeping quiet or agreeing to our contacts' need for anonymity and making this important information publicly available, we chose the latter.


    Our contacts have made it very clear right from the start that the basic tenets of UFO cover up history are; "...without a doubt ... absolutely and completely true." Meaning Extraterrestrial entities have visited this planet, technology and biological specimens have been recovered. Some degree of limited contact has been established and reverse engineering programs have been initiated with varying levels of success. (Specific details are unclear at this time).

    The 'Disclosure Lite' Program:

    According to our contacts, 'Disclosure Lite' (our term) is a new and officially sanctioned program that was initiated in 2012. Its genesis came about as a compromise between the various elements of the Government, Intelligence, Aerospace and Business communities who have been fighting over Disclosure for decades. As we all know, there have been sides taken in this battle with ultimately the anti-Disclosure group(s) managing to somewhat keep a lid on the various attempts at official release.

    This compromise is then the result of several meetings concerning the subject matter in which our sources played a part and testified numerous times before the group. Interestingly, their own contact within the group is someone who is well known within private industry. (Name not provided.)

    The 'Disclosure Lite' Program is designed to take selected individuals and have them talk about their personal experiences and exposure to the ET presence. They will not venture opinion as to what others may know or what the Government may be doing, but will instead keep their testimony very personal. The individuals making these statements will have their testimony pre-approved, with the timing and method of dissemination preordained by the group. By keeping it personal it is thought they will not be looked upon as whistle blowers. The specific individuals being selected are chosen because of their lack of previous involvement with the subject matter of UFOs and Extraterrestrials.

    So far there have been two official public affirmations from this program:

    - The first was former CIA public relations veteran Chase Brandon's statements from last year where he told of viewing a box of Roswell related material held at the CIA's Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC) in Langley, Virginia.

    We already have a detailed thread on this topic which can be found at:


    - Second was Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev's well publicized remarks from December last year. The reporter selected to ask Medvedev the question did not know that she was being set up to ask it but Medvedev knew it was coming and answered as he was approved to do. The situation where it was asked was an aside following an interview with five Russian television stations and was constructed in such a way that he could answer as an off the cuff remark and not get involved responding to questions from reporters.

    Once again detailed information and relevant links can be found in the following dedicated thread:


    We have been told that further statements will follow in the coming months and that these may well come from some surprisingly well known and high profile individuals.

    Some Additional points of interest:

    - It is people on the civilian side that are pushing for this.
    - The military controls the actual hard evidence and are against official Disclosure.
    - The technical people 'in the know' have nothing to lose, as they would not be hit by all of the questions and FOIA requests.
    - ET as a demonic entity is a meme that was started to keep the truth hidden.
    - There is a group of 3, 4 and 5-star officers who are attempting to squash this program.
    - The UT basis for ET is a meme that came from them.


    According to Greek mythology Pandora opens her box and unleashes evil into the world, luckily for her at the very bottom is a silver lining in the form of hope. If the information presented above is accurate, and we believe it is, then the secret keepers have finally garnered enough courage to open their own version of Pandora's box, if only one small crack at a time.

    As with Pandora, the contents of 'Brandon's box' - once housed at the CIA's Historical Intelligence Collection - can never again be hidden once revealed. It's contents will unleash, not evil into the world, but memes into the collective consciousness of humanity, causing us to reevaluate our position in the universe and perhaps our understanding of reality itself. In this modern version of the ancient Greek myth, perhaps our silver lining is the recovered technology and the potential for clean energy, gravity manipulation and faster than light travel in the not to distant future.

    Posted on behalf of the The OutPost Forum Staff.

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