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Tom Horn/Steve Quayle: Timing of Alien Disclosure and the rise of Petrus Romanus

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When you get Tom and Steve together it can be a wild ride. I haven't listened this show yet,but know from their past shows and all around work pretty much what to expect. Should be very entertaining that's for sure.


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    I finally got the time to listen to this program yesterday and I thought it was very good. I really enjoyed the tribute to David Flynn. He was as Tom and Steve said,a man of great knowledge far above most all of us. Great to hear that Tom is publishing a David Flynn compilation book. I believe a lot of David's material can open some eyes now and on down the road. The time is upon us to push forward in areas that dark forces have dug deep into.
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    I wonder if I can down load it later, my adobe crashed
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    Hey Neverwas,If you want to download it just right click on Download This Episode and save.