Article: Some Hypotheses on Alien Abductions

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Trinity betrayed our existence by violently rending the fabric of our prosaic reality and requiring that everything happen at once, now and forever- Einsten's great fear: temporal and spacial simultaneity --SpaceTime was revealed to be nothing more substantial than a categorical imposition upon an energetic Aether, imparted by consciousness.-- There is no ordinary explication of the high strange. Neither is there a way of turning back Telos.
It was the development of the BioMac WetSystem in 2039 that enabled the slipstream of time that infects this sector of the galaxy. A computer based on a genetically engineered organic chipset was necessary to surpass the static limitations of silicon. Man and machine became one- and the rest, as Afterburn said in 2045, iswaswillbe history.

This is the point of criticality. The advent of the Karmic Crack in the firmament through which tumbled and shall tumble demons, troubles and storm.

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