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A Diamond Shaped UFO Over Manhattan - September 17, 2011

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One of the advantages of investigating a case in New York City is that many of its locations are easily recognizable. This was very true for case #32025. The building the object is photographed above (and slightly behind) is 1 World Financial Center which can be identified by its cut pyramid roof. It is 577 feet high and spans about one city block. Because we cannot tell how far the object is behind the building, all measurements are approximations.

The witness reported that he took the pictures from the observation terrace of The New Museum. The New Museum is at 235 Bowery and the terrace is on the 7th floor. This location puts the witness approximately 1.5 to 2 miles northeast of the object. Visibility for that day was 10 miles. The photographs were shot toward the west and the object appears to be at an altitude of under 1,200 feet. This rules out conventional aircraft since an altitude that low would not be permitted except for possibly, helicopters. This object does not look like a helicopter.

The wind for that day was coming from the northeast at five miles per hour and less as the afternoon went on. This would rule out the object being kites, balloons or debris because, according to the photographs, it was moving against the wind in a northerly direction.

The size of the object would also rule these out, especially the newspaper that it somewhat resembles. The red brick building in the photo allows us to get an idea of the size of the object. One floor in an apartment building varies from eight to ten feet from floor to ceiling. If you align the object with the building you can see that, from tip to tip, the length spans approximately three floors and the width spans one and a half floors. This would make its size 24 to 30 feet in length and 12 to 15 feet in width. However, the red brick building is at least a half mile northeast of the object which means that the object is larger than it appears. This size would definitely rule out a newspaper.

Based on the photos and these calculations, this is neither a natural nor man-made object.

The Object is an “Unknown”.


  1. Doc's Avatar
    Great report and analysis! I look forward to seeing more.
  2. newyorklily's Avatar
    Thank you, Doc. More will soon be ready to post.