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Diametrically Opposing Views on Contact and Social Networking WRT Result in Forum Wars

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Well, today I had to issue a public statement on the four way forum conflict plus British IC anti-disclosure influence raging in the middle of the Exopolitics and Ufology Community.

The fact is that a targeted community and its social networking platform being wiped off the map, has resulted in a now established precidence for using any community's own hosting company as a weapon of mass destruction, while few others notice surface governance attempts to slide another version of SOPA and PIPA under the wire at the public - but this time in Britain see here.

This has caused the necessity for a public response from me on behalf of Compass Morainn. This conflict and the behavior involved in it has escalated to an intolerable level. It ensures a clear and present danger to public knowledge cache's everywhere and in every form.

You may read that response here.


  1. Doc's Avatar
    Thank you, Cyrellis. You are wise to have a backup plan. These are tough times and mutual support would be a very good thing, also.